Thursday, 9 August 2012

The Fun Theory Part 5: Arrive Rabbit

To all readers of my blog, I apologise that my blog has been slightly inactive nowadays. Due to university starting, I have lesser time to pay attention to my blog now, but I promose I will still continue to update this blog on a regular basis.

For today, I'm going to share a deck that has a hybrid of both OCG and TCG exclusives, as well as a card that has yet to be released. May I present, Arrive Rabbit!

Deck List:

Monsters (19):

[1] Elemental Hero Airman
[3] Elemental Hero Another Neos
[3] Elemental Hero Bubbleman
[3] Elemental Hero Sparkman
[3] Noble Knight Artorigus
[3] Noble Knight Gawayn
[3] Rescue Rabbit

Spells (21):

[3] A Hero Arrives
[1] Reinforcement Of The Army
[3] E - Emergency Call
[3] Cyclone
[3] Night Shot
[2] A Warrior Returning Alive
[3] Miracle Fusion
[1] Monster Reborn
[1] Heavy Storm
[1] Dark Hole

Traps (0)

Extra Deck (15):

[1] Elemental Hero Absolute Zero
[1] Elemental Hero Great Tornado
[3] Elemental Hero The Shining
[2] Heroic Champion Excalibur
[2] Blade Armor Ninja
[2] Number 16: Shock Ruler
[1] Inverz Roach
[1] Verz Ouroboros
[1] Gem-Knight Pearl
[1] Diagusto Emeral

This deck basically works on the same concept as Arrive Hero. However, this deck has more fun elements in the sense that it incorporates the rabbit engine and the new noble knights into this deck.
The elemental hero sparkman and the noble knight artorigus is basically there to fuel the effect of Rescue Rabbit so you can go into the rank 4 exceeds such as heroic champion excalibur and blade armor ninja. However, this can also be done with the normal hero engine.

The catch here is that this deck allows you to make rank 4s more easily without the reliance on elemental hero airman and the usual bubbleman descend. Instead, with just rescue rabbit, you can already special summon 2 copies of elemental hero sparkman or 2 copies of noble knight artorigus, the hero engine incorprated with the rabbit engine can give you the explosive opening!

And now, the main star of this deck is undoubtedly the new noble knight that has yet to be released. Noble Knight Gawayn

Card Name: Noble Knight Gawayn
Status: Unreleased
Card Set: REDU-EN000 (TCG exclusive)
Atrribute: Light
Type: Warrior
Stats: 1900/500
Effect: If you control a LIGHT Normal Monster, you can Special Summon this card (from your hand) in face-up Defense Position.

With this card, you would no longer need to rely on Elemental Hero Airman to get you the bubbleman to special summon so you can make rank 4s. Instead, now you can just summon any of the light type monsters and special summon this card from your hand. Note that elemental hero another neos also count as a normal monster on the field, so you special summon this card when you control elemental hero another neos.

The best part about Noble Knight Gawayn in this deck is that it even allows you to access Rank 4s that requires 3 level 4 monsters easily. Such rank 4s include Number 16: Shock Ruler and Verz Ouroboros. The method to do this is just to summon resuce rabbit, use its effect to special summon 2 sparkman or 2 artorigus from your deck, then special summon gawayn from your hand, then ta-da! you would have a shock ruler or ouroboros ready.

And now, lets touch on the hero aspect of this deck. The Arrive Hero engine does not change, utilising Elemental Hero Airman and Elemental Hero Bubbleman.

However, due to the large volume of monsters in this deck, it cannot use the hero engine to perform an OTK as easily as a normal Arrive Hero build. Instead, it focuses more on performing combos with the seperate engine, and then when the normal engine is unable to deliver the victory, you can fall back on cards such as A Hero Arrives or Miracle Fusion.

This deck can also work well with both engines combined! lets say you start off with a hero arrives into airman and search for bubbleman. At this stage, you have yet to normal summon, so you can normal summon resuce rabbit, go into 2 sparkman or 2 artorigus, and then special summon gawayn from your hand. then you can set everything, sp the bubbleman, and go make an excalibur and a shock ruler! If you have also a miracle fusion in hand, then it would be even worse for your opponent!

Furthermore, as this deck also follows the principles of arrive hero, you would have higher chances to draw into st removals due to 3 msts, 3 night shot and 1 heavy storm, so you would also be able to OTK with this deck as if you were playing an arrive hero deck!

Well, thats the end of my fun theory part 5, hope you guys can try out this deck and have as much fun as I had with it!

Signing off :)


  1. I tried this awesome deck!.(copy&paste)
    Against insektors without side & post-ban-list
    I think everything is perfect but... it is kinda inconsistent.
    Will try it my way with some traps... because in in-mortal stuff kills this deck.
    Thanks for posting this deck i had fun with it! :)

    1. no problem :) i'm glad that you had fun with this deck. and hope that your own build of this will be successful :)