Monday, 16 July 2012

Duelist Pack Corner 1: Duelist Pack Joey Wheeler

YES! Its finally here, Duelist Pack Joey Wheeler......Nah I'm just kidding lol. But since I had some time today, I decide to practise my paint skills by creating a fake duelist pack joey. Also while I'm on it, might as well create a fake card list right? LOL!

The fake Duelist Pack Joey that I created by using Paint:

And heres the fake card list I created to go with it XD

Includes 42 cards:
2 Secret Rare
5 Ultimate Rare
3 Ultra Rare
5 Super Rare
8 Rare
19 Common

DPJY-EN000 - Unity (Secret Rare)
DPJY-EN001 - Red-Eyes Black Dragon (Ultra Rare) (Alternate Art as seen in Booster Pack Cover)
DPJY-EN002 - Alligator's Sword
DPJY-EN003 - Baby Dragon (Super Rare)
DPJY-EN004 - Copycat (Ultra Rare)
DPJY-EN005 - Axe Raider
DPJY-EN006 - Flame Swordsman
DPJY-EN007 - Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon (Ultimate Rare)
DPJY-EN008 - Jinzo (Rare)
DPJY-EN009 - Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon
DPJY-EN010 - Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon
DPJY-EN011 - Jinzo Returner (Super Rare)
DPJY-EN012 - Malefic Red-Eyes Black Dragon (Rare)
DPJY-EN013 - Swordsman Of Landstar
DPJY-EN014 - Rocket Warrior (Rare)
DPJY-EN015 - Gilford The Lightning (Rare)
DPJY-EN016 - Gearfried The Iron Knight
DPJY-EN017 - Tiger Axe
DPJY-EN018 - Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon
DPJY-EN019 - Time Wizard (Ultimate Rare)
DPJY-EN020 - Red-Eyes B. Chick (Super Rare)
DPJY-EN021 - Panther Warrior
DPJY-EN022 - Red-Eyes Wyvern (Rare)
DPJY-EN023 - Thousand Dragon (Super Rare)
DPJY-EN024 - B. Skull Dragon
DPJY-EN025 - Scapegoat
DPJY-EN026 - Monster Rebon (Rare)
DPJY-EN027 - Shield & Sword (Super Rare)
DPJY-EN028 - Polymerization
DPJY-EN029 - Question
DPJY-EN030 - Graceful Dice (Rare)
DPJY-EN031 - Giant Trunade (Ultimate Rare)
DPJY-EN032 - Foolish Burial (Ultra Rare)
DPJY-EN033 - Mystical Space Typhoon (Ultimate Rare)
DPJY-EN034 - Metalmorph
DPJY-EN035 - Gamble
DPJY-EN036 - Magic Arm Shield
DPJY-EN037 - Graverobber
DPJY-EN038 - Skull Dice (Rare)
DPJY-EN039 - Bottomless Trap Hole (Ultimate Rare)
DPJY-EN040 - Kunai With Chain
DPJY-EN041 - Yu-Jo Friendship (Secret Rare)

Well thats the end for today's post, hope you guys like this fake pack :)

Final picture (don't you want to get your hand on this alternate artwork XD )


  1. I think konami should have printed a joey pack... with lots of werid and unnecessary cards!

    1. haha yea, but I don't care as long as they give me a holo jinzo returner lol.

  2. Wow so nice if only got Asia English Joey pack

    1. Haha yea. Not only for this fake pack, i hope that asia eng would come back for every pack :)