Sunday, 26 August 2012

A Short Update

Hi everyone! First week of my new life in university is over and I must say that it is a pretty crazy week, therefore I have not had the time to update my blog.

First thing first, regarding the contest, I'm afraid that due to the low number of responses that I received, the contest will be cancelled :(
But lets look at the answers for the questions:

Qns 1: Jinzo

Qns 2: any of the below 4
1) Card Blocker
2) Card Ejector
3) Card Trooper
4) Cross Porter
5) Goblin Calligrapher
6) Karakuri Barrel Mdl 96 "Shinkuro"
7) Kozaky
8) Oilman
9) Pot The Trick
10) Power Supplier
11) Unifrog
12) Vylon Sphere

Qns 3: Light & Divine (many people forgot that divine is already a legal attribute)

anyway, with the new september 2012 format kicking into effect in a few days time, many peopl are rushing with the testing of their new decks. Unfortunately for me, I don't have that much time to be doing play-testing since university work is rather heavy. However, I have played a couple of matches with Agentzectors and it has been playing it out quite fine.

Decklist as below:

Monsters (24):

[2] The Agent Of Mystery - Earth
[1] The Agent Of Miracles - Jupiter
[3] The Agent Of Creation - Venus
[3] Mystical Shine Ball
[3] Master Hyperion
[1] Inzektor Dragonfly
[3] Inzektor Centipede
[1] Inzektor Hornet
[3] Inzektor Ladybug
[1] Black Luster Soldier - Envoy Of The Beginning
[2] Tour Guide Of The Underworld
[1] Sangan

Spells (10):

[3] Insect Imitation
[2] Pot Of Duality
[1] Monster Reborn
[1] Dark Hole
[1] Heavy Storm
[2] Mystical Space Typhoon

Traps (6):

[2] Torrential Tribute
[1] Solemn Judgment
[1] Bottomless Trap Hole
[2] Call Of The Haunted

Extra (15):

[1] Armory Arm
[1] A.O.J Catastor
[1] Stardust Dragon
[1] Scrap Dragon
[1] Gachi Gachi Gantetsu
[1] Daigusto Phoenix
[1] Wind-Up Zenmaines
[1] Number 17: Leviathan Dragon
[1] Number 50: Black Corn
[1] Numer 12: Crimson Arm Ninja
[1] Tiras, Keeper Of Genesis
[1] Number 61: Volcasaurus
[1] Inzektor Exa-Stag
[1] Photon Streak Bouncer
[1] Thunderclap Giant, Gaia Dragoon

I have not really tweaked this deck yet since I have not played many games with it yet, so please do try it out and let me know of any improvements I can make to this deck.

Thats all for today, bye :)

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Banlist Talk + Contest Dateline Extension

As September draws closer, we are yet again another day closer to receiving the actual banlist from konami. While there have been many speculations revolving around this upcoming new banlist, and of course, the many "convincing" fake banlist that have been going around (E-Hero Electrum banned anyone?), one banlist on the net have certainly caught the eye of most duelists and have been believed to be the true September banlist.

If you have yet to feast your eyes upon the highly discussed banlist provided by dueling days , then take a look below for it.


Brionac, Dragon Of The Ice Barrier
Future Fusion


Chaos Sorcerer
Evigiski Gustkraken
Inzektor Dragonfly
Inzektor Hornet
Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon
Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity
Ultimate Offering


Agent Of Mystery - Earth
Blackwing - Kalut The Moonshadow
Debris Dragon
Rescue Rabbit
Tourguide Of The Underworld
A Hero Lives
E - Emergency Call
Hieratic Seal Of Convocation
Pot Of Duality
Mirror Force


Necro Gardna
Destiny Draw
Emergency Teleport
Level Limit - Area B
Swords Of Revealing Lights
Magic Cylinder

Reviewing through this list, my general thoughts of it was that if this list was real, then it would be the best list I have seen from Konami in quite some time. Their decision to impose the banhammer upon Brionac was expected as Brionac can really create insane loops and this is the kind of combo that we, as players, always dislike.

Future Fusion's banning was also expected, due to the instant dumping of 5 dragons into the grave for Chaos Dragons, though I still wish that it was F.G.D that was banned instead.

