Monday, 22 April 2013

Duelist Pack Corner 4: Duelist Pack Bakura

"Dark clouds cover the skies as evil rises. The Millennium Ring descends upon Earth as the world is once again plunged into darkness. The balance of good and evil is yours to keep, as the duelist who wields the power of "Duelist Pack - Bakura" will be the one to maintain this balance!"

Duelist Pack Bakura will contain 42 cards in total: Collect all "1 ghost rare", "2 secret rares", "5 ultimate rares", "3 ultra rares", "5 super rares", "8 rares" and "18 commons" in this awesome set! Inclusive in this set is also 3 brand new, never seen before cards!

"The fate of Earth now lie in your hands as the power of Duelist Pack - Bakura is now yours!"

Hi guys, exams have been really hectic for me in the last month, and since I have some spare time now, I thought I would do up a new Duelist Pack after Duelist Pack Joey Wheeler, Duelist Pack Mai Valentine and Duelist Pack Pegasus.

Presenting to you.......Duelist Pack Bakura!

Includes 42 cards:
1 Ghost Rare
2 Secret Rare
5 Ultimate Rare
3 Ultra Rare
5 Super Rare
8 Rare
18 Common

DPRB-EN000 - Change Of Heart (Ghost Rare)
DPRB-EN001 - Doma The Angel Of Silence
DPRB-EN002 - Jowgen The Spiritualist
DPRB-EN003 - Puppet Master
DPRB-EN004 - Doomcaliber Knight (Secret Rare)
DPRB-EN005 - Man-Eater Bug (Ultra Rare)
DPRB-EN006 - Mask Of Darkness
DPRB-EN007 - Morphing Jar
DPRB-EN008 - Morphing Jar #2 (Ultra Rare)
DPRB-EN009 - The Earl Of Demise (Super Rare)
DPRB-EN010 - Earthbound Spirit
DPRB-EN011 - Gernia
DPRB-EN012 - Goblin Zombie (Rare)
DPRB-EN013 - Headless Knight
DPRB-EN014 - Dark Necrofear (Super Rare)
DPRB-EN015 - Dark Ruler Ha Des (Super Rare)
DPRB-EN016 - Sangan (Rare)
DPRB-EN017 - Diabound Kernel (Ultimate Rare)
DPRB-EN018 - The Portrait's Secret
DPRB-EN019 - White Magicial Hat
DPRB-EN020 - Gorz The Emissary Of Darkness (Ultimate Rare)
DPRB-EN021 - Spirit Message "I" (Rare)
DPRB-EN022 - Spirit Message "N" (Rare)
DPRB-EN023 - Spirit Message "A" (Rare)
DPRB-EN024 - Spirit Message "L" (Rare)
DPRB-EN025 - Dark Designator
DPRB-EN026 - Exchange
DPRB-EN027 - The Shallow Grave (Super Rare)
DPRB-EN028 - Ectoplasmer
DPRB-EN029 - Multiply
DPRB-EN030 - Monster Reborn (Ultra Rare)
DPRB-EN031 - Souls Of The Forgotten
DPRB-EN032 - Spirit Illusion (Ultimate Rare)
DPRB-EN033 - Destiny Board (Rare)
DPRB-EN034 - Mirror Tablet (Ultimate Rare)
DPRB-EN035 - Just Desserts (Super Rare)
DPRB-EN036 - Call Of The Earthbound
DPRB-EN037 - Zoma The Spirit
DPRB-EN038 - Bottomless Trap Hole (Secret Rare)
DPRB-EN039 - Dark Spirit Of The Silent
DPRB-EN040 - Dark Mirror Force (Rare)
DPRB-EN041 - Mirror Force (Ultimate Rare)

New cards:
DPRB-EN017 - Diabound Kernel

Level 5/ Dark/ Fiend/ Effect/ 1800/ 1200
Once per turn, you can equip this card to a face-up monster your opponent controls, OR unequip it to Special Summon this card. The equipped monster loses ATK equal to this card's original ATK. If the equipped monster is destroyed by battle, Special Summon this card. If this card destroys an opponent's monster by battle, it also gains that monster's effect(s).

DPRB-EN032 - Spirit Illusion

Spell/ Equip
After activation, Special Summon 1 "Doppelganger Token" with the same ATK, DEF, Level, Attribute, and Type as the equipped monster. This Token gains the same effects as the equipped monster. If this card is removed from the field, destroy the "Doppelganger Token".

DPRB-EN034 - Mirror Tablet

Trap/ Normal
Activate only during the turn an opponent's monster destroyed a monster you controlled by battle. Select 1 face-up monster you control. It gains ATK equal to half the original ATK of one of your opponent's monsters that destroyed a monster you controlled by battle. Those monsters must battle this turn.

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