Thursday, 15 August 2013

Duelist Pack Corner 8: Duelist Pack Tyranno Hassleberry

From the depths of time he rises! A new age has begun as the forces from the past take charge! The fossils that determine our history has once again made contact with the soil of this world as the mighty dinosaurs revive! The man who helms this old force in this new world will be nothing short of expectations, get ready for "Duelist Pack Tyranno Hassleberry"!

As usual, with accordance of all the Duelist Pack Corner series, I would like to remind my readers that all the Duelist Pack shown in this corner are merely fan-based and should not be treated as a genuine product produced by Konami Digital Entertainment.

Consistent with the earlier Duelist Packs created, "Duelist Pack Tyranno Hassleberry" was created with a combination of "Paint" and "Microsoft Powerpoint". "Photoshop" was not used as a tool for the image above. Therefore, please be understanding if you find the image bad.

Duelist Pack Tyranno Hassleberry will contain 42 cards in total: Collect all "1 ghost rare", "2 secret rares", "5 ultimate rares", "3 ultra rares", "5 super rares", "8 rares" and "18 commons" in this awesome set! Inclusive in this set is also 14 brand-new, never seen-before cards!

Includes 42 cards:

1 Ghost Rare
2 Secret Rare
5 Ultimate Rare
3 Ultra Rare
5 Super Rare
8 Rare
18 Common

DPTH-EN000 - Ultimate Tyanno (Ghost Rare)
DPTH-EN001 - Archeonis (new card) (Super Rare)
DPTH-EN002 - Hyper Hammerhead
DPTH-EN003 - Gilasaurus
DPTH-EN004 - Super Conductor Tyranno (Rare)
DPTH-EN005 - Dark Driceratops
DPTH-EN006 - Tyranno Infinity
DPTH-EN007 - Dark Tyranno
DPTH-EN008 - Black Stego (Rare)
DPTH-EN009 - Dyna Base (new card) (Ultimate Rare)
DPTH-EN010 - Element Saurus
DPTH-EN011 - Giant Rex (new card) (Ultra Rare)
DPTH-EN012 - Babycerasaurus
DPTH-EN013 - Sabersaurus (Rare)
DPTH-EN014 - Sauropod Brachion
DPTH-EN015 - Destroyersaurus
DPTH-EN016 - Mad Sword Beast
DPTH-EN017 - Black Veloci
DPTH-EN018 - Miracle Jurassic Egg
DPTH-EN019 - Black Ptera
DPTH-EN020 - Kabazauls (Rare)
DPTH-EN021 - Dyna Tank (new card) (Super Rare)
DPTH-EN022 - Evolzar Laggia (Rare)
DPTH-EN023 - Evolzar Dolkka (Rare)
DPTH-EN024 - Big Evolution Pill
DPTH-EN025 - Card of Reversal (new card) (Ultra Rare)
DPTH-EN026 - Card of Variation (new card) (Secret Rare)
DPTH-EN027 - Dino Stomp (new card) (Super Rare)
DPTH-EN028 - Jurassic World (Rare)
DPTH-EN029 - Ultra Evolution (new card) (Ultimate Rare)
DPTH-EN030 - New Ultra Evolution (new card) (Ultimate Rare)
DPTH-EN031 - Living Fossil (new card) (Super Rare)
DPTH-EN032 - Tail Swipe
DPTH-EN033 - Dino Blast (new card) (Super Rare)
DPTH-EN034 - Spacetime Transcendency (new card) (Ultimate Rare)
DPTH-EN035 - Giant Trunade (Ultimate Rare)
DPTH-EN036 - Jurassic Impact (new card) (Ultra Rare)
DPTH-EN037 - Fossil Excavation
DPTH-EN038 - Amber Pitfall (new card) (Secret Rare)
DPTH-EN039 - Survival Instinct
DPTH-EN040 - Volcanic Eruption
DPTH-EN041 - Hunting Instinct (Rare)

new cards:

DPTH-EN001 - Archeonis
Level 3/ Winged Beast/ Wind/ Effect/ 300/ 1300
Effect: This card can attack your opponent directly.

DPTH-EN009 - Dyna Base
Level 4/ Machine/ Earth/ Effect/ 0/ 2100
Effect: You can Tribute this face-up card and 1 Dinosaur-Type monster from your hand to Special Summon 1 "Dyna Tank" from your Fusion Deck. (This Special Summon is treated as a Fusion Summon.)

