Thursday, 12 July 2012

EXP5 & Yu-Gi-Oh! Horror Movie

With Extra Pack 5 set to be released on 13th October 2012, one can clearly see the ploy of Konami. This time round theres 6 Ultra Rare slots as compared to the previous Extra Packs which has only 2 Ultra Rare slots.

So this time round, it will be much harder to get everything from this set.
From this, we can see
6 Ultra Rare slots = you have to buy more boxes
you have to buy more boxes = you spend more money
you spend more money = konami earns more money

ok, diverting away from the useless ranting, the card list for EXP5 will probably be as follows and I will add in my predicted rarity of each card

EXP5-JP0?? - Reborn Tengu (Super Rare)
EXP5-JP0?? - Vampire Dragon
EXP5-JP0?? - Dodger Dragon (Rare)
EXP5-JP0?? - Mara Of The Nordic Alfar
EXP5-JP0?? - Tour Guide From the Underworld (Normal Rare)
EXP5-JP0?? - Psi-Beast (Rare)
EXP5-JP0?? - Gladiator Beast Essendarii (Ultra Rare)
EXP5-JP0?? - Gladiator Taming
EXP5-JP0?? - Full House
EXP5-JP0?? - Psychic Shockwave
EXP5-JP0?? - Xyz Veil (Rare)
EXP5-JP0?? - Sea Lancer
EXP5-JP0?? - Piercing Moray
EXP5-JP0?? - Lost Blue Breaker (Rare)
EXP5-JP0?? - Pain Painter
EXP5-JP0?? - Orient Dragon (Ultra Rare)
EXP5-JP0?? - Adreus, Keeper of Armageddon (Ultra Rare)
EXP5-JP0?? - Fish and Swamps
EXP5-JP0?? - Painful Return
EXP5-JP0?? - Smashing Horn (Rare)
EXP5-JP0?? - Alexandrite Dragon (Super Rare)
EXP5-JP0?? - Photon Sabre Tiger (Rare)
EXP5-JP0?? - Evolsaur Pelta
EXP5-JP0?? - Wind-Up Rabbit (Normal Rare)
EXP5-JP0?? - D-Boyz
EXP5-JP0?? - Latinum, Exarch of Dark World (Super Rare)
EXP5-JP0?? - Evolzar Dolkka (Ultra Rare)
EXP5-JP0?? - Wind-Up Zenmaines (Rare)
EXP5-JP0?? - Xyz Territory
EXP5-JP0?? - Dark Smog (Super Rare)
EXP5-JP0?? - Inzektor Axe - Zektahawk (Rare)
EXP5-JP0?? - Inzektor Hopper (Rare)
EXP5-JP0?? - Wind-Up Shark (Super Rare)
EXP5-JP0?? - Evoltile Najasho
EXP5-JP0?? - White Dragon Ninja (Rare)
EXP5-JP0?? - Interplanetarypurplythorny Dragon
EXP5-JP0?? - Tour Bus From The Underworld (Super Rare)
EXP5-JP0?? - Photon Trident
EXP5-JP0?? - Evo-Instant
EXP5-JP0?? - Ninjitsu Art of Duplication
EXP5-JP0?? - Shadow Of The Six Samurai - Shien (Ultra Rare)
EXP5-JP0?? - The Seal of Orichalcos (Ultra Rare)

The abovie is what I predict roughly, and now also announcing the movie that will be co-released with EXP5 on the 13th of October

Ok, I did that cause I was bored lol.


  1. I wouldnt say Alexandrite dragon and Lost blue breaker be in the list due to it already being printed out :S

    1. lol zenmaines as well. but there are 42 slots in this set, so it only makes sense for them to reprint it in gold series again haha

    2. Oh yeah lol.
      But nice list and Quite some good guesses
      like normal rares and stuff. Scumbag Konami!

    3. haha thanks, yea i based it upon scumbag konami's mentality XD

  2. If Tour Guide is Normal Rare...I'd be rich mate! XD

    1. lol, i guessing u either have a lot of tcg copies or plan to buy many boxes? haha