Monday, 22 December 2014

My Little Hong Kong Trip

Hi everyone! I'm back with a blog post after a long time. Studies and exams are to be blamed, and after yet another hectic semester, I decided to take a short break in Hong Kong! So while I was in Hong Kong, I decided to dedicate an entire day to Yu-Gi-Oh!

My main objective was the look for the Traditional Chinese (TC) booster packs that are only available in Hong Kong and Taiwan, and my trip did pay off in the end!

While I am unable to speak Cantonese (which is the main medium of communication in Hong Kong), I was able to speak Chinese (well, they are still Chinese after all) and English (which some of them are able to understand), which in a way, was able to help me to communicate with the shop owners and the players there.

My first stop was Smiling Plaza, which has a huge array of card shops. The nearest train station to Smiling Plaza is 長沙灣 (Cheung Sha Wan Station) on the Tsuen Wan Line (colour coded red). Below are a couple of pictures that I took:

1st shop:  東京駅 (Tokyo Station)

This was the first shop that I saw when I made my way up to the second floor (NOTE: in Hong Kong, the first floor is called the ground floor, while the second floor is called the first floor, and so on and so forth, thus, explaining why the unit number starts with "1")

This shop was pretty nice, with the shop owner bring rather friendly, but due to my lack of communication abilities in Cantonese, it was rather difficult to converse with him.

2nd shop: 怪獸 (Monster)

This was the second shop that I saw, which was ran by a middle-aged couple if I recall correctly. As the lady was able to speak Chinese, it was relatively alright for me to communicate with her. I did not manage to find anything that I need though, mainly due to their small selection of Yu-Gi-Oh! cards.

3rd shop: ???

I conveniently left out the name of the shop in the picture, thus, I was unable to recall the name of the shop, and thus, I could not remember how the shop and shop owner was like lol.

4th shop: 118

I don't think there was a shop name printed anywhere on this shop, but I could recall my experience with the shop owner. He is an extremely helpful shop owner with a large collection of cards, so as long as you are looking for OCG cards, this shop should pretty much have what you are looking for. Highly recommended.

5th shop: ???

I don't think there's a shop name for this shop as well, but this was my favourite shop of all. The shop is ran by Billy and Fai. Billy is extremely proficient in the English language and I could communicate very well with him. Billy is apparently a very famous player in Australia, topping regionals and Oceanics regularly while he was there. Fai does not lose out as well, he is about the best and most famous player in Hong Kong. The playmats, shirts, and sleeves that you see on the right side of the picture is from his multiple appearances for Hong Kong.

6th shop: K2

This was the only shop that I manage to find the Traditional Chinese (TC) booster packs, thus, my trip was not in vain as I managed to pick up many Chinese cards from this shop. The shop owner is proficient in the Chinese language, and his accent strongly suggest that he is not a native from Hong Kong, but nonetheless, I was able to communicate with him well in Chinese.

7th shop: MARS

This was the 7th shop that I came by, and it has a huge selection of different card games in the shop. It also has three shops clustered together. The first picture is the shop's main shop where booster packs and singles can be bought. The second picture is the shop's playing area where tables and chairs are set up. However, there is a fee imposed for players to use this area. The third picture is closed the entire day with its glass panels covered up with posters, so I could not see what is inside, but I suspect this is the warehouse shop for MARS.

8th shop: 土星廊 (Saturn Gallery)

This shop only has a small selection of Yu-Gi-Oh! cards but they do have a lot of anime-related products, so if you are interested in anime products, this may be one of the shops for you.

9th shop: 万事屋 ("Yorozuya" from the anime "Gintama")

This shop does not have much Yu-Gi-Oh! products as well, but just like Saturn Gallery above, they have plenty of anime products as well.

10th shop: 卡の堡 (Kingdom of Cards)

I don't have much memory about this card shop, so I apologise for the lack of information that I can provide for this shop.

11th shop: 180

Once again, this shop doesn't have any names printed on the shop as I recalled. This shop have plenty of Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, and it was at this shop that I was finally able to obtain an Ultimate Rare Jinzo that I have been searching for a very long time. The shop owners are rather friendly as well, so I do recommend this shop!

12th shop: 刀劍卡店 (Card Shop of Knives and Swords)

The above English translation of the shop name was the most logical one that I could come up with. Once again, I don't have much memory of this card shop, so it probably doesn't have anything that I was looking for. However, there is no harm in visiting this shop when you come by!

13th shop: 212

I didn't see any names printed on this shop as well, but it's hard to miss as the shop label is wrapped by the box of Legendary Collections 4: Joey's World. This shop opens at very weird intervals, so if you want to visit this shop, do be ready to be disappointed as I did not manage to see this shop open as well.

14th shop: 夢想 (Dreams)

This is about the tidiest card shop that I came across in the entire Smiling Plaza, but unfortunately the prices for their singles were just a little too high for my liking, but otherwise, it still shines in cleanliness and organisation!

15th shop: 魔法少年 (Magical Teens)

This is the only Yu-Gi-Oh! shop on the first floor (or Ground Floor as per Hong Kong Terminology), this was the shop that I especially liked as I was able to obtain an old print Ultra Parallel Jinzo for an extremely good price, so once again, this shop is highly recommended.

Below are a couple more pictures that I took:

Some retro Yu-Gi-Oh! Limited Edition Packs!

Some OCG Tournament Exclusive Stuff with a couple of retro BEWD cards

Tour Guide and DMG Sleeves!

A short walk away brought me to Dragon Centre, which is the home of the Konami Centre in Hong Kong. The nearest train station to Dragon Centre is 深水埗 (Sham Shui Po Station) which is just one station away from Cheung Sha Wan Station.

Do take note of their Opening Hours though, they are closed on Monday and Tuesday.

Overall, it was a good trip for me as I managed to pick up many old print Jinzos as well as a couple of Traditional Chinese (TC) booster packs, and do visit these shops when you visit Hong Kong!


  1. I like your post about OCG's Stuff
    do you know how much
    the box the rarity collection their sell price ?
    I planning to visit

    1. Hi! Thank you for your kind comments. Rarity Collection was only released in Hong Kong one day after I left, so I am not too sure on the price of that product. However, I would estimate the price to be between 20HKD to 24HKD per pack, which would be about 2USD to 3USD per pack. Hope that helps!

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