DPTH-EN011 - Giant Rex
Level 4/ Dinosaur/ Earth/ Effect/ 2000/ 1200
Effect: While your opponent controls no monsters, this card cannot attack.

DPTH-EN021 - Dyna Tank
Level 7/ Dinosaur/ Earth/ Fusion/ Effect/ ?/ 0/
Effect: "Dyna Base" + 1 Dinosaur-Type monster
This card cannot be Special Summoned except with "Dyna Base". A Fusion Summon of this card can only be conducted with the above Fusion Material Monsters. This card's original ATK becomes equal to the original ATK of the Dinosaur-Type monster used in this card's Fusion Summon. If this card is targeted by an opponent's card effect, switch the target to an appropriate monster your opponent controls.

DPTH-EN025 - Card of Reversal
Spell/ Normal
Effect: Activate only if no other cards are in your hand and you control no cards. Draw 1 card for each face-up card your opponent controls.

DPTH-EN026 - Card of Variation
Spell/ Normal
Effect: Draw 2 cards. During the End Phase, send 1 card from your hand to the Graveyard or take 3000 damage.

DPTH-EN027 - Dino Stomp
Spell/ Quick-play
Effect: Activate only when a Dinosaur-Type monster you control declares an attack. Select 1 Spell/Trap Card your opponent controls, and destroy it.

DPTH-EN029 - Ultra Evolution
Spell/ Normal
Effect: Remove from play, from your hand or Graveyard, 1 Machine-Type monster and 1 Dinosaur-Type monster. Special Summon 1 LIGHT Dinosaur-Type monster from your hand or Deck.

DPTH-EN030 - New Ultra Evolution
Spell/ Normal
Effect: Tribute 1 Winged Beast-Type monster. Special Summon 1 Dinosaur-Type monster from your hand.

DPTH-EN031 - Living Fossil
Spell/ Equip
Effect: Select 1 monster in your Graveyard, Special Summon it, and equip it with this card. It loses 1000 ATK and its effects are negated. When this card is destroyed, destroy the equipped monster.

DPTH-EN033 - Dino Blast
Spell/ Normal
Effect: Select 1 face-up Dinosaur-Type monster you control. Inflict damage to your opponent equal to that monster's Level x 300.

DPTH-EN034 - Spacetime Transcendency
Spell/ Normal
Effect: Remove from play any number of Dinosaur-Type monsters from your Graveyard. Special Summon 1 monster from your hand with a Level equal to the number of monsters removed from play. That monster cannot attack this turn.

DPTH-EN036 - Jurassic Impact
Trap/ Normal
Effect: Activate only when you have less Life Points than your opponent. Destroy all monsters on the field. Inflict 300 damage to each player for each monster they controlled that was destroyed by this effect. Both players cannot Normal or Special Summon until the end of your next turn.

DPTH-EN038 - Amber Pitfall
Trap/ Continuous
Effect: Activate only when an opponent's monster declares an attack. Negate the attack, and change the attacking monster to Defense Position. That monster cannot change its battle position.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Yu-Gi-Oh! September 2013 Rumored Ban List - The Return of Synchros

Nowadays there has been a banlist that is going around that people believed to be true. Now, I'm not going to say that this banlist is fake or anything. There was just one change on that banlist that caught my attention, and that was the return of "Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier". While Trishula still remains banned as of now, I'm certain that duelists who have played through the era of triple Trishula, or even just a single copy of Trishula, would remember how powerful this synchro monster is.

So, is the return of Trishula possible? Or is it just a myth? Well, for today's post, I am not going to talk about the possibility of Trishula returning. Today I am going to talk about another ongoing discussion with regards to Trishula's return, and that is: If a banned synchro monster is going to come back, would it be "Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier"? Or would it be "Goyo Guardian"?

On several Yu-Gi-Oh! forums now, there are users commenting that Trishula is just like a Goyo Guardian, and that if Trishula is coming back, Goyo Guardian should return too. While there are no similarities in the effects or levels of Trishula and Goyo Guardian, we can definitely draw parallels from these two cards from the aspect of their strengths.

Trishula, upon synchro summoning, has the effect to banish one card from your opponent's hand, one card from your opponent's field, and one card from your opponent's graveyard. That is three cards knocked off instantly upon its synchro summon (two cards if you do not count the one from the graveyard). Furthermore, the best part is that this effect does not target. So for example, if your opponent chains call of the haunted to bring back a monster from his graveyard, you can still target the special summoned monster for banishment from the field, which is pretty OP if you ask me.

