Saturday, 26 January 2013

DuelNet's Cool Duelist of the Week #1

I believe that many Yu-Gi-Oh! players would be farmiliar with the Dueling Network. It is an interactive online platform for us to test deck, play against one another, and just to know more duelists from around the world. If you have not started playing on Duelin Network yet, do get started now!

So anyway, back on today's topic, I'm sure that many Dueling Network players have come across their own share of rude and unfriendly players. However, there are also many players who are friendly and polite.

Therefore, I'm starting this new segment to credit polite and friendly duelists I have seen on Dueling Network each week. I will post on each Sunday, so do be sure to check out this duelists and play with them cause they are cool!

The first "DuelNet's Cool Duelist of the Week" goes to brokentier!

I played with brokentier earlier today and he was, by far, the most polite and friendly DuelNet player this week, so kudos to him. Remember to add him up and play with him!


  1. U should give a try to your readers, maybe posting ud DN account to paly with them.
    I wanna duel U.

    1. Haha my DN account name is AlatoRider as well.