Chaos Sorcerer is probably banned because it fuels the Chaos Dragon engine too much, fueling the effect of Eclipse Wyvern. The limiting of Evigiski Gustkraken is also a good move by Konami, because sending back one card from your opponent's hand is always good to reduce their advantage, and furthermore you would know which card you sent back plus you would even know one of the cards in your opponent's hand after this.

Inzektor Dragonfly being limited is also expected, though many players were speculating whether it would be Dragonfly or Centipede who would face the wrath of Konami's banlist. Inzektor Hornet being limited though, was a bit unnecessary in my opinion because the main aspect of Inzektor decks is its ability to perform loops, and hitting either Dragonfly or Centipede would be well enough to curb this problem.

Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon is probably a plan of Konami to perform a one-stone-two-bird move, to curb the problem of Chaos Dragons as well as that of Hieratics. As both has OTKs that revolve around the usage of this powerful dragon, instead of hitting Lightpulsar Dragon and Hieratic Dragon King Of Atum, it would be better to just hit one common card from this two decks instead of one card from each deck, and the sacrifice in this battle, would of course, be Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon.

Spore is probably brought back because Konami decided to stop promoting exceed monsters. Well, I never thought that Spore was good enough to be banned anyway, Glow-Up Bulb was banworthy, but not Spore, so I would welcome back Spore with open arms lol.

Tsukuyomi should have already came back last format in my opinion. In the current era where flip effect monsters don't dominate the majority of the meta scene, Tsukuyomi's past abilities have already been reduced greatly. Flipping down a Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter or Gravekeeper Spy is always nice, flipping down an opponent's monster so that you can run over it is also nice, but these scenarios can no longer justify the banning of Tsukuyomi. So if this list was real, Tsukuyomi would certainly be welcomed by the majority of players.

Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity's limiting is also a good move in my opinion, because by limiting Zenmaity, it would be much harder for a Wind-Up player to discard the whole hand, and even with Daigusto Emeral or Pot Of Avarice, Zenmaity's effect would still be only used once more. So limiting Zenmaity to save Wind-Up Hunter from the banhammer is a reasonable move.

Ultimate Offering is just too strong in Gadget decks and I certainly welcome this move by Konami to limit it, because semi-limiting it still does not make it too difficult for a Machina Gadget player to pull this card out of the deck. We have to remember that Machina Gadget decks can thin their decks at a fast rate, with Gadgets having the ability to search out one another and Gearframe to search out Fortress, and also Geargiganto X to search yet another card from deck. Therefore, leaving this card at 2 just does not make it challenging enough for a Machina Gadget player to pull off his/her stunts, so limiting it is a good choice.

Agent Of Mystery - Earth, Kalut and Debris Dragon was probably brought back to 2 to revive decks that were already dead, because they simply don't do enough to cause inbalanced play in the current format. so the moving of these cards from 1 to 2 will not cause a great deal to the player community.

Rescue Rabbit being brought to 2 is much better to being brought to 1 because bringing it down to 2 would already greatly reduce the probability of drawing it in the first turn, and face it, its always the first turn laggia plus multiple backrows that kills us. However, I still think that with Rabbit brought to 2, Tourguide must be brought to 1, because the ability to special summon Sangan means having the ability to search out the Rabbit quickly, and if such combos can always be pulled off because running two rabbits and running two tourguides makes it easy to draw either one in the starting hand, then it would be pointless to semi-limit either of them. However, semi-limiting Tourguide is probably being done so to avoid poor sales for Extra Pack 5 thats coming out soon and we must understand Konami's plight.

A Hero Lives and E - Emergency Call being semi-limited is also well-justified because Arrive Heroes can simply OTK too easy with these searcher cards. However, I do feel that E - Emergency Call should be limited instead of just being semi-limited because it is essentially a Reinforcement Of The Army in every aspect in a HERO deck.

Hieratic seal Of Convocation being semi-limited is also a great move bcause searcher cards always make combo-oriented decks happy, because it gives you the right pieces to do the combos, and such tactics just ain't going to promote the image of yugioh as a luck-free game.