Goyo Guardian, on the other hand, has no effect upon its synchro summon. Its effect kicks in when it destroys an opponent's monster by battle and sends it to the graveyard, then you would be able to special summon the monster destroyed by Goyo Guardian to your side of the field. Well, normally that effect would be too good, but to add on to it, Goyo Guardian, despite being a level 6 synchro monster, has an astounding attack point of 2800, which in the past, is even bigger than level 8 synchro monsters such as "Stardust Dragon".

Both are strong in their own ways, and were definitely banworthy in the era they were in. However, with Xyz monsters running the front right now, there is definitely room for one of them to come back. The problem is, which one?

One banishes three cards from your field instantly upon synchro summoning, the other steals your monsters and turns them against you. Both has huge attack points of 2700 and 2800 respectively. The deciding factor would be how easily they can be synchro summoned then.

Trishula requires 1 tuner + 2 or more non-tuners for its summon whereas Goyo Guardian only requires 1 tuner + 1 or more non-tuners. Both are generic synchro monsters, not requiring any special attributes or types for their summons. The difference is that Trishula requires one more non-tuner for its summon. However, for those active players of Plant Synchro of Infernities, you would know that synchro summoning Trishula is not that difficult as well.

Therefore, aside of those two decks, does the two non-tuner condition make it acceptable for Trishula to be unbanned instead of Goyo Guardian? Not necessarily. Let's take a look at the top decks right now. Dragon Rulers, Prophecy, 4-Axis Fire Fist all runs level 1 tuners such as "Effect Veiler", "Dragunity Corsesca" and "Blue-Eyes Maiden", which we know helps in the ease of summoning Trishula in the form of 1 + 4 + 4 = 9.

On the other hand, if you were to try to synchro summon Goyo Guardian using level 1 tuners, you would need a combination of 1 + 5 or 1 + 2 + 3, which we know by experience, is a lot harder to pull off than 1 + 4 + 4. Therefore, the easiest way to summon Goyo Guardian is by using a level 2 tuner, which can be found in Mermails in the form of "Deep Sea Diva".

Given the strong powers of both Trishula and Goyo Guardian, if Konami was to bring one of them back, it would definitely be one that is harder to summon right? Which in this case, would point over to Goyo Guardian since most decks utilise level 1 tuners instead of level 2 tuners.

However, that is wrong. It is infinitely better to bring back Trishula instead of Goyo Guardian in our upcoming September meta. Why? That is because if Dragon Rulers and Prophecy were to be hit by the September 2013 banlist, then Mermails may rise again to take over the meta. If that is the case, Mermails, having the ability to go into Goyo Guardian, may wreck havoc in our format again. Therefore, in order to even the playing ground, bringing Trishula back instead of Goyo Guardian is the wiser decision.

Duelists who wield Mermails as their weapons may then complain that Trishula is easier to summon in other decks. However, that is not true as well. "Deep Sea Diva" going into "Atlantean Marksman", then into "Atlantean Dragoons" is level 9 as well, which goes to show that synchro summoning Trishula in a Mermail deck can be as simple as other decks.

Well, that's all for today's post, and if you feel that Goyo Guardian should be brought back instead of Trishula, do pause and think again in the perspective of the next format and how broken Goyo Guardian would be in a Mermail deck. :)

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Common-Haters, heres Bling Bling for you - Part 8

Finally!! After waiting for a long time in the current format, there has been a Dragunity deck that topped in Japan amidst the swarms of crazy dragons and spellcasters. Dragunities has always been a big threat in the game, and with Dragon Rulers and Prophecy most likely to get hit by the upcoming September 2013 banlist, Dragunities will most certainly soar up in the meta (although Mermails still present a great threat though).

That is precisely the reason why I chose to add "Dragunity Knight - Vajrayana" into my Most Ideal Yu-Gi-Oh! September 2013 Ban List because of the insane abilities of Dragunities to swarm the field with this Synchro Monster. I am also an avid user of Dragunities, and you can see my own Dragunity build here!

Without further ado, let's take a look at the Dragunities deck that topped in Japan and see how much we can bling out that deck!

