Saturday, 4 August 2012

Konami loves Mystical Space Typhoon, seriously

Like what this blog post title says, Konami really loves Mystical Space Typhoon. From being a limited card, only allowed to demonstrate its windy effects once per duel unless it is granted special permission to re-enter by spell reclaimation, magical stone excavation, Mystical Space Typhoon has shown its utmost loyalty to Konami, earning enough favour to make its way to being semi-limited, before now being unlimited.

But recently, I have discovered that Konami is secretly showering more love upon Mystical Space Typhoon, and muahahaha, I have decided to reveal Konami's secret affection for Mystical Space Typhoon in this post.

Have you ever thought that a card would exist in all forms of rarity? If you run it through the top of your head, you would think of Blue-Eyes White Dragon straightaway. And Blue-Eyes does triumph, and it is only missing the common parallel rare & starholo foil versions. But with only 2 rarities missing, Blue-Eyes is not the winner, because Mystical Space Typhoon is the ultimate winner with only one rarity missing!

And lets reveal Konami's secret plan on total dominance with Mystical Space Typhoon!

Common - too many to list lol
Rare - DL1-036
Super Rare - BE1-JP031
Ultra Rare - SRL-EN047
Common Parallel Rare - PC1-005
Ultra Parallel Rare - HL2-EN002
Gold Rare - GS01-JP011
Ghost Rare - GLD5-EN038
Star holofoil - BP01-EN068
Secret Rare - SRL-KRPR2

As we can all see, whats missing is only the ultimate rare version. Conspiracy detected!
I guess its safe to assume that we can be expecting an ultimate rare Mystical Space Typhoon in the future :)


  1. Limit it again!!!
    ...just bcause i dont have any foil at the moment.

  2. haha i'm sure there mystical space typhoon will continue to be reprinted and you would soon be able to get your hands on one :)