Tuesday, 9 July 2013

The Dragon Rulers vs Constellars match-up - Know what to do

Recently, I was reading No Names' Blog on his successful Top 32 achievement at the Yu-Gi-Oh! European World Championships Qualifiers with Constellars. Having no prior experience with playing against Constellars on Dueling Network and in real life as well (nobody at my locals plays Constellars), I was amazed at how the blogger of the above mentioned blog managed to top with it amidst a playing field of Dragons, Prophecy and Evilswarm.

Soon after that, I realised that many people on Dueling Network have started to netdeck the Constellar build that No Names top with. Although I was not the one playing, but instead, on the watchers' list, I took the opportunity to observe carefully how the deck works and tried to figure out its weaknesses in case I have to play against one some day.

Through my observations, I realised how difficult it is to play the deck. In fact, only the most skilful of players would be able to succeed with it. In the current format, it is perhaps, the most skilful deck alongside 4-Axis Fire Fist.

With thoughts on beating Constellars in my head, I played on Dueling Network after being only on the watchers' list for 3 days in a row. Playing for the first time in 3 days, surprisingly, I faced off only against Constellar decks in the 2 matches that I played yesterday.

The first match was a breeze, I didn't have to think too hard as my opponent was clearly new to his Constellar deck and did not know how to react to different situations. As I have mentioned earlier in this post, only the most skilful of players would be able to pull off wins with this deck.

I took the first game to analyse the Constellar deck as it was my first time playing against it. However, I managed to still win the first game due to my opponent's mistakes. The second game went back and fro until I topped a "Royal Decree" which gave me the 2-0 win.

After the match, I wanted to stop playing for the day as I was rather tired. However, I decided to play one more match before resting for the day. Surprisingly, it was yet another Constellar match-up. However, unlike my previous match, I immediately realised in the first game how skilful this player is with Constellars.

I then receive a private message from Mike of Dueling Legacy, informing me that I was playing against the pro who topped with Constellars in the European WCQ, the blogger from No Names himself. The game, was by far, the most interesting I had in weeks, as it really forced me to think really hard. Although I won this match as well, it was a really hard-earned win.

Therefore, with this match still fresh in my mind, I decided to post some tips in this post on how Dragon Rulers should play against Constellars.

The first game against Constellars is always the toughest of the match. This is because their main deck already consist of anti-Dragon cards such as "Imperial Iron Wall" and "Thunder King Rai-Oh". Therefore, it is wise to play your cards conservatively and not rush when in doubt of their backrow. This is because if you rush and they flip a "Imperial Iron Wall" or "Compulsory Evacuation Device" at the precise moment, you are pretty much screwed next turn as they will go for "Constellar Pleiadas" to lock down your movements.

Your "Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos", "Effect Veiler", "Forbidden Chalice" and "Heavy Storm" are your most important cards in Game 1. Therefore, you should use them wisely.

Never banish your Blasters because you need the ammunition from its effect to blast away the key cards from the Constellar deck. On that note, I have seen many players immediately conceding or rage-quitting when their opponents flip "Imperial Iron Wall". There is no need for you to do that as time is on your side once they flip the Wall.

Unlike Dragon Rulers, the monster speed in Constellar decks are not as fast. They depend on cards such as "Constellar Pollux" and "Constellar Sombre" to access their Xyz monsters. However, once they flip "Imperial Iron Wall", they cannot banish any cards with "Constellar Sombre" and can only rely on "Constellar Pollux". Therefore, take your time and plan your moves in advance. Once you are able to break free from their lock, the game is pretty much yours.

Well, granted that they can return "Imperial Iron Wall" with "Constellar Pleiadas" and use the effect of "Constellar Sombre" after that. However, that only works to your advantage of playing conservatively. Firstly, once they detach for "Constellar Pleiadas", they lose one material from it, one less chance of bouncing your monsters. Secondly, once they use "Constellar Sombre's effect", the "Effect Veilers" and "Forbidden Chalice" that you have been saving up would be extremely useful to negate the effect of their "Constellar Sombre". They would then lose another monster from their grave as well for the cost of "Constellar Sombre".

It is important to note that if you have "Effect Veiler" in your hand in the first turn, you should try to make a "Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack" first. This is because if they play "Constellar Pollux" and normal summon a second time for "Constellar Kaus", you would be able to use "Effect Veiler" on "Constellar Kaus". They would then be unable to access "Constellar Pleiadas". However, that's why Constellars are a huge threat. Despite having the level increase effect of "Constellar Kaus" negated, they can still go for "Constellar Praesepe" which can be a pain due to its ability to increase its attack to 3400.

Therefore, going for "Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack" would prevent from losing a monster from "Constellar Praesepe's" attack as Dracossack cannot be destroyed by battle when you have tokens out. However, it would be a different story if you have "Forbidden Chalice" instead. While you are in possession of "Forbidden Chalice", you can freely allow them to Xyz Summon "Constellar Pleiadas". This is because on your turn you would be able to go for "Number 11: Big Eye" to gain control of their Pleiadas.

While they would definitely use "Constellar Pleiadas'" effect when you summon "Number 11: Big Eye", you can then chain "Forbidden Chalice" to its effect, after that you can then steal a 2900 attack Pleiadas (2900 for this turn only). Controlling a Pleiadas is extremely effective for you because a Constellar player would normally rely on one card to kickstart their combos for this turn, and by using Pleiadas' effect against them in a correct timing, you would be able to cripple them for one turn, allowing you to attempt an OTK next turn.

In the second game, with the knowledge that Constellar players play cards such as "Imperial Iron Wall" and "Thunder King Rai-Oh", it is now time to side out your "Gold Sarcophagus" and "Sacred Sword of Seven Stars" for your "Mystical Space Typhoon" and "Royal Decree".

As ridiculous as it sounds, it would probably be wise for you to side out your "Maxx "C"" as well for "Tsukuyomi" as "Tsukuyomi" fares better than "Maxx "C"" against Constellars. While you have "Tsukuyomi", you would be able to force them to activate "Pleiadas' effect prematurely when you use "Tsukuyomi's" effect on it. This gives you the advantage in this turn to turn the tables on them.

As I have mentioned in my previous Dragon Rulers post, "Forbidden Chalice" is an important card right now and you should never side it out. It is also extremely powerful against Constellars as it locks them down when they go for their big plays. By using it in conjunction with "Royal Decree", you would be able to control the game from there.

Well, that's all for today's post. I hope that you find it useful. In my next Dragon Rulers post, I will continue to emphasise on the importance of "Forbidden Chalice" by using another example. Till then, cya!


  1. For the example of Dracossack + Veiler vs Pollux + Kaus, I always just use Veiler on the second activation of Kaus so they're stuck with one level four and one level five. It basically ruins their turn.

    1. haha yea, that's a viable option as well.

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