Monsters (18):
[3] Droll & Lock Bird (OCG Korean Super Rare - AE01-KR006)
[1] Garuda The Wind Spirit (OCG Japanese Common - TP03-JP005)
[3] Dragunity Dux (OCG Japanese Super Parallel Rare - DT06-JP009)
[1] Blackwing - Zephyros The Elite (OCG Japanese Ultra Rare - DP11-JP012)
[2] Dragunity Arma Mystletainn (OCG Japanese Super Rare - SD19-JP002)
[3] Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Storms (OCG Japanese Super Rare - LTGY-JP041)
[1] Dragunity Arma Leyvaten (OCG Japanese Ultra Rare - SD19-JP001)
[1] Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon (OCG Japanese Ultra Rare - LE11-JP001)
[3] Dragunity Phalanx (TCG English Secret Rare - HA03-EN035)

Spells (15):
[1] Heavy Storm (OCG Japanese Ultra Rare - BE02-JP068)
[1] Monster Reborn (OCG Japanese Ultra Rare - Volume 2)
[3] Terraforming (TCG English Super Rare - AP01-EN009)
[1] Dark Hole (OCG Japanese Ultra Rare - BE01-JP098)
[2] Forbidden Chalice (OCG Japanese Gold Secret Rare - GS05-JP017)
[3] Mystical Space Typhoon (OCG Japanese Super Rare - BE01-JP027)
[1] Book of Moon (OCG Japanese Gold Rare - GS02-JP011)
[3] Dragon Ravine (OCG Japanese Common - SD25-JP023)

Traps (7)
[2] Compulsory Evacuation Device (OCG Korean Secret Rare - IOC-KRPR2)
[3] Imperial Iron Wall (OCG Japanese Common - SD15-JP030)
[1] Solemn Warning (OCG Japanese Gold Secret Rare - GS05-JP020)
[1] Solemn Judgment (OCG Japanese Ultra Rare - Volume 4)

So unfortunately there are still 3 cards in this deck that cannot be blinged, which are "Garuda The Wind Spirit", "Dragon Ravine" and "Imperial Iron Wall". Pff, those commons! However, I feel that these cards will soon be released in a higher in the near future, just as how cards such as "Droll & Lock Bird" and "Super Rejuvenation" were released in a foil rarity.

Until then, continue to bling out your decks and cya!

What could be the next Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Manga Dragon?

Since Synchro Summon was first introduced in "The Duelist Genesis", synchro summoning has become a serious consideration in deck building. It involves playing the right monsters to go towards the required star level, and also using several monsters for their tuner aspect, such as "Effect Veiler".

However, ever since Xyz Summon was introduced, and this new introduction has diminished the popularity of Synchro Summon. Nonetheless, with the introduction of Dragon Rulers, Synchro Summon has once again picked up popularity, especially the level 8 synchro monsters as players can now synch a level 1 tuner with a level 7 dragon ruler monster.

Although it is not released in the TCG yet, one level 8 synchro monster has become a popular tech in the OCG build of Dragon Rulers in order to protect the extremely important "Vanity's Emptiness" in mirror matches. This card is none other than "Flashing Karat Dragon, Stardust"!

"Flashing Karat Dragon, Stardust" is the duel dragon version of "Stardust Dragon" in the manga, and for the rest of the signer dragons, duel dragon versions also exist. However, not all of them has been released yet. As for now, only 4 has been released, and they are as follows:

The above is "Stardust Dragon" and its duel dragon counterpart, "Flashing Karat Dragon, Stardust"

Name: Flashing Karat Dragon, Stardust
Level 8/ Dragon/ Light/ Synchro/ Effect/ 2500/ 2000
Effect: 1 Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters
Once per turn, during either player's turn: You can target 1 face-up card you control; once during this turn, it cannot be destroyed by battle or by card effects.

On the right of the above picture is the newest duel dragon that was recently released, "Jeweled Demon Dragon, Red Daemon", which is the duel dragon version of "Red Dragon Archfiend"

Name: Jeweled Demon Dragon, Red Daemon
Level 8/ Dragon/ Dark/ Synchro/ Effect/ 3000/ 2000
Effect: 1 Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters
Once per turn, during your Main Phase 1: You can destroy all other face-up Attack Position monsters on the field. Other monsters cannot attack during the turn you activate this effect.

