Thursday, 18 July 2013

Common-Haters, heres Bling Bling for you - Part 7

Do away with those hateful commons! Embrace the shinz!! It's part 7 of our elite common-haters club, and being the best host I can be for our club, I have decided to take the novelty path and go for something new in order to bring a brand new experience for our club members!

Therefore, instead of sourcing decklists from Shriek as I normally do, I have decided to delve into other blogs to find their winning decklists! After all, being an elite common-haters club, we do need elite decklists right XD

After Dragon Rulers, Verz (Evilswarm) and the likes of other elite decks, today we will be exploring the shinz of Constellars!

And what better way can we do this but use the decklist of the Top 32 of the Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championships Qualifiers 2013! That's right, the deck that we are polishing to shine today is none other than No Name's Constellar Deck. The post to his epic Top 32 finish can be found inside the link, do give them your support!

Monsters (20):
[2] Constellar Algiedi  (TCG English Super Rare - HA07-EN007)
[3] Constellar Kaus  (TCG English Secret Rare - HA07-EN045)
[3] Constellar Pollux (TCG English Super Rare - HA07-EN008)
[2] Constellar Sheratan (TCG English Super Rare - HA07-EN005)
[3] Constellar Sombre  (OCG Japanese Super Rare - DS13-JPL01)
[1] Thunder King Rai-Oh  (OCG Japanese Ultra Rare - YG02-JP001)
[1] Brotherhood of the Fire Fist  (TCG English Ultimate Rare - CBLZ-EN024)
[1] Honest  (OCG Japanese Holographic Rare - LODT-JP001)
[2] Effect Veiler  (OCG Japanese Gold Secret Rare - GS05-JP008)
[2] Maxx "C""  (TCG English Secret Rare - STOR-EN086)

Spells (10):
[1] Reinforcement of the Army  (OCG Asian-English Super Rare - LOD-028)
[1] Heavy Storm  (OCG Japanese Ultra Rare - BE02-JP068)
[1] Dark Hole  (OCG Japanese Ultra Rare - BE01-JP098)
[1] Monster Reborn  (OCG Japanese Ultra Rare - Volume 2)
[1] Book of Moon  (OCG Japanese Gold Ultra Rare - GS02-JP011)
[1] Forbidden Lance  (OCG Japanese Super Rare - STOR-JP061)
[3] Fire Formation - Tenki  (OCG Korean Super Rare - AE01-KR013)
[1] Fire Formation - Tensu  (OCG Japanese Common - CBLZ-JP058)

Traps (10):
[3] Compulsory Evacuation Device  (OCG Korean Secret Rare - IOC-KRPR2)
[3] Imperial Iron Wall  (OCG Japanese Common - SD15-JP030)
[1] Solemn Judgment  (OCG Japanese Ultra Rare - Volume 4)
[1] Solemn Warning  (OCG Japanese Gold Secret Rare - GS05-JP020)
[1] Torrential Tribute  (OCG Japanese Ultra Parallel Rare - DL3-063)
[1] Xyz Reborn  (TCG English Secret Rare - ORCS-EN076)

So the entire deck can fully blinged.....well except for Imperial Iron Wall and Fire Formation - Tensu :(

However, the rest of the deck can still be foiled out. That's all today, until next time from our elite common-haters club!

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