Saturday, 23 February 2013

DuelNet's Cool Duelist of the Week #5

This week I met an extremely good duelist who pilots Prophecy way better than other duelists out there. He was also extremely polite and although I lost the rated duel to him, surprisingly I still felt very good playing against a duelist like him.

Therefore, this week's Cool Duelist award goes to bpmusician!

Do duel against him some times :)

Friday, 22 February 2013

The Fun Theory Part 8: FIVE-XYZ

Playing in today's meta sure is hard. The decks today are way too fast and reaps way too much advantage. However, amidst all these ridiculous strong decks, duelists who want to have fun can still exist. AlatoRider shall not bow down to the likes of firefist, and all the other new nonsenses that are threatening the existence of all duelists like us who just want to have fun. (NOTE: this deck is not competitive, just fun)

Introducing my new FIVE-XYZ deck:

Monsters (30):
[3] Cyber Dragon
[2] Vice Dragon
[3] Hieratic Dragon of Eset
[3] Mist Archfiend
[3] Oracle of the Sun
[2] Quickdraw Synchron
[3] Solar Wind Jammer
[3] THE Tricky
[2] Tragoedia
[3] Wind-Up Soldier
[3] Wind-Up Shark

Spells (10):
[3] Instant Fusion
[3] Mystical Space Typhoon
[1] Monster Reborn
[3] Forbidden Lance

Traps (0)

Extra Deck (15):
[1] Kamionwizard
[3] Ojamaknight
[1] Chimeratech Fortress Dragon
[1] Maestroke the Symphony Djinn
[1] Shark Fortress
[1] Adreus, Keeper of Armegeddon
[2] No. 61: Volcasaurus
[2] No. 12: Crimson Armor Ninja
[2] Tiras, Keeper of Genesis
[1] Digvorzhak, King of Heavy Industry

This deck pretty much relies on the Rank 5 exceeds. Summoning 2 level 5's in one turn is not a difficult task. We have those level 5 that can be special summoned when u have no monster and you opponent controls at least one monster. They are Cyber Dragon, Vice Dragon and Oracle of the Sun.

Of course, there are also those level 5's that can be normal summoned without tribute, which are namely Hieratic Dragon of Eset and Mist Archfiend.

The level 5's that can be special summoned by discarding one card are Quickdraw Synchron and THE Tricky. Level 4s that can become level 5 are Wind-Up Soldier and Wind-Up Shark. Wind-Up Shark, in particular can be special summoned when Wind-Up Soldier is normal summoned.

I had plenty of fun with this deck. Hope you will too. Thats all for today :)

Sunday, 17 February 2013

DuelNet's Cool Duelist of the Week #4

Its Monday again, in case anyone was wondering why I did not put up this post yesterday (Sunday), well it was because last week's DuelNet duels were disappointing. There was not anyone whom I felt deserving to be the cool duelist of the week.

However, luckily today I met a duelist who fit into this criteria. He was polite and friendly and started off with a warm "Good Luck!" instead of just the normal "gl" that we see too often. Although he's not a duelist whom I duelled against last week, I felt that he deserved to be on the 4th slot of this segment.

And it goes to MatthewCollinss!

Do duel with him sometimes. I'm sure that you will not regret it :)

Thursday, 14 February 2013

You say, I say Part 1: The Wind-Up Bicker

Howdy all of you out there! Welcome to yet another new segment by AlatoRider. This is a new segment dedicated to all the quarrels out there regarding which cards to ban/limit for specific decks. Through this panel of debate, we shall establish who is the real culprit (s) and who shall be let off the hook.

For our first court session today, we have a whopping 3 defendants who were arrested and charged on the basis of providing an unfair edge to the deck called Wind-Up. The opponents of the client of the defendants often find themselves in a situation that rendered them helpless, and after nothing seems to work against them, they decided to bring the case to a higher order.

A thorough investigation narrowed our search to 3 parties. They are Wind-Up Magician, Wind-Up Factory & Wind-Up Factory.

The first defendant, Wind-Up Magician:

P = prosecutor, M = Wind-Up Magician

P: Why do you think you are being charged in court today?
M: I believe that many people think I am able to flood the field with special summons once an Wind-Up effect has been triggered.

P: Do you think that your effect provides an unfair edge to the deck Wind-Ups?
M: I hardly doubt so, I only allow one special summon when I am face-up on the field. If you are thinking of linking me with Wind-Up Rat, then that is absurd because we need to summon another Wind-Up to use their effects after Rat summons me.

P: But do you agree that with 3 of yourselves, you are able to lead to an huge stream of summons?
M: Well...that is true....but....