Name: Power Tool Mecha Dragon
Level 7/ Machine/ Dark/ Synchro/ Effect/ 2300/ 2500
Effect: 1 Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters
During your turn, when an Equip Spell Card is equipped to this card: You can draw 1 card. You can only use this effect of "Power Tool Mecha Dragon" once per turn. Once per turn, during either player's turn: You can target 1 face-up Equip Card on the field that can be equipped to this card; equip it to this card.

Name: Ancient Faerie Dragon
Level 7/ Dragon/ Dark/ Synchro/ Effect/ 2100/ 3000
Effect: 1 Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters
During your turn, when a Field Spell Card is activated: Draw 1 card. You can only use this effect of "Ancient Fairy Dragon" once per turn. Once per turn, if there is a face-up Field Spell Card on the field: You can target 1 face-up Attack Position monster on the field; destroy it.

As can be seen from the above images, out of the six main dragon synchro monsters in the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's era, 4 of the duel dragon counterparts has already been released, what is left now is only the duel dragon counterpart for "Black Rose Dragon" and "Black-Winged Dragon".

So, readers, which one of the two remaining dragons do you all think will be released next? :D

The card on the right of the above image is "Moon Flower Dragon - Black Rose", which is the unreleased duel dragon counterpart of "Black Rose Dragon".

Name: Moon Flower Dragon - Black Rose
Level 7/ Dragon/ Attribute-unknown/ Synchro/ Effect/ 2400/ 1800
Manga Effect: 1 Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters
Once per turn, when a monster is Special Summoned (including this card): Target 1 monster on the field; return it to the hand.

And the above image is "Mysterious Winged Dragon - Black Feather", which is the duel dragon counterpart of "Black-Winged Dragon".

Name: Mysterious Winged Dragon - Black Feather
Level 8/ Dragon/ Attribute-unknown/ Synchro/ Effect/ 2800/ 1600
Manga Effect: 1 Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters
When you take 400 or more damage: Send 1 card from the top of your Deck to the Graveyard for every 400 damage you took, then this card gains 400 ATK for each monster sent.

I'm not sure about you guys, but I'm certainly looking forward to the release of "Moon Flower Dragon - Black Rose" because if it retains the effect from the manga, it will definitely be an awesome addition to the Extra Deck. :)

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Duelist Edition Ranking Tournament Report 11/8/2013

Amidst the continuous check on new updates with regards to the 2013 Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championships, I still managed to find time to head down to locals today to participate in the Duelist Edition Ranking Tournament. I have previously took part in this tournament a couple of times, but scrubbed out early, so there was nothing much to report on.

Furthermore, since entry for these tournaments are always free and we get a free tournament pack as the doorgift, there was simply no reason not to play. The winner of these tournaments also get a limited edition Duelist Edition playmat which is pretty awesome for a free tournament.

For foreign readers of my blog who have no idea how the Duelist Edition Ranking Tournament works, it is basically a tournament that requires us to fit in 3 copies each of 3 types of cards from a selected card-pool (i.e 9 cards in total since its 3X3) that was printed in either the OCG Duelist Edition Pack Vol. 1, 2, 3 or 4. The card-pool changes each month and Dragon Ruler cards are not allowed to be used in this tournament.

For the month of August, the mandatory card-pool are as follows:

Gladiator Beast Murmillo
Gladiator Beast Laquari
Gladiator Beast Hoplomus
Gladiator Beast Secutor
Gladiator Beast Andal
Reign-Beaux, Overlord of Dark World
Kahkki, Guerilla of Dark World
Gren, Tactician of Dark World
Renge, Gatekeeper of Dark World
Dark World Dealings
Evil HERO Malicious Edge
Evil HERO Infernal Gainer
Evil HERO Dark Gaia
Dark Fusion
Dark Calling
Botanical Girl
Tytannial, Princess of Camellias
Black Garden
Miracle Fertilizer 
The World Tree

Therefore, with the requirement to fit in a total of 9 cards from this pool, 3 each from 3 types of cards, I was expecting to see plenty of Dark World decks alongside hybrid Prophecy, Firefist or Mermial decks with a random splash of the 9 cards, and also the possible HERO decks or Plant decks. However, what was surprising is that many players chose to play Gladiator Beasts instead.

I'm guessing that the mandatory pool for the Gladiator Beast cards fits in better for the original GB deck as compared to the pool for the Dark World cards, which is why many players chose to run GBs instead. Running GBs myself, I welcomed the challenge as I used to be an active GB player (while playing my favourite Jinzo Returner deck lol). However, having not touch the deck for so long, the rustiness was bound to be there.

