Monday, 10 June 2013

Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championships 2013 - Which Top Deck is usable

As we get closer to the World Championships in Las Vegas this year, it is crucial to know which decks can be used for this premier event. Currently, the undisputed top 3 decks of the meta are:

1) Incarnate Dragons/ Elemental Dragons/ Dragon Rulers
2) Prophecy/ Spellbooks
3) Verz/ Evilswarm

Every year, in the World Championships, there are bound to be some cards that would not be legal due to them not being released in all languages. These cards would normally be the OCG Japanese promo cards because they yet to be released in TCG English or OCG Korean.

In order to assess which decks are usable for the World Championships this year, we need to look at the OCG Japanese promo cards in each of these top decks and see if they would be legal to be used for Worlds.

1) Incarnate Dragons:
For Incarnate Dragons, the main promo cards in this deck would be the baby dragons as they were all released in the promo pack in Japan. However, it is good to know that these baby dragons will be legal for Worlds as they are already released in all the languages.

With all the necessary cards legalised for the World Championships this year, we can expect to see Incarnate Dragons at full strength.

Deck strength for World Championships: 10/10

2) Prophecy
As Prophecy continues to be a dominant force in our current meta, it is noteworthy that none of the cards in the Prophecy line-up are promo cards. However, as "Spellbook Star Hall" was released as a TCG exclusive initially, the OCG was only able to receive it in "Extra Pack: Sword Of Knights".

As of June 2013, "Spellbook Star Hall" is only available in the following versions:

As "Spellbook Star Hall" is one of the cards that makes Prophecy a dominant force, an exclusion of this card in the World Championships could devastate the ability of this deck to perform.

Deck strength for World Championships: 10/10

3) Verz
Verz is one the strong powerhouses to combat against Incarnate Dragons. In OCG Japanese, almost the entire deck are promo from the Duel Terminal series. However, it is good to note that most of the Verz cards have already been released in all languages. For TCG English, it would be Hidden Arsenal 7, while for OCG Korean, it would be the deluxe structure decks that were previously released in OCG Japanese

Credits for picture: Yu-Gi-Oh! Korea

Although cards like "Verz Bahamut" would still be illegal for the World Championships, given the current strength of Verz, it would still be a strong powerhouse against Incarnate Dragons.

Deck strength for World Championships: 9.5/10

That's all for today, thanks for looking!

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