Saturday, 28 July 2012

2nd Interview: With Team W.L.C

After a much interesting interview with Mr Future Fusion a couple of days ago, I have yet been granted another interview session. This time I'm not just interviewing one person, not two, but three at one shot! May I now present our targets of interview today, Team We-Love-Carrots!

Heres a group photo of the three members of Team W.L.C

Me: Well hi there, thanks for granting my interview request. Lets start off by telling our viewers something about yourselves.

Mr Rescue Rabbit: Hi, its great to be here in Singapore. Something about myself? Well, all of us are relatively new to this game. I joined the game at about June last year, at the same time as Mr Evolzar Laggia beside me. We started off with Team Photon Shockwave, but quickly established our own Team We-Love-Carrots.

Mr Evolzar Dolkka: For me, I joined the game slightly later than my two buddies here. I joined around November last year, a couple of months later than the two of them.

Mr Evolzar Laggia: