Wednesday, 3 July 2013

A must-run card in Dragon Rulers now

Oh my donkeys, not another Dragon Rulers post again.... Well, like most people, I do find Dragon Rulers really boring now, with the exception of Dragon mirror matches which can still ignite the interest in me. This is because, as discussed in my previous Dragon Rulers post, Dragon mirror matches are skilful, and there is no denying this fact!

However, despite the rise of play in Dragon Rulers all around the world now, not everything has been covered yet. Duelists are still trying to find new techs to beat their opponents in mirror matches as it is now the deck to play. One such tech would be "Forbidden Chalice", which I feel that it is an absolute must to run this card for Dragon mirror matches now.

Although the "Forbidden Chalice" tech is not something that is new now, the difference is that, instead of running two copies of it as most people would do, I feel that it is possible to run three copies of this card now.

Why is that so? Going back to the main purpose of today's discussion, Dragon mirror matches are the in-thing now in Yu-Gi-Oh!, and every player who is running Dragon Rulers should prepare themselves for the similar match-up. One thing that a Dragon Ruler player would fear most in a Dragon mirror match would be "Maxx "C"".

This is because when a Dragon player gets hit by "Maxx "C"", he/she is forced to stop his/her plays most of the time and end turn immediately. This allows the opposing player to go for the OTK next turn. Therefore, how does "Forbidden Chalice" help to turn the tables in this situation?

"Forbidden Chalice" actually helps you to win by turning the effects of "Maxx "C"" against the other player. Let's take for example:

1) You start second in the duel.
2) Your opponent ends off with "Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack" on the field with two tokens.
3) You start off your turn by pitching "Reactan, Dragon Ruler of Pebbles" and another Dragon/Earth to special summon "Redox, Dragon Ruler of Boulders".
4) Your opponent pitches "Maxx "C"" in response to Reactan's effect.

Normally, in this scenario, you would just end your turn and leave Redox on the field to fend off any attacks. Hopefully, you would have a "Super Rejuvenation" to draw into two more cards to replace those that you have discarded this turn.

However, if you have "Forbidden Chalice" in your hand, you do not need to end your turn, you can just go on by summoning a Level 1 tuner from your hand to synchro summon with Redox for "Colossal Fighter".

Following that, enter your battle phase and attack "Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack" with "Colossal Fighter" and activate "Forbidden Chalice" on your opponent's Dracossack. This will increase Dracossack's attack to 3000 and your "Colossal Fighter" will be destroyed by battle.

Then, special summon back "Colossal Fighter" again. As the drawing effect for "Maxx "C"" is mandatory, your opponent will have to draw a card each time your "Colossal Fighter" is special summoned back to the field.

Then, do the math, after your opponent's first turn, the maximum number of cards remaining in his/her deck would be 34. After he/she pitches "Maxx "C"" on your Reactan's effect and draws, it will be 33 on Redox's summon. When you synchro summon for "Colossal Fighter", the maximum number of cards remaining in your opponent's deck would then be 32.

Each time your "Colossal Fighter" special summons itself back to the field, you lose 200LP for attacking the Dracossack. In order to force your opponent to draw the remaining 32 cards in his/her deck to deck him/her out, you need to crash "Colossal Fighter" into the Dracossack 32 times, which means you will take a total of 6400LP damage on your first turn.

However, after that, you can then end your turn, and your opponent would instantly lose due to the inability to draw any cards from his/her deck, and you would successfully overcome the problem of "Maxx "C"" with "Forbidden Chalice".

That is why I am now trying to fit three copies of "Forbidden Chalice" into my Dragon Rulers deck instead of the usual two copies. Furthermore, instead of only "Dragunity - Corsesca", I am also running "Flamvell Guard" to increase the probability of drawing my tuners so that I can access "Colossal Fighter" with ease.

Do note that this trick could be potentially risky if your opponent has any backrow. However, if your opponent has nothing in his/her backrow, then this trick is certainly going to work because "Effect Veiler" cannot negate "Colossal Fighter's" reviving effect.

That's all for today's post, I hope you enjoy it!

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