Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Duelist Pack Corner 6a: Duelist Pack Serenity Wheeler

Its another round of Duelist Pack madness, and this time round it will be some female power! Introducing Duelist Pack Tea and Duelist Pack Serenity!

For today's post, we will be going with Joey Wheeler's younger sister, Serenity Wheeler! Both Tea and Serenity wields great power in control of Fairy Type monsters, which side will you be on!

The second of the twin Duelist Pack series on Yu-Gi-Oh! Fun Theory will see some female power after Duelist Pack Mai Valentine 
Duelist Pack Serenity Wheeler will contain 42 cards in total: Collect all "1 ghost rare", "1 Extra Secret Rare", "2 secret rares", "5 ultimate rares", "3 ultra rares", "5 super rares", "8 rares" and "17 commons" in this awesome set! Inclusive in this set are also many powerful Synchro and Xyz monsters!
Includes 42 cards:
1 Ghost Rare
1 Extra Secret Rare
2 Secret Rare
5 Ultimate Rare
3 Ultra Rare
5 Super Rare
8 Rare
17 Common
DPSW-EN000 - Gellenduo (Ghost Rare)
DPSW-EN001 - Fire Princess
DPSW-EN002 - Angel O7
DPSW-EN003 - Guardian Eatos (Ultimate Rare)
DPSW-EN004 - Lady Panther
DPSW-EN005 - Freya, Spirit Of Victory (Rare)
DPSW-EN006 - Herald Of Orange Light (Secret Rare)
DPSW-EN007 - Herald Of Green Light (Super Rare)
DPSW-EN008 - Herald Of Purple Light (Ultra Rare)
DPSW-EN009 - Witch Of The Black Forest
DPSW-EN010 - Goddess With The Third Eye
DPSW-EN011 - Marie The Fallen One
DPSW-EN012 - Shadow Tamer
DPSW-EN013 - Kuribon (Rare)
DPSW-EN014 - Marshmallon
DPSW-EN015 - Vylon Prism (Rare)
DPSW-EN016 - The Forgiving Maiden
DPSW-EN017 - Watapon (Super Rare)
DPSW-EN018 - Cloudian Smoke Ball (Ultimate Rare)
DPSW-EN019 - Archlord Kristya (Rare)
DPSW-EN020 - St. Joan
DPSW-EN021 - Ancient Sacred Wyvern (Secret Rare)
DPSW-EN022 - Avenging Knight Parshath
DPSW-EN023 - Vylon Delta (Rare)
DPSW-EN024 - Vylon Omega (Rare)
DPSW-EN025 - Fairy Cheer Girl (Super Rare)
DPSW-EN026 - CXyz Dark Fairy Cheer Girl (Ultimate Rare)
DPSW-EN027 - Tiras, Keeper Of Genesis (Ultra Rare)
DPSW-EN028 - Adreus, Keeper Of Armageddon (Rare)
DPSW-EN029 - Magic Reflector
DPSW-EN030 - Scroll Of Bewitchment
DPSW-EN031 - Cards From The Sky (Rare)
DPSW-EN032 - Celestial Transformation
DPSW-EN033 - Prohibition (Super Rare)
DPSW-EN034 - The Sanctuary In The Sky
DPSW-EN035 - Heavy Storm (Ultimate Rare)
DPSW-EN036 - Bad Reaction To Simochi
DPSW-EN037 - Miraculous Descent
DPSW-EN038 - Magic Cylinder (Ultimate Rare)
DPSW-EN039 - Pinpoint Guard (Super Rare)
DPSW-EN040 - Gozen Match (Ultra Rare)
DPSW-EN041 - Legendary Dragon Of White (Extra Secret Rare)

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