For myself, the 3 types of cards that I selected was Gladiator Beast Laquari, Gladiator Beast Hoplomus and Gladiator Beast Andal.

Deck used: Gladiator Beast
Format: Single Elimination

Round 1: VS Dark World
I lost the dice roll for this match T_T
G1: The match went back and fro, until a crucial point where my opponent had a "Gates of the Dark World" on the field and set a facedown spell/trap. Looking through my graveyard, I saw only 1 or 2 monsters, and having already filtered enough spells/traps, I decided to take a risk and use my facedown MST on his freshly set card instead of the gates. I hit a "Torrential Tribute", but for the next 3 turns I couldn't draw any monsters (probability failed me lol) and my opponent proceeded to farm more advantage with gates and finished me off.
G2: This was probably the fastest game 2 I ever had. I opened up with a "Gladiator Beast Bestiari" and opened "Dimensional Fissure" alongside a set "Waboku". My opponent looks at his hand and decided to scoop for game 3. After asking what was in his hand, he said that he drew 2 "Dark World Dealings", 2 Graphas, 1 "Monster Reborn" and one other card that I forgot. The "Dimensional Fissure" I activated killed him off.
G3: I opened up pretty decent for this last game and after my opponent ended his turn with 2 set cards and 1 set monster, I normal summoned "Gladiator Beast Laquari" and attacked into his facedown monster. However, despite destroying the monster by battle, my opponent flipped "Skill Drain", making it redundant to tag for anything. I set 4 cards and ended my turn, with one of them being "Starlight Road". My opponent activates a blind MST in my end phase, and wts!!!!! he managed to hit my "Starlight Road". Next turn, he activated "Heavy Storm" and I was a sad man. However, having drawn no other monsters, I simply beat him down and won the match.

Results: XOO

Round 2: VS Gladiator Beast
I lost the dice roll for this match again. Le sigh
G1: Despite losing the dice roll, I was still pretty happy because it was finally the long awaited GB mirror match! My opponent passed with a set spell/trap and a set monster. At this point of time, I still had no idea that my opponent was playing GBs as well because this is my first time playing against him. I normal summoned "Gladiator Beast Hoplomus" and ran into his facedown monster, and to my shock, it was also a Hoplomus. Being the turn player, I could tag first for my Hoplomus but my opponent has "Solemn Warning" to restrict me. Things went downhill for me as my opponent gained control. At a point of time, my opponent had Bestiari and 2 facedown spell/trap. I decided that it was a do or die situation now and I summoned "Gladiator Beast Darius". Drawing no response from my opponent, I passed without attacking, feeling pretty sure that my opponent had an out to my attack. What I was aiming for was for my opponent to contact fusion into "Gladiator Beast Gyzarus" as my Darius was bait for a trap. My opponent made that move indeed and I flipped up my "Gladiator Beast War Chariot", destroying his Gyzarus. I managed to gain momentum after the successful strategy and established control, winning the game in the end.
G2: This was a repeat of my game 3 in Round 1. I normal summoned Laquari, set 4 facedown spell/trap and ended my turn. My opponent activates a blind MST in my end phase, and hits my Starlight Road! He flipped Heavy Storm next turn and I could not recover from that due to the lack of cards in hand.
G3: Going into the last game of Round 2, I managed to start with a decent hand and managed to block off many attempts of my opponent's GBs to attack. In the end, I managed to end up with 3 GBs on the field after the end of my battle phase, reviving Laquari with credits to Darius. I then exceeded Laquari and Darius into "Bujintei Kagutsuchi" instead of "Gladiator Beast Heraklinos". It turned out to be a correct move and my opponent ended up topdecking after the next turn, and scooped when I summoned another GB to seal the match.

