Sunday, 30 December 2012

Common-Haters, heres Bling Bling for you - Part 4

Wind-ups, wind-ups, wind-ups everywhere!!

So with the release of extra pack 2012, wind-ups have swept the shores of OCG land, bringing with them "Tour Guide", "Wind-Up Rabbit" and "Wind-Up Shark". With the arsenal set and ready, is it possible for Wind-ups to be bling bling as well?

Yes! Below is a decklist obtained from Shriek OCG which won 2nd place:

Lets see how this deck can be blinged!

Monsters (19):
[1] Sangan   (OCG Japanese Gold Rare) -   GS01-JP006
[3] Wind-Up Rat   (TCG English Super Rare) -   ORCS-EN023
[1] Wind-Up Hunter   (OCG Japanese Super Rare) -   PHSW-JP024
[3] Wind-Up Rabbit   (TCG English Secret Rare) -   PHSW-EN083
[2] Spirit Reaper   (OCG Japanese Gold Rare) -   GS02-JP004
[2] Tour Guide Of The Underworld   (OCG Japanese Ultra Rare) -   EP12-JP005
[1] Wind-Up Warrior   (TCG English Starfoil Rare) -   BP01-EN170
[3] Wind-Up Shark   (OCG Japanese Super Rare) -   EP12-JP033
[3] Wind-Up Magician   (OCG Korean Secret Rare) -   *set number unconfirmed yet*    EV12-KR009      

Spells  (12):
[1] Heavy Storm   (OCG Japanese Ultra Rare) -   BE02-JP068
[2] Pot Of Duality   (OCG Japanese Super Rare) -   DREV-JP062
[1] Monster Reborn   (OCG Japanese Ultra Rare) -   Volume 2, no set number
[1] Pot Of Avarice   (OCG Japanese Ultimate Rare) -    EEN-JP037
[1] Dark Hole   (OCG Japanese Ultra Rare) -   BE01-JP098
[3] Mystical Space Typhoon   (OCG Japanese Super Rare) -   BE01-JP027
[3] Wind-Up Factory   (TCG English Super Rare) -   GENF-EN054

Traps (9):
[2] Torrential Tribute   (OCG Japanese Ultra Parallel Rare) -   DL3-063
[2] Bottomless Trap Hole   (OCG Japanese Gold Rare) -   GS01-JP019
[2] Call Of The Haunted   (OCG Japanese Ultra Rare) -   BE01-JP069
[2] Solemn Warning   (TCG English Ultimate Rare) -   DREV-EN077
[1] Solemn Judgment   (OCG Japanese Ultra Rare) -   Volume 6, no set number

This deck can be fully blinged!!

Thats all for today's post!

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