Friday, 28 June 2013

Every deck will have its day

Raigeki is finally unbanned!!! Oh wait, it isn't. It's a Raigeki specially for Harpie decks only which will be released as a TCG exclusive in the upcoming product "Legendary Collection 4: Joey's World".

Name: Harpie Lady Phoenix Formation
Spell/ Normal
Effect: Activate only if you control a face-up "Harpie Lady". Destroy monsters your opponent controls, up to the number of "Harpie Lady" monsters you control. Then, inflict damage to your opponent equal to the total ATK of the destroyed monster(s). You cannot conduct your Battle Phase during the turn you activate this card. You can only activate 1 "Harpie Lady Phoenix Formation" per turn.

Being an avid user of Harpie decks, I'm really excited to be able to use this card because it will enable Harpie's to have the boost for OTK. For example, if your opponent has Dracossack, and tributed its tokens for Tidal, then summon Blaster to try to go for the OTK, and you have "Swift Scarecrow" to fend it off.

Next turn, what you can do is summon "Harpie Channeler" and use its effect to summon another "Harpie Lady", then go for "Elegant Egotist" for a third "Harpie Lady" card. Following that, activate "Harpie Lady Phoenix Formation" to perform an OTK!

In short, "Harpie Lady Phoenix Formation" is Harpie decks' own "Raigeki" with a burn effect. While it is disappointing that the OCG release for this card is yet to be confirmed, this card will definitely make a huge impact on Harpie decks!


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  2. they are changing the effect, you can't special summon monsters this turn, so maybe we can combo with hysteric party