Monday, 8 July 2013

Yu-Gi-Oh! Korean Premium Pack Vol.8 Complete List

A friend of mine recently told me that he was going to Korea for a holiday soon and asked me if I knew the list of cards that was going to be in their newest set, Premium Pack Vol.8. After searching it online, I realised that no sites had any list of the cards in this set, not even Yu-Gi-Oh! Wiki.

Therefore, since I have already helped my friend to obtain the full list of Premium Pack Vol.8, I thought I'll share it here on my blog to all my readers as well! Just in case you guys are going to Korea for a holiday and don't know if this set is worth buying.

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Premium Pack Vol.8 (Korean Language) will contain a total of 45 different cards. Each Box will contain 20 packs and each Pack will contain 5 cards with a chance of pulling an Ultra Rare or a Secret Rare. (You would be able to pull 94 Super Rare, 4 Ultra Rare and 2 Secret Rare per box)

Each pack of Yu-Gi-Oh! Premium Pack Vol.8 will cost 1000₩ (equivalent to about 0.869USD or 1.11SGD)

Set breakdown:
6 Secret Rares
9 Ultra Rares
30 Super Rares

And now for the complete list in this set!

PP08-KR001  Dark Highlander
PP08-KR002  Catapult Warrior
PP08-KR003  Infernity General
PP08-KR004  Blackwing - Gram The Shining Star
PP08-KR005  Infernity Destroyer  (Ultra Rare)
PP08-KR006  Infernity Knight
PP08-KR007  Endless Decay
PP08-KR008  Phantom Lord Hide Ride
PP08-KR009  Sirius The Blue Wolf Star  (Secret Rare)
PP08-KR010  Dragrad
PP08-KR011  Blackwing - Damascus The Polar Night
PP08-KR012  Papa-Corn
PP08-KR013  Blackwing - Gladius The Midnight Sun
PP08-KR014  Thunder Sea Horse  (Secret Rare)
PP08-KR015  Mighty Warrior
PP08-KR016  Brotherhood Of The Fire Fist - Horse Prince  (Ultra Rare)
PP08-KR017  Number 106: Giant Hand  (Ultra Rare)
PP08-KR018  Number 40: Gimmick Puppet Of Strings  (Secret Rare)
PP08-KR019  Bright Star Dragon
PP08-KR020  Brotherhood Of The Fire Fist - Spirit
PP08-KR021  Dododo Buster
PP08-KR022  Brotherhood Of The Fire Fist - Lion Emperor  (Secret Rare)
PP08-KR023  Pahunder  (Ultra Rare)
PP08-KR024  Mahunder
PP08-KR025  Sishunder
PP08-KR026  Number 91: Thunder Spark Dragon  (Ultra Rare)
PP08-KR027  Spirit Converter
PP08-KR028  Coach King Giantrainer
PP08-KR029  Enthusiastic Beast King Bearman
PP08-KR030  Enthusiastic Beastman Wolfberk  (Secret Rare)
PP08-KR031  Brotherhood Of The Fire Fist - Chicken  (Ultra Rare)
PP08-KR032  Fire King Avatar Yaksha
PP08-KR033  Sephylon, The Ultimate Time Lord  (Ultra Rare)
PP08-KR034  Vortex Trooper
PP08-KR035  Constellar Omega  (Secret Rare)
PP08-KR036  Gimmick Puppet - Necro Doll  (Ultra Rare)
PP08-KR037  Gimmick Pupper - Magne Doll
PP08-KR038  Chronomaly Tula Guardian
PP08-KR039  Tri-Tummy Knight
PP08-KR040  Power Tool Mecha Dragon
PP08-KR041  Ancient Faerie Dragon  (Ultra Rare)
PP08-KR042  Zubaba General
PP08-KR043  Junk Puppet
PP08-KR044  Chronomaly City Babylon
PP08-KR045  Utopia Buster

                                                  The six secret rare cards in this set

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