P: Do you agree that with 3 of your presence, you would be able to provide an avenue to bring out the much dreaded Number 16: Shock Master?
M: I is....well..possible....but...

P: Do you agree that a first turn easy access to Number 16: Shock Master is able to cause significant disadvantage to your opponent?
M: That is true, but its not me causing this advantage!!

P: You are undoubtedly the source of this summon, do you beg to differ.
M: Yes, I do have the ability to result in this summon but..

P: There we have it. Your effect has caused a major shift in advantage-building.
M: This is ridiculous, you can't acc-...
P: I believe we should bring out the next defendant Your Honour.

The second defendant, Wind-Up Shark:

S = Wind-Up Shark

P: Why do you think you are being charged in court today?
S: I think I am the main cause of why Wind-Up Magician can bring about a stream of summons.

P: Do you think that you could be possibly charged for your level-changing skills?
S: Absolutely not. This ability of mine does not constitute the unfair edge rumors that have been going around.

P: Well then, do you think that 3 of yourselves would pose a threat to the balance in the Yu-Gi-Oh! community?
S: In all honest aspect, I have no idea. However, according to past experiences, I only found my ability to be at its peak whenever Wind-Up Magician is with me.

P: Are you trying to pin all the blame on Wind-Up Magician then. Do you not think that you would be able to lead to easy Exceed Summons, and when you combine with Wind-Up Factory, do you not find the effects devastating?
S: No! I am not trying to pin the blame on anyone. Just look at it from this angle. If I can combine with Factory for a string of Exceed Summons, it will be at probably two Exceed Summon per turn (3 if the monster summoned is Wind-Up Rat). I do not find myself a threat.

P: Your existence alone make the ability to Exceed Summon look cheap. I hardly think of you as innocent.
S: No, that is not true. Listen to me please..
P: Bring out the last defendant please.

The last defendant, Wind-Up Factory:

F = Wind-Up Factory

P: I'm asking this question for the 3rd time today. Why do you think you are being charged in court today?
F: Erm..I lead to massive hand advantage?

P: To be more exact, you help to supply Wind-Up Magician with Wind-Up Shark  as well as lead to insane hand sizes. Do you plead guilty to your charges?
F: Well, judging from what you just said, I believe that you have proved my innocence. The fault lies with Wind-Up Magician, not me.

P: What? Erm no...that wasn't what I meant..
F: What you mean is that my adding from deck to hand advantage is game-wrecking. If that is true, everybody else is also doing it. Firefist, mermails and even the new Harpies. Why aren't them getting arrested?

P: Thats not the point.What is impor-..
F: Thats exactly the point. The law is fair and just, if you want me to be punished for a crime committed by Wind-Up Magician and possibly Wind-Up Shark, you do not have a case to deal with me.

P: But it is your abili-..
S: Then do you need to arrest Real Madrid's Manager when it was Christiano Ronaldo that scored against Manchester United? Do you need to arrest Lance Armstrong's bicycle when it was Lance himself who did blood-doping? You need more justification if you want to charge me.

After a much difficult trial, the Judge has reached a decision. Based on the session, we have found Wind-Up Factory to be innocent of his charges as there was not enough justification to place him on the Forbidden/Limit list.

As for Wind-Up Magician and Wind-Up Shark, both were found guilty. Wind-Up Magician  shall be sentenced to the punishment of being limited to one.

As for Wind-Up Shark, as the court has realised that he is only recently released into OCG Japanese and OCG Korean, thus, considered a juvenile. The court shall not implement any punishment to him. Secondly, as the negative externalities generated by Wind-Up Shark stems from the ill effects of Wind-Up Magician, the court does not see any reason to punish both of them at the same time. Punishing one would suffice.

Therefore, the court has only chosen to punish Wind-Up Magician.

Court adjourned...

Saturday, 9 February 2013

DuelNet's Cool Duelist of the Week #3

The DuelNet's Cool Duelist of the 3rd week goes to.......wybee!

Despite making a wrong move by accidentally clicking on "End Turn" when he did not mean to, he was really cool about it and did not complain and whine like what other DuelNet's duelists would do.

I believe that duelist etiquette is really important and wybee has really demonstrated it. Do duel with him if you are looking for a good duelist to duel with!

Sunday, 3 February 2013

DuelNet's Cool Duelist of the Week #2

Its Sunday again! Once again, I am going to present AlatoRider's perception of DuelNet's Cool Duelist of the Week!

This week it goes to none other than........Mister972 !!!

Not only is he polite towards his opponents, he even allowed me to make a replay during a crucial moment in a rated duel. I believe his generosity is something that is lacking in duelists nowadays, and he should be given credits for it.

Duel with him sometime if you can!

Thats all for today!