Pot Of Duality being semi-limited is probably going to be the same reason as searcher cards being limited/semi-limited, it is to stop players from getting the correct combo pieces too easily. However, I still feel that Pot Of Duality being semi-limited is a little unncessary because this card is still pretty balanced in my opinion in the sense that your opponent can deduce what cards you have/don't have in your hand by seeing the cards that are sent back.

Reasoning being brought back to 2 is probably for the same reasons as earth, Kalut and Debris, because Reasoning at 2 while monster gate stays at one is still not going to make DDT decks significantly faster and it would probably not affect the meta in an inbalanced way, so bringing it back to 2 is no harm done.

The good thing about Mirror Force being back to 2 is the same as Wesley's idea on Torrential Tribute, because these cards can punish bad players on their rushed moves, and it blocks aggressive OTKs from players who think they can rush their way to victory in yugioh.

I won't touch on the unlimited cards because its preety obvious that they are being unlimited because of their inability to shift the meta anymore :)

If this list is real, I would probably like it (except the future fusion part of course) because I can then start acquiring these cards for my collection a lower price!

I really like Heiratic Dragon Of Tefnuit because its OCG name sounds like Tiffany lol.

And lastly, before ending my post today, I would like to extend my contest deadline to the following Thursday, 23rd August 2012, 8pm Singapore time, GMT+8

This is due to low participation rate in the contest and I would really like to give out these sleeves.
So get your friends to participate in the contest as well XD Please refer to my previous post for contest questions and details if you are unsure of it thanks.

Signing off :)

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Goodbye + Contest

Congratulations to Wesley for winning 4th at Worlds this year! You have really done our country proud!

Next I'll comment a little about the good stuff about this year's Worlds.

Firstly, I would like to say that this year's Worlds was very well-organised for both the players and the public (as what I can deduce from DS's photos from Worlds), the new Ustream thingy was a major plus point as we can see some dueling actions live, and I must say that I really like some of the side-events that they have this year.

Secondly, I also like the fact this year's Worlds have once again been won by an OCG country, and as OCG'ers, I'm sure that from whatever country we come from, everyone will be proud of this OCG victory.

Thirdly, the implementation of the Dragon Duel Championships was also a huge step ahead in moulding the future expert class players of yugioh, and though USA and Mexico fell short of the finals, I would like to express this comment to them if they would know, that you kids are really amazing to make it this far and there is nothing you should be ashamed or sad about. I'm sure that you guys would become the future pros of USA and Mexico!

Fourthly, the staff involved was also exceptionally professional, from wearing suits to the top-class commentary from the hard-working commentators (Japanese and English alike)

And next, some stuff that I didn't like.

Firstly, its about those online keyboard-heroes. It shows once again that people would complain about anything. When the Ustream first started and the commentaries were all in Japanese, there were tons of complainers on the forums bitching about why the commentaries were in Japanese and not English, and even to the extent to laughing at the female commentator use of repeated phrases. THIS EVENT IS HELD IN JAPAN! WHATS WRONG WITH THE COMMENTARIES IN JAPANESE! ITS ALREADY GOOD ENOUGH THAT THEY HIRED COMMENTATORS TO COMMENT ON THE MATCH, IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT, JUST MUTE THE VIDEO!!  The caps basically tells my attitude towards these people who would spend the whole day complaining non-stop. The world doesn't revolve around you.

Secondly, I really don't like it that USA gets to send 6 reps to Worlds, I understand that it is done via North America Qualifiers. But anybody would know that USA has the majority of the player pool in this qualifying championships and would most probably get most of the slots. This seems to me to be a conspiracy to send more American reps to Worlds. Please do not compare USA to Japan, because this game started in Japan and its only logical that the game originators will choose to send more reps to Worlds. To me, 4 USA reps like the previous years seems to be just enough as they have a large player pool. Having a north America qualifers seems to be just stepping upon Canada to send more American reps. What I propose is that USA does the same as previous years, sending 4 reps and letting the other North America countries join the Central Americas qualifiers and give Central America 3 slots instead of the usual 1 slot. This only seems fair to them.

Ok, and I'm pretty much done with commenting on Worlds, next up to explain about my post title, I am leaving the game temporary for the next 1 year plus to focus on my studies. However, I would still play yugioh on DN and keep up with the meta and continue blogging, just that I would be leaving the real life game scene.

