Friday, 28 December 2012

End-of-Year Surprises

As 2012 draws to an end, lets see what Konami has in store for all duelists in preparation of 2013

OCG Japanese:

Jump Fiesta 2012 Promotional Pack (release: 22nd and 23rd Decemeber)

22nd Dec Pack Cardlist:

1) Haze Beast, Hippogriffo
2) Scared Beast of the Forest, Alpacaribu
3) Holy Spirit of the Forest, Eco
4) BF - Damascus the Polar Night

From left to right

5) Bright White Dragon, Wybuster
6) Kodomo Dragon
7) Fishborg Archer
8) Beast God Volcan
9) Sanctuary of the Spellcasters

23rd Dec Pack Cardlist:

1) Snowdust Dragon
2) Snow Dragon
3) Uminotaurus
4) Fishborg Launcher
5) BF - Damascus the Polar Night

From left to right

6) Darkness Dragon, Collapserpent
7) Fire Dance Long Sword
8) Nine-Snakes Peacock
9) Armor Kappa
10) Token Christmas

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OCG Korean:

Yu-Gi-Oh! Korea Winter Festival 2012

Promotional Cards:

EV12-KR007  Tragoedia  (Secret Rare)
EV12-KR008  Deep Sea Diva  (Secret Rare)
EV12-KR009  Wind-Up Magician  (Secret Rare)   -  first world-wide release of holo version!!
EV12-KR010  Card Trooper  (Secret Rare)

*Card Set Number is only speculation now

                                           Yes, we are coming in secret rare rarity soon!!

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