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The Fun Theory Part 11: The War Gods of Bujin

Today was a lonely Saturday for me as I had nothing much to do at home. Being restless, I decided to head down to locals to take a look. However, just like every Saturday, locals is pretty much empty (unless there was a tournament going on).

Nonetheless, there were still a couple of duelists. I was watching War Gods (a.k.a Bujin) at the task while it fought against the resilient Incarnate Dragons (a.k.a Dragon Rulers). Although War Gods don't seem to fare very well against Incarnate Dragons, I was still very impressed at how fun the deck is and what War Gods had to offer.

Therefore, after an early Father's Day dinner, I headed home to test out War Gods on DuelNet. The initial part of building the deck was pretty difficult and I found myself having to refer to a couple of sample decklists online, something that I usually refrain from because it stifles creativity.

Nonetheless, after testing a couple of rounds, I saw the flaws in several of the sample decklists and crossed out several tech cards from my checklist. Apparently, the build of War Gods seem to vary largely, and I found myself taking techs from here and there before arriving at a build that I was comfortable with.

So, without further ado, let's take a look at the Fun Theory decklist today:

Monsters (19):
[3] Bujin - Yamato
[3] Bujin Relic - Murakumo
[3] Bujin Relic - Habakiri
[3] Bujin Relic - Hetsuka
[1] Honest
[1] Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Bear
[3] Effect Veiler
[2] Vivvit Knight

Spells (11):
[3] Fire Formation - Tenki
[1] Monster Reborn
[1] Dark Hole
[1] Rise of the Bujin
[2] Kaiser Colosseum
[3] Forbidden Lance

Traps (10):
[2] The Bujin Armament Apparition
[2] Breakthrough Skill
[2] Bottomless Trap Hole
[2] Mirror Force
[2] Mind Crush

Extra (15):
[1] Ally of Justice Catastor
[1] Mist Wurm
[3] Bujin Emperor - Susano'o
[1] Number 39: Utopia
[1] Number C39: Utopia Ray
[1] Diamond Dire Wolf
[1] Gagaga Cowboy
[1] Abyss Dweller
[1] Constellar Omega
[1] Gem-Knight Pearl
[1] Maestroke The Symphony Djinn
[1] Number 50: Blackship of Corn
[1] Starliege Paladynamo

Firstly, for those who do not understand how War Gods (a.k.a Bujin) works. It's basically using "Bujin - Yamato's" effect to add a Bujin Monster from your deck to hand during the End Phase, then discarding a Bujin monster from your hand to the graveyard.

Bujin - Yamato
Level 4/ Beast-Warrior/ Light/ 1800/ 200
Effect: Once per turn, during your End Phase: You can add 1 "Bujin" monster from your Deck to your hand, then send 1 card from your hand to the Graveyard. You can only control 1 face-up "Bujin - Yamato".

For Yamato's effect, you can then either add Murakumo, Habakiri or Hetsuka from your deck to hand. However, the most likely targets for discard will always be Murakumo or Hetsuka. Trust me, you would want to keep your Habakiris in hand. This is because Habakiri acts like a mini-Honest.

Bujin Relic - Habakiri
Level 4/ Winged-Beast/ Light/ 1600/ 300
Effect: During damage calculation, if a "Bujin" Beast-Warrior-Type monster you control battles an opponent's monster: You can send this card from your hand to the Graveyard; your battling monster's ATK becomes double its original ATK during that damage calculation only.

Although it only doubles your Bujin monster's attack for one attack, it's still good to have 4 copies of Honest in your deck, especially when Habakiri can be recycled from your graveyard back to your hand with "The Bujin Armament Apparition"

The Bujin Armament Apparition
Normal Trap Card
Activate 1 of these effects.
●; Target 1 "Bujin" monster in your Graveyard; add that target to your hand.
●; Target 1 of your banished "Bujin" monsters; return that target to your Graveyard.

This is, thus, the reason why I choose to play "The Bujin Armament Apparition" even though many sample decklists online opt to drop this card. I find this card to be especially good against many decks such as Dragons now because they can have multiple monsters attacking you in one turn. After discarding Habakiri for one attack, if they send a second monster to attack you, you can use "The Bujin Armament Apparition" to recycle Habakiri during the battle step, then drop it during damage calculations again.

I know that several players think that Dragon players would not be so dumb to play into Habakiri. However, that is not the case. They would attack despite knowing that Habakiri is present. They would not go for "Number 11: Big Eye" or "Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack" and use their effects on your Yamato or Susano'o if they know that you have Hetsuka in the graveyard because it would just be negated and they would waste one potential attack on your Yamato and next turn they would be bombed by Murakumo.

"Vivvit Knight" is another tech that I like. I think many readers would know by know that Murakumo's bombing effect can only be used during your own turn. Therefore, if you are without the protection of Habakiri in your hand, the best choice is to banish your Yamato and special summon "Vivvit Knight". During your next turn, Yamato would return to your field and you can start the counter-attack with Xyz summon for Susano'o or using Murakumo's bombing effect.

Many decklists that I have seen online supports the use of "Lightray Grepher" because it thins deck quickly and helps you to use "Rise of the Bujin" much easier. However, after playtesting for a bit, I realised how horrible "Lightray Grepher" is because it could potentially slow you down. The reason being that "Rise of the Bujin" can only be used when you control no monsters, and when you summon "Lightray Grepher" and use its effect, you won't be able to use "Rise of the Bujin" this turn, and this will open you up to an OTK by your opponent on their turn. After removing "Lightray Grepher" from my build, it started to flow much better and I have been OTK'ed much lesser. That is why I only play one copy of "Rise of the Bujin" in this deck instead of three copies that you will see in "Lightray Grepher" builds.

"Kaiser Colosseum" is a tech that I like because most of the time you are only preparing your field with Yamato, and with "Kaiser Colosseum" and Habakiri to back you up, your Yamato can remain on the field for a much longer time.

Although Hetsuka helps to prevent target effects, I still play three copies of "Forbidden Lance" because of cards like "Dark Hole" and "Spellbook of Fate" since the latter does not target.

"Mind Crush" is another personal favourite tech of mine because in this format, "Mind Crush" does well against almost every single top decks there are. For Incarnate Dragons, if they banish the adult dragons to add their baby dragons, just go "Mind Crush" on them to discard the babies. For Prophecy, if they add with Secrets or Batel, "Mind Crush" does the trick as well. For Verz/ Evilswarm, if they add with "Reinforcement of the Army" for Castor, or use Kerykeion to add back to hand, "Mind Crush" will work as well. Even against Mermails and Fire Fist, where they constantly add from deck to hand, "Mind Crush" is an amazing main deck tech now. However, the best thing about "Mind Crush" isn't about discarding from your opponent's hand, for me, I always preferred having the opportunity to look at the cards in my opponent's hand and planning for my next turn.

The Extra deck is pretty much self-explanatory but I have to credit cards such as "Starliege Paladynamo" because it not only drops the opponent's monster to 0 attack, it negates their effect as well. This can be especially useful against "Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack".

Well, that's all for today. If you have any ideas to help to fix this Bujin deck, do feel free to comment about your opinions, cya!

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