Monday, 6 May 2013

Common-Haters, heres Bling Bling for you - Part 5

Its been a long time since I did a rarity post, and today I'm bringing you guys a Verz decklist that topped in Japan.

Credits for decklist goes to shriek OCG news

With the release of Hidden Arsenal 7 in the TCG, it is now possible to have a fully blinged Verz deck.

Monsters (21):

[3] Evilswarm Heliotrope (TCG English super rare - HA07-EN011)
[3] Evilswarm Castor (TCG English super rare - HA07-EN048)
[3] Evilswarm Kerykeion (OCG Japanese super rare - DS13-JPD01)
[3] Evilswarm Thunderbird (TCG English secret rare - HA07-EN051)
[3] Evilswarm Mandragora (TCG English super rare - HA07-EN015)
[2] Rescue Rabbit (TCG English secret rare - PHSW-EN037)
[1] Dark Armed Dragon (OCG Korean secret rare - EV09-KR004)
[3] Effect Veiler (OCG Korean secret rare - EV12-KR001)

Spells (8):

[1] Heavy Storm (OCG Japanese ultra rare - BE02-JP068)
[1] Monster Reborn (OCG Japanese ultra rare - Volume 2)
[1] Reinforcement Of The Army (OCG Asia-English super rare - LOD-028)
[2] Mystical Space Typhoon (OCG Japanese super rare - BE01-JP027)
[3] Infestation Pandemic (TCG English secret rare - HA07-EN068)

Traps (11):

[2] Compulsory Evacuation Device (OCG Korean secret rare - IOC-KRPR2)
[2] Torrential Tribute (OCG Japanese ultra parallel rare - DL3-063)
[1] Infestation Terminus (TCG English super rare - HA07-EN070)
[3] Safe Zone (TCG English super rare - EXVC-EN078)
[1] Infestation Infection (TCG English secret rare - HA07-EN030)
[1] Solemn Warning (OCG Korean secret rare - EV11-KR003)
[1] Solemn Judgment (OCG Japanese ultra rare - Volume 4)

Now you can have your own fully-blinged Verz deck!

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