Sunday, 20 January 2013

The Fun Theory Part 7: Bunch Of Harpies

After creating Duelist Pack Mai Valentine, I was interested to play Harpies myself, so I used DuelNet to start playtesting. Currently, this is the build that I feel very satisfied with, decklist below :)

Monsters (18):
[3] Harpie Channeler
[3] Harpie Queen
[2] Harpie Lady #1
[1] Cyber Harpie Lady
[2] Harpie's Pet Dragon
[3] Dragunity Darkspear
[2] Effect Veiler
[2] Summon Priest

Spells (15):
[1] Elegant Egotist
[3] Hysteric Sign
[3] Harpie's Hunting Ground
[2] Swallow's Nest
[1] Monster Reborn
[1] Dark Hole
[2] Mystical Space Typhoon
[1] Heavy Storm
[1] Book Of Moon

Traps (7):
[2] Icarus Attack
[1] Solemn Judgment
[2] Compulsory Evacuation Device
[1] Bottomless Trap Hole
[1] Solemn Warning

Extra (15):
[1] Vortex The Whirlwind
[1] Ancient Faerie Dragon
[1] Black Rose Dragon
[1] Dragunity Knight - Trident
[1] Stardust Dragon
[1] Trident Dragon
[1] Harpie's Pet Mirage Dragon
[1] Lightning Plover
[1] Daigusto Emeral
[1] Gagaga Gunman
[1] Gemknight Pearl
[1] Number 16: Ruler of Colour - Shock Ruler
[1] Number 50: Black Corn
[2] Number 11: Big Eye

After playtesting for a long while, this is the build which I feel most satisfied with. Like most Harpie decks that have been going around, my build also plays 3 copies of Harpie Channeler, Harpie Queen.

However, this build also incorporates Dragunity Darkspear, a long forgotten card:

Dragunity Darkspear
Level 3/ Wind/ Dragon/ Tuner/ Effect
Effect: Once per turn, you can Tribute 1 Dragon-Type "Dragunity" monster to select and Special Summon 1 Level 4 or lower Winged Beast-Type monster from your Graveyard.

With Dragunity Darkspear in the line-up, it is now easier to recycle Harpie Channeler. Furthermore, Dragunity Darkspear is also a tuner, and being a Dragunity monster as well, it can give its user access to several synchros.

1) Dragunity Darkspear + Channler OR Queen OR Harpie Lady = Dragunity Knight - Trident
2) Dragunity Darkspear + Harpie's Pet Dragon OR Dragunity Knight - Trident OR Ancient Faerie Dragon OR Black Rose Dragon = Trident Dragon

Dragunity Knight - Trident
Level 7/ Wind/ Dragon/ Synchro/ Effect
Effect: 1 Dragon-Type Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner Winged Beast-Type monsters
Once per turn, you can send up to 3 cards you control to the Graveyard to look at your opponent's Extra Deck and send an equal number of cards to the Graveyard.

Dragunity Knight - Trident helps to get rid of your Hysteric Signs to clear your opponent's extra deck of up to 3 cards. In the end phase, Hysteric Sign's effect will trigger, giving you 3 more cards. The same principle also works with Summon Priest.

When Summon Priest uses its effect to discard Hysteric Sign to special summon a monster, in the end phase, Hysteric Sign's effect will also trigger, giving you 3 more cards.

However, as many players may have noticed, Harpie decks will be extremely reliant on Harpie Channeler, which means that protecting Harpie Channeler is a must. Playing Swallow's Nest is useful for ensuring that Harpie's Channler effect can effectively resolve.

Scenario: Summon Harpie Channeler, activates effect. Opponent use Effect Veiler, chain Swallow's Nest so that the effect can resolve.

Other than that, Dragunity Darkspear is also effective to reborn Harpie Channeler as mentioned earlier.

Thats all for my intro to the new Harpie deck, please feel free to leave comments!


  1. Darkspear sounds nice, I'll try to fit in a Darkspear in my build.

    1. Yep Darkspear works really well. Glad that I have been of help :)