Results: OXO

Semi-Finals: VS Firefist GB
I finally won the dice roll for the first time today!
G1: I was playing against my friend, so the atmosphere was quite alright as it did not matter who wins in the end. My friend was playing a hybrid of 4-axis Firefist with a splash of 9 GB cards to fulfil the deck requirements for the Duelist Edition Ranking Tournament. I started off struggling badly as "Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Tiger King" was a pain in the ass and I found it hard to overcome the bro-fist monster. After successfully doing so, my opponent activated Heavy Storm when I had 2 backrows, I flipped Starlight Road! Things went my way after that as my opponent had to use "Compulsory Evacuation Device" on my "Stardust Dragon" and simply did not have enough resources to deal with the incoming flood of GB monsters that I had and I captured the first game.
G2: Pretty much the saddest game of my day as my friend started off with Tenki and Tensu, going into Tiger King and setting several backrows. With no way to deal with his backrows, I lost all my resources and was down to topdecking. After getting my last spell/trap, "Bottomless Trap Hole" hit by a MST, I scooped, knowing that there was no way I could come back from this situation.
G3: I started off strong with Laquari and 5 backrows (1 of them being Starlight Road), my friend went into Tenki for Laquari and drawing no response from me, he activated Tensu, going into a second Laquari. Still no response from me. He then sent his 2000atk Laquari into my 1800atk Laquari and I activated "Mirror Force", wiping both his Laquaris! His subsequent moves was blocked by my backrow and his Tenki was stopped by my MST. I summoned Anal and attacked with Laquari, leaving him with 4300LP and tagged into Bestiari to clear his last backrow. He set his last monster and I started my turn, drawing into Retiari. I contact fusion Gyzarus using Bestiari and Retiari, destroying his set monster, and attacked with both Gyzarus and Andal for game.

Results: OXO

Finals: VS Firefist GBs
~Conspiracy~ We didn't play it out as I did not need another playmat and my chances of beating my finals opponent was extremely slim. Therefore, I settled for some other stuff.

Overall, Duelist Edition Ranking Tournament was extremely fun and it was nice to use GBs again :)

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championships 2013 Day 1

As the first day of the biggest Yu-Gi-Oh! event of the year draws to a close, there are several surprises that occurred. For those who are still unaware of the Top 8 players who are moving on to Day 2 for the single elimination rounds of the Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championships 2013, read below for the information:

1. Aaron Riker (USA) - Dragon Rulers (15 points)
2. Sergio Soldani (Italy) - Prophecy (12 points)
3. Kei Murakoshi (Japan) - Dragon Rulers (12 points)
4. Robert Boyajian (USA) - Dragon Rulers (12 points)
5. Weerapun Suebyoubol (Thailand) - Dragon Rulers (10 points)
6. Huang Shin En (Taiwan) - Dragon Rulers (9 points)
7. Hiromi Kudou (Japan) - Dragon Rulers (9 points)
8. David Keener (USA) - Prophecy (9 points)

As it could be seen, there are 4 OCG'ers and 4 TCG'ers in the top 8, which is quite an even spread, although the OCG is still doing significantly better because out of the 26 competitors this year, there are only 12 OCG players whereas there are 14 TCG players. Therefore, the OCG has sent 1/3 of its players to the Top 8 while the TCG only managed 2/7.

Sadly, our Singapore rep could not make it to the Top 8 this year and have to settle for 10th place. However, that aside, it is hardly surprising that all the 26 competitors for the World Championships this year chose either Dragon Rulers or Prophecy, and as expected, Dragon Rulers made up the majority of the spread due to its consistency and flexibility.

However, what was surprising this year was that despite Japan sending the cream of its crop this year (everyone knows who Joker is), only two out of the five reps made it to the Top 8. USA having three reps making it to the Top 8 is hardly surprising because they send the most number of reps each year and this should be the results that they are delivering.

For the defending world champion, Akikazu Saito, not making it to the Top 8 was not much of a surprise. What was surprising is that he finished in 18th position, which is way below par for a Japanese player, much less the defending world champion. On that note, there were also two other Japanese players who finished in the bottom half of the Swiss tables, Nobuhiko Kuroiwa and Atsushi Fujiwara.

Patrick Hoban finishing out of the Top 8 was not much a surprise to me because I'm a firm believer that you should not main Vanity's Emptiness when you are playing Swiss (Patrick Hoban maindecked 2 copies of Vanity's Emptiness during the NAWCQ). This is because during Swiss, you would meet a huge variety of decks, especially in a tournament like the NAWCQ where there are a lot of players, thus, a huge variety of decks. It is in this situation where Vanity's Emptiness may not be always useful unless you are playing mirror matches all the way. Therefore, I feel that Patrick Hoban simply got the better of pairings in Swiss and is unable to repeat his feat in the World Championships.

Looking at the current standings, it is still unclear who will win Worlds this year, but one thing is for sure, this is one World Championships where deck variety does not play a part.