Thursday, 15 August 2013

Duelist Pack Corner 8: Duelist Pack Tyranno Hassleberry

From the depths of time he rises! A new age has begun as the forces from the past take charge! The fossils that determine our history has once again made contact with the soil of this world as the mighty dinosaurs revive! The man who helms this old force in this new world will be nothing short of expectations, get ready for "Duelist Pack Tyranno Hassleberry"!

As usual, with accordance of all the Duelist Pack Corner series, I would like to remind my readers that all the Duelist Pack shown in this corner are merely fan-based and should not be treated as a genuine product produced by Konami Digital Entertainment.

Consistent with the earlier Duelist Packs created, "Duelist Pack Tyranno Hassleberry" was created with a combination of "Paint" and "Microsoft Powerpoint". "Photoshop" was not used as a tool for the image above. Therefore, please be understanding if you find the image bad.

Duelist Pack Tyranno Hassleberry will contain 42 cards in total: Collect all "1 ghost rare", "2 secret rares", "5 ultimate rares", "3 ultra rares", "5 super rares", "8 rares" and "18 commons" in this awesome set! Inclusive in this set is also 14 brand-new, never seen-before cards!

Includes 42 cards:

1 Ghost Rare
2 Secret Rare
5 Ultimate Rare
3 Ultra Rare
5 Super Rare
8 Rare
18 Common

DPTH-EN000 - Ultimate Tyanno (Ghost Rare)
DPTH-EN001 - Archeonis (new card) (Super Rare)
DPTH-EN002 - Hyper Hammerhead
DPTH-EN003 - Gilasaurus
DPTH-EN004 - Super Conductor Tyranno (Rare)
DPTH-EN005 - Dark Driceratops
DPTH-EN006 - Tyranno Infinity
DPTH-EN007 - Dark Tyranno
DPTH-EN008 - Black Stego (Rare)
DPTH-EN009 - Dyna Base (new card) (Ultimate Rare)
DPTH-EN010 - Element Saurus
DPTH-EN011 - Giant Rex (new card) (Ultra Rare)
DPTH-EN012 - Babycerasaurus
DPTH-EN013 - Sabersaurus (Rare)
DPTH-EN014 - Sauropod Brachion
DPTH-EN015 - Destroyersaurus
DPTH-EN016 - Mad Sword Beast
DPTH-EN017 - Black Veloci
DPTH-EN018 - Miracle Jurassic Egg
DPTH-EN019 - Black Ptera
DPTH-EN020 - Kabazauls (Rare)
DPTH-EN021 - Dyna Tank (new card) (Super Rare)
DPTH-EN022 - Evolzar Laggia (Rare)
DPTH-EN023 - Evolzar Dolkka (Rare)
DPTH-EN024 - Big Evolution Pill
DPTH-EN025 - Card of Reversal (new card) (Ultra Rare)
DPTH-EN026 - Card of Variation (new card) (Secret Rare)
DPTH-EN027 - Dino Stomp (new card) (Super Rare)
DPTH-EN028 - Jurassic World (Rare)
DPTH-EN029 - Ultra Evolution (new card) (Ultimate Rare)
DPTH-EN030 - New Ultra Evolution (new card) (Ultimate Rare)
DPTH-EN031 - Living Fossil (new card) (Super Rare)
DPTH-EN032 - Tail Swipe
DPTH-EN033 - Dino Blast (new card) (Super Rare)
DPTH-EN034 - Spacetime Transcendency (new card) (Ultimate Rare)
DPTH-EN035 - Giant Trunade (Ultimate Rare)
DPTH-EN036 - Jurassic Impact (new card) (Ultra Rare)
DPTH-EN037 - Fossil Excavation
DPTH-EN038 - Amber Pitfall (new card) (Secret Rare)
DPTH-EN039 - Survival Instinct
DPTH-EN040 - Volcanic Eruption
DPTH-EN041 - Hunting Instinct (Rare)

new cards:

DPTH-EN001 - Archeonis
Level 3/ Winged Beast/ Wind/ Effect/ 300/ 1300
Effect: This card can attack your opponent directly.

DPTH-EN009 - Dyna Base
Level 4/ Machine/ Earth/ Effect/ 0/ 2100
Effect: You can Tribute this face-up card and 1 Dinosaur-Type monster from your hand to Special Summon 1 "Dyna Tank" from your Fusion Deck. (This Special Summon is treated as a Fusion Summon.)

DPTH-EN011 - Giant Rex
Level 4/ Dinosaur/ Earth/ Effect/ 2000/ 1200
Effect: While your opponent controls no monsters, this card cannot attack.

DPTH-EN021 - Dyna Tank
Level 7/ Dinosaur/ Earth/ Fusion/ Effect/ ?/ 0/
Effect: "Dyna Base" + 1 Dinosaur-Type monster
This card cannot be Special Summoned except with "Dyna Base". A Fusion Summon of this card can only be conducted with the above Fusion Material Monsters. This card's original ATK becomes equal to the original ATK of the Dinosaur-Type monster used in this card's Fusion Summon. If this card is targeted by an opponent's card effect, switch the target to an appropriate monster your opponent controls.

DPTH-EN025 - Card of Reversal
Spell/ Normal
Effect: Activate only if no other cards are in your hand and you control no cards. Draw 1 card for each face-up card your opponent controls.

DPTH-EN026 - Card of Variation
Spell/ Normal
Effect: Draw 2 cards. During the End Phase, send 1 card from your hand to the Graveyard or take 3000 damage.

DPTH-EN027 - Dino Stomp
Spell/ Quick-play
Effect: Activate only when a Dinosaur-Type monster you control declares an attack. Select 1 Spell/Trap Card your opponent controls, and destroy it.

DPTH-EN029 - Ultra Evolution
Spell/ Normal
Effect: Remove from play, from your hand or Graveyard, 1 Machine-Type monster and 1 Dinosaur-Type monster. Special Summon 1 LIGHT Dinosaur-Type monster from your hand or Deck.

DPTH-EN030 - New Ultra Evolution
Spell/ Normal
Effect: Tribute 1 Winged Beast-Type monster. Special Summon 1 Dinosaur-Type monster from your hand.

DPTH-EN031 - Living Fossil
Spell/ Equip
Effect: Select 1 monster in your Graveyard, Special Summon it, and equip it with this card. It loses 1000 ATK and its effects are negated. When this card is destroyed, destroy the equipped monster.

DPTH-EN033 - Dino Blast
Spell/ Normal
Effect: Select 1 face-up Dinosaur-Type monster you control. Inflict damage to your opponent equal to that monster's Level x 300.

DPTH-EN034 - Spacetime Transcendency
Spell/ Normal
Effect: Remove from play any number of Dinosaur-Type monsters from your Graveyard. Special Summon 1 monster from your hand with a Level equal to the number of monsters removed from play. That monster cannot attack this turn.

DPTH-EN036 - Jurassic Impact
Trap/ Normal
Effect: Activate only when you have less Life Points than your opponent. Destroy all monsters on the field. Inflict 300 damage to each player for each monster they controlled that was destroyed by this effect. Both players cannot Normal or Special Summon until the end of your next turn.

DPTH-EN038 - Amber Pitfall
Trap/ Continuous
Effect: Activate only when an opponent's monster declares an attack. Negate the attack, and change the attacking monster to Defense Position. That monster cannot change its battle position.

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