This will be the first time that I'm taking such a long absence from this game and I would like to thank the many influences that I had, my friends who always gave me tips and advices, the players who were always generous in their trades, and also the amazing bloggers out there. I really enjoy the blog posts that you guys put up, such as K'yde from Digital Mortal, Baha and DS from dueling days, Eustace from Team Ygo Noobs, Mike from dueling legacy, LFN, Keith, Team insane tech yugioh & many more.

And such, before I go for this year-long break, I would like to host a contest. Just answer the 3 questions that I will be posting below, and one lucky winner will get to win these sleeves!

Lol actually I won these sleeves in a lucky draw today but its still a nice contest prize to give out XD
Furthermore, you would not need to pay for shipping, I would ship these to you for free if you are the lucky one chosen!
However, one condition is that I must receive more than 30 entries for this contest before the closing date, if not the contest would be invalid ( so get your friends to join as well!)

Alright, so the contest details are as follows, email your 3 answers to my contest email below:

1) your name
2) your country
3) blogs (if applicable, so I can link you up)
4) the 3 answers to the questions.

NOTE THAT THIS CONTEST WILL END ON THURSDAY (16TH AUGUST 2012) - 8pm Singapore time, GMT +8.00 hrs
The winner will be notified via email and then the winner would just need to reply back with your address and I would send out the prize.
The winner would be announced on my blog on the next post after 16th August 2012.
Time Extension for this contest's deadline till next Thursday 23rd August, pls refer to my newest blog post for more details.

And below are the questions,

Question 1: which card does the following partial image belong to (hint: one of my favourite cards)

Question 2: List 4 monsters which has the same attack/defense stats as stated below

Question 3: Which monster attributes would be able to destroy F.G.D (Five-Headed Dragon) in battle?

Submit yours answers to the email provided and if there is more than 30 entries, one lucky winner (with all correct answers) will be chosen to be the owner of this pack of sleeves! So get your friends to join as well.

NOTE THAT THIS CONTEST WILL END ON THURSDAY (16TH AUGUST 2012) - 8pm Singapore time, GMT +8.00 hrs
The winner will be notified via email and then the winner would just need to reply back with your address and I would send out the prize.
The winner would be announced on my blog on the next post after 16th August 2012.
Time Extension for this contest's deadline till next Thursday 23rd August, pls refer to my newest blog post for more details.

That is all for today, signing off :)

Thursday, 9 August 2012

The Fun Theory Part 5: Arrive Rabbit

To all readers of my blog, I apologise that my blog has been slightly inactive nowadays. Due to university starting, I have lesser time to pay attention to my blog now, but I promose I will still continue to update this blog on a regular basis.

For today, I'm going to share a deck that has a hybrid of both OCG and TCG exclusives, as well as a card that has yet to be released. May I present, Arrive Rabbit!

Deck List:

Monsters (19):

[1] Elemental Hero Airman
[3] Elemental Hero Another Neos
[3] Elemental Hero Bubbleman
[3] Elemental Hero Sparkman
[3] Noble Knight Artorigus
[3] Noble Knight Gawayn
[3] Rescue Rabbit

Spells (21):

[3] A Hero Arrives
[1] Reinforcement Of The Army
[3] E - Emergency Call
[3] Cyclone
[3] Night Shot
[2] A Warrior Returning Alive
[3] Miracle Fusion
[1] Monster Reborn
[1] Heavy Storm
[1] Dark Hole

Traps (0)

Extra Deck (15):

[1] Elemental Hero Absolute Zero
[1] Elemental Hero Great Tornado
[3] Elemental Hero The Shining
[2] Heroic Champion Excalibur
[2] Blade Armor Ninja
[2] Number 16: Shock Ruler
[1] Inverz Roach
[1] Verz Ouroboros
[1] Gem-Knight Pearl
[1] Diagusto Emeral

This deck basically works on the same concept as Arrive Hero. However, this deck has more fun elements in the sense that it incorporates the rabbit engine and the new noble knights into this deck.
The elemental hero sparkman and the noble knight artorigus is basically there to fuel the effect of Rescue Rabbit so you can go into the rank 4 exceeds such as heroic champion excalibur and blade armor ninja. However, this can also be done with the normal hero engine.

The catch here is that this deck allows you to make rank 4s more easily without the reliance on elemental hero airman and the usual bubbleman descend. Instead, with just rescue rabbit, you can already special summon 2 copies of elemental hero sparkman or 2 copies of noble knight artorigus, the hero engine incorprated with the rabbit engine can give you the explosive opening!

And now, the main star of this deck is undoubtedly the new noble knight that has yet to be released. Noble Knight Gawayn

Card Name: Noble Knight Gawayn
Status: Unreleased
Card Set: REDU-EN000 (TCG exclusive)
Atrribute: Light
Type: Warrior
Stats: 1900/500
Effect: If you control a LIGHT Normal Monster, you can Special Summon this card (from your hand) in face-up Defense Position.

With this card, you would no longer need to rely on Elemental Hero Airman to get you the bubbleman to special summon so you can make rank 4s. Instead, now you can just summon any of the light type monsters and special summon this card from your hand. Note that elemental hero another neos also count as a normal monster on the field, so you special summon this card when you control elemental hero another neos.

The best part about Noble Knight Gawayn in this deck is that it even allows you to access Rank 4s that requires 3 level 4 monsters easily. Such rank 4s include Number 16: Shock Ruler and Verz Ouroboros. The method to do this is just to summon resuce rabbit, use its effect to special summon 2 sparkman or 2 artorigus from your deck, then special summon gawayn from your hand, then ta-da! you would have a shock ruler or ouroboros ready.

And now, lets touch on the hero aspect of this deck. The Arrive Hero engine does not change, utilising Elemental Hero Airman and Elemental Hero Bubbleman.

However, due to the large volume of monsters in this deck, it cannot use the hero engine to perform an OTK as easily as a normal Arrive Hero build. Instead, it focuses more on performing combos with the seperate engine, and then when the normal engine is unable to deliver the victory, you can fall back on cards such as A Hero Arrives or Miracle Fusion.

This deck can also work well with both engines combined! lets say you start off with a hero arrives into airman and search for bubbleman. At this stage, you have yet to normal summon, so you can normal summon resuce rabbit, go into 2 sparkman or 2 artorigus, and then special summon gawayn from your hand. then you can set everything, sp the bubbleman, and go make an excalibur and a shock ruler! If you have also a miracle fusion in hand, then it would be even worse for your opponent!

Furthermore, as this deck also follows the principles of arrive hero, you would have higher chances to draw into st removals due to 3 msts, 3 night shot and 1 heavy storm, so you would also be able to OTK with this deck as if you were playing an arrive hero deck!

Well, thats the end of my fun theory part 5, hope you guys can try out this deck and have as much fun as I had with it!

Signing off :)

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Konami loves Mystical Space Typhoon, seriously

Like what this blog post title says, Konami really loves Mystical Space Typhoon. From being a limited card, only allowed to demonstrate its windy effects once per duel unless it is granted special permission to re-enter by spell reclaimation, magical stone excavation, Mystical Space Typhoon has shown its utmost loyalty to Konami, earning enough favour to make its way to being semi-limited, before now being unlimited.

But recently, I have discovered that Konami is secretly showering more love upon Mystical Space Typhoon, and muahahaha, I have decided to reveal Konami's secret affection for Mystical Space Typhoon in this post.

Have you ever thought that a card would exist in all forms of rarity? If you run it through the top of your head, you would think of Blue-Eyes White Dragon straightaway. And Blue-Eyes does triumph, and it is only missing the common parallel rare & starholo foil versions. But with only 2 rarities missing, Blue-Eyes is not the winner, because Mystical Space Typhoon is the ultimate winner with only one rarity missing!

And lets reveal Konami's secret plan on total dominance with Mystical Space Typhoon!

Common - too many to list lol
Rare - DL1-036
Super Rare - BE1-JP031
Ultra Rare - SRL-EN047
Common Parallel Rare - PC1-005
Ultra Parallel Rare - HL2-EN002
Gold Rare - GS01-JP011
Ghost Rare - GLD5-EN038
Star holofoil - BP01-EN068
Secret Rare - SRL-KRPR2

As we can all see, whats missing is only the ultimate rare version. Conspiracy detected!
I guess its safe to assume that we can be expecting an ultimate rare Mystical Space Typhoon in the future :)