Thursday, 14 August 2014

[NON-YUGIOH RELATED] Kpop Album Opening

Today's post is going to be a non-yugioh related one. As most people who know me would know, I'm a diehard Kpop fan and I often purchase Kpop albums, so for the benefit of those readers who are also avid Kpop fans, I'm going to post pictures whenever I purchase any new albums!

This might not be exactly the newest album out now, but I only managed to get my hands on it after a long time, so I'll still post it. For any f(x) fans out there, the album I'm posting today is f(x)'s "Red Light"!

So f(x) makes their comeback with a new sexy concept, not exactly my type of f(x), but still they are awesome, so let's not discount them for it :)

Red Light is f(x)'s 3rd studio album and consists of 11 songs, with its title track "Red Light" bearing the same name as the album's title. For those who have yet to watch the "Red Light" MV, I have pasted the video below, so do enjoy it!

(Credits goes to the original uploader "SMTOWN")

Other than the soundtrack CD, the album also comes with a think photo album which reveals the photoshoot of f(x)'s members in their "Red Light" concept attire. It also comes with a poster, a random postcard of one member (i.e. you can get any of the 5 members), and a sticker.

The poster that comes with this album is extremely large (as you can see how it compares in size with the album in the picture above), so it really made the purchase of the album worthwhile. For my postcard, which is random for each album, I got Victoria's postcard!

For the postcard, the front would be a picture of the f(x) member, while the back would include their autograph. While I am happy to get a postcard of Victoria, I would be happy to trade it for a Luna or Sulli postcard if any readers out there who got them are willing to make a swap :)

The list of songs for f(x)'s Red Light studio album are as stated below:

[01] Red Light
[02] MILK
[03] 나비 (Butterfly)
[04] 무지개 (Rainbow)
[05] All Night
[06] 바캉스 (Vacation)
[07] 뱉어내 (Spit It Out)
[08] Boom Bang Boom
[09] Dracula
[10] Summer Lover
[11] 종이 심장 (Paper Heart)
Source Credits: Wikipedia

Overall, I found this album to be extremely good and definitely worth the purchase! So for all f(x)'s fans out there, let's continue to support the girls!

To all my other readers, the next post would be a Yu-Gi-Oh! post again, cya all next time!

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