Sunday, 22 July 2012

Interview with Mr FF

Learning from Digital Mortal's blog, I decided to conduct my own interview session as well. To be honest, choosing an interview target was not easy. However, with reference from the many blogs that are talking about the September banlist, I decided that my interview target should be one that is currently on top of everybody's list. So, may I introduce my first interview target, and it is none other than "Mr Future Fusion"!

Picture of Mr Future Fusion

Me: Hi, Mr Future Fusion. It is an honour to have you here on my first interview session. So, to get things started, can you tell us a little about yourself?

Mr FF: Well hello there, thanks for inviting me here for this interview, I was really looking forward to having an avenue to release my frustrations, hopefully I get the point carried across here today to everybody. Back to your question, I joined Yu-Gi-Oh! somewhere around May 2006, as part of team Power Of The Duelist. Upon joining this game, my potential was quickly recognised by duelists all around the world. Well, apparently this form of attraction was not that beneficial to me as Konami quickly took note of me and on September 2006, just 4 months after entering this game, I was drafted into the limited section of the forbidden list.

Me: Oh, so you were limited since September 2006, is there any reasons for this fast limitation just a couple of months after your release?

Mr FF: Yes indeed, my limitation back then was not based on my own strengths, but due to chimeratech overdragon and overload fusion. Back at those times, Ms Effect Veiler and Mr Solemn Warning was not present in the game yet, so using me to dump a crap load of machines into grave, then overloading for chimeratech overdragon was just too much for our opponents to take.

Me: I see, that makes sense for you to be limited then. However, after living in the limited section of the forbidden list for close to 6 years, recently there have been tons of calls for you to be relocated to the forbidden section of the banlist. Do you have any comments on that.

Mr FF: Yes, that is the main reason why I am here for the interview today. Firstly, I would like to make clear the point that I am not broken, but its mainly my ability to dump cards into the graveyard that allows those leeching thieves such as Lightpulsar Dragon and Miracle Fusion to abuse my ability and make me the scapegoat for it. Honestly speaking, I feel unjust if Konami was to move me to the forbidden section of the banlist this coming september because it is THEIR fault for creating cards such as F.G.D.

Me: So, you are basically pin-pointing the direction of these villians who made you the scapegoat towards Chaos Dragons and Arrive Heroes?

Mr FF: Yes, however, to be fair, I would like to leave out Arrive Heroes, because their fusion request sent in everytime is only 2 materials, and the only scumbag here is miracle fusion which I think should be limited to help save myself from the banhammer. Both of us limited together, thats fair isn't it?

Me: Erm yea, that seems legit. However, you were previously saying something about Chaos Dragons?...

Mr FF: Yea, Chaos Dragons is the one that is leading me to the path of banning. However, after working with them for quite some time, I find everyone alright, well, except for one scumbag.

Me: Who is it?

Mr FF: Its F.G.D. He's the one that forces me to dump 5 dragons into the grave so that the player who comes by and uses Chaos Dragons gets to abuse the deck. If F.G.D is banned in place of me, my contract with The Chaos Dragons would be instantly terminated and everyone will no longer scorn me or mock me for being the culprit that makes Chaos Dragons so strong. Heres a picture of that scumbag so that all of your readers out there can recognise him.

(Picture courtesy of Mr Future Fusion)

Me: Hold on a sec, but you know that F.G.D is not broken right?

Mr FF: Yes I know that, but Chaos Dragons is the reason why everyone is calling for me to be banned, and if my contract with them can be terminated, I can escape the banhammer and continue to serve those other decks that need me.

Me: So you are essentially saying that if F.G.D was sacrificed in place of you, it would be of a better cause as you only need to exclude yourself from serving Chaos Dragons but yet still continue to help many other decks out there?

Mr FF: Yes, banning F.G.D = chaos dragon problem of dumping dragons solved. On the other hand, banning me would = chaos dragon problem of dumping dragons solved but many other decks that need me will not be able to enjoy my strengths. Hope you guys see through the bigger picture.

Me: Thanks for the interesting interview today, although I'm sure Konami would not sacrifice F.G.D in place of you, but your points do make sense that F.G.D gone instead of you would better solve the problem. I hope that everything would work out for you.

Mr FF: Thanks for the concern, have fun all duelist!

And this concludes the interview with Mr Future Fusion, hope you guys all enjoy it.

PS: in case you have not realised by now, this interview is fake LOL.


  1. LOL! Looking forward to your next interview post.

    1. haha its not easy to get "these guys" for an interview cause they are busy with locals, casual playing, deck-testing, YCS, nationals, worlds, hiding in cupboard etc. but yea, maybe another interview soon :)

    2. You know if they were to ban FHD/FGD then people could switch to a Chaos Dragon - E Hero Hybrid that runs Divine Neos instead. Not sure if it would be as effective as regular chaos dragons but it would make summoning Pulsar a lot easier. I'm just saying...

    3. One thing for sure is that any chaos dragons deck that run many heroes and neo spacians just to support e hero divine neos is going to be very unstable. And they will probably pale in comparison to chaos dragons without future fusion. So these kind of hybrids just isn't worth it.

  2. Konami please im a TCG player and... im waiting a lot using mi arrive hero deck. PLEASE forgive Mr. FF. :P

    1. yes i'm sure Mr FF will hear your pleas haha.