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Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championships 2014 - Something Seems to be Off

Hey everyone! It's been exactly 5 months since I last made a post on this blog, and I apologise for the lack of posts due to school and work. It's the World Championships season yet again, and just like the rest of the duelists all around the world, I'm watching the live coverage and reading the articles on the Konami's coverage page.

Link for live broadcast:
Link for event coverage:

I am not going to talk about the main event plays, nor am I going to talk about the side-play events. I am going to talk about something that has irked me about the coverage for the event, and that is the non-mentioning or coverage of any Asian players (other than last year's World Champion).

While it is good news that the event has rotated back to Europe after a significant number of years of absence, the staff that they hired, namely the photographers and writers, could have been selected in a better way. The reason why I said that is because Asian players, with the exception of the reigning champion Huang Shin-En from Taiwan (Yes, its Huang Shin-En, not Shin-En Huang, Chinese people have their last name at the front instead of the back.) seem to have been conveniently excluded from all the coverage articles on Konami's site.

Let's first look at the 4th post on the coverage site:

(photo taken from Konami's coverage site)

The first picture of a single player was that of the reigning World Champion Huang Shin-En (Once again its Huang Shin-En, not Shin-En Huang, because he's Taiwanese Chinese). That's the obvious first choice picture since he is the reigning World Champion after all.

The next picture is of the current North American Champion Korey McDuffie.

(photo taken from Konami's coverage site)

So after these 2 pictures, I was kinda expecting the next few pictures to be introducing the current Asian Champion, Oceanic Champion, European Champion, South American Champion and the Central American Champion. However, wow, no mention of them at all, like totally no mention, not even a one-liner or anything. Well, I guess they can defend themselves by saying that they didn't manage to take any pictures of the other champions, which could pass off if we are lenient enough.

So with that said, let's look at the 5th post on the coverage site:

The first picture is of the featured match, no surprises there. Following that were a string of pictures of individual players: Deon Akridge (USA), Niccolo Mazzoleni (Italy), Sehabi Kheireddine (Canada) - i think??, Andrea Zenari (Italy), Korey McDuffie (USA) - again...., Jonathon Ritzau (Australia) and Donald Thompson (Australia).

So a mention of the Oceanic Champion was made here, though Asian players, South American players and Central American were neglected once again.

The next post that featured individual players was in the 30th post:

The featured players were: Bill McCavitt (Australia), Rogger Moran (Chile), Joaquin Fernando Leites (Argentina), Marcel Burri (Switerland), Donald Thompson (Australia), Jonathon Ritzau (Australia), Deon Akridge (USA), and Jose Lagunes (Mexico).

So in this post, the South American and Central American Champions were finally featured, but where's the feature for the Asian players. Among all continental champions that were featured, only the Asian Champion and the Japanese Champion were missed out, and that being said, other than the reigning World Champion Huang Shin-En, no other Asian players were featured. This sets me thinking: if the World Champion was not from Asia last year, Asian players would completely cease to exist in the coverage articles this year, there would not be any mention of them other than standings and pairings.

Next, let's move on to the finals of the Expert Class, which sees Shunsuke Hiyama of Japan taking on Sehabi Kheireddine of Canada. The match was exciting, but the commentary was not. Throughout the entire match, the commentators Jerome and Rob (I think that's their names) were only focused on Sehabi's route to the World Championships, going on and on about the NAWCQ. There was no mention of Shunsuke Hiyama's route to the World Championships at all.

Well, we can say that the commentators only had knowledge about TCG competitions, thus, only mentioning Sehabi's route. However, if that is the case, then they should not be the commentators at all. This is a World Championships, where diversity should be taken into account and commentators should have the information on all the qualifiers of all regions, and not simply talking about only one competitor of the finals. What does this leave Shunsuke then? He was hardly mentioned at all.

With the World Championships set to take place in South Korea next year, which would make it the first time that the World Championships will be in an Asian country other than Japan, I do hope for the following changes to be made:

1) Give equal coverage to all continental champions (and not leave out the Asian Champion and Japanese Champion like this year)
2) Rotate the NAWCQ to Canada instead of always being in the USA (we all know that the NAWCQ is just a plot to send more American players to Worlds, they don't care about Canadian players at all, for more information, please check out my post last year on the NAWCQ )
3) Do not use a special list that benefits TCG players more than OCG players, that is simply unfair
4) Have a commentator who's knowledgeable in OCG and the other knowledgeable in TCG, instead of having both commentators only knowledgeable in the TCG

That's all for today's post, thanks for reading!

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