Saturday, 13 July 2013

The Kungfu Master of Trap-Busters

Last time on our discussion on single cards from the upcoming OCG set, "Shadow Specters", we talked about how "Mistake" can act as a pseudo "Thunder King Rai-Oh" to prevent your opponent from adding cards from his/her deck to his/her hand.

Refer to this post if you're not sure what I am talking about. As the weeks have passed and we get closer to the official release of "Shadow Specters", more leaks on the cards from this set is being released online. While this set will introduce many brand new themes, there are also several single cards that will help with some of the old decks.

One of these cards is Chowchow-Chan

Name: Chowchow-Chan
Level 2/ Beast/ EARTH/ 800/ 800
Effect: When you opponent activates a Normal Trap Card when an attacking monster you control battles an opponent's monster, you can activate this effect by discarding this card from you hand. Negate that activation and destroy that card.

Source of info: Shriek OCG

After the many hand-traps that have been released such as "Effect Veiler", "Maxx "C"" and "Droll & Lock Bird" etc, Konami has yet again delivered another game-changer to the game with "Chowchow-Chan".

As cards such as "Mirror Force" and "Dimensional Prison" slowly makes their way back into the main deck, players have been take by surprise by these techs and their opponent have been able to turn the tables with these trap cards.

With "Chowchow-Chan", players can now attempt to go for the OTK with ease without much fear to the backrow of their opponent as they would be able to negate it with "Chowchow-Chan". Furthermore, unlike "Effect Veiler", the current known text of "Chowchow-Chan" states that "you can activate this effect by discarding this card from you hand", which means that this card does not need to be discarded to the graveyard. Therefore, even if your opponent has cards such as "Macro Cosmos" out, you can still discard "Chowchow-Chan".

"Chowchow-Chan" will now reduce the effectiveness of these trap cards as being a hand-trap, "Chowchow-Chan" will spring out of nowhere much like its other hand-trap counterparts such as "Maxx "C"".

The pros of "Chowchow-Chan" also includes making players think of when they would want to activate their trap cards. For example, in the case of "Waboku", which can be activated during any phase of the turn, players will now have to consider if they want to wait till their opponent attack their monsters with their own before flipping this card.

If they choose to activate "Waboku" when their opponent attacks, then they could risk their "Waboku" being negated by "Chowchow-Chan". However, if they activate "Waboku" before their opponent attacks, then their opponent may not attack at all, which could be devastating to Gladiator Beast decks which has one technique of flipping "Waboku" when their opponent attacks their Gladiator Beast monster.

Other than Gladiator Beast decks and their use of "Waboku", any regular deck that techs cards such as "Compulsory Evacuation Device" would also have to plan when they would use this card, before their opponent declares an attack or when they declare an attack. As such, "Chowchow-Chan" forces players to rethink of their decision-making when it comes to activating their trap cards.

However, there are also cons associated with the release of "Chowchow-Chan". Players using "Chowchow-Chan" would not need to think much when they attempt to go for an OTK as they would have the backing of this new card, and not give any consideration to any potential "Mirror Force" or "Dimensional Prison". This could result in more skilless plays.

However, do take note that Konami designed this card to make "Chowchow-Chan" useful only when there are monster(s) on both sides of the field. Therefore, when a player goes for the OTK, the opposing player could wait for their field to be wiped out first before flipping their "Mirror Force". After that, as there are no longer any monsters on his/her side of the field, "Chowchow-Chan" would not be able to be used anymore.

That's all for today's post. Hope you guys find this useful.

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