Friday, 22 March 2013

The Brother Slayers of Incarnate Dragons

With Incarnate Dragons dominating the top 3 spot in the Asia Championship Singapore Qualifiers this year, all interest in combating the previously powerful fire fist has been extinguished. As players scramble now to find a way to defeat the mighty dragons, 3 brothers has found their way to slaying this dragons.

Youngest Brother: Imperial Iron Wall

Continuous Trap Card
Effect: Cards cannot be removed from play.

As the youngest brother of the Incarnate Dragons slayers, Imperial Iron Wall has unleashed its effect, attempting to prevent the Dragons from an easy summoning. One way to special summon the mighty Incarnate Dragons is to banish two dragon monsters from the graveyard to special summon it.

Therefore, the force of Imperial Iron Wall would stop them from banishing one another in order to selfishly summon one at the expense of two. Imperial Iron Wall is a strong believer of equality, he does not agree to 2 = 1.

With the antics of the youngest slayer brothers, the mighty dragons would have to depend on their smaller counterpart, Burner, Reactan etc.

Second Brother: Stygian Dirge

Continuous Trap Card
Effect: Reduce the Levels of all face-up monsters your opponent controls by 1.

As the masters of the powerful Incarnate Dragons strongly advocates the usage of Level 8 synchros and Rank 7 Exceed monsters, the Incarnate Dragons have been depending on their innate abilities, which is their level of 7, to please their masters.

However, the second brother of the Incarnate Dragon Slayers has arrived once again to foil their plans. He will ensure that the mighty dragons will be reduced to level 6, with little or no chance to go for their Synchro Summoning or Exceed Summoning. How evil this plan is!

Furthermore, during the brothers' end phase, the powerful dragons would have no choice but to return to their masters' hands without performing a single Synchro or Exceed Summon. The second brother has seen through their innate abilities and he is waiting....

Oldest Brother: Summon Limit

Continuous Trap Card
Effect: Neither player can Summon more than two times per turn.

If anyone thought that the second brother was evil, look at the oldest brother, Summon Limit. He too, has seen through the abilities of the powerful Incarnate Dragons, although in a different way. He sees that in order for their power to be utilised, the masters of them would have to summon 2 monsters per turn to perform a Synchro or Exceed summon. Otherwise, they would just return to hand at the end of the brothers' turn.

The oldest brother has therefore, tapped on his skills to prevent a 3rd summon from occurring each turn, rendering the dragons no choice but to return to their masters' hands. He is truly the symbol of evilness within the three brothers.

If anybody is thinking of building an Incarnate Dragon deck, beware, the three brothers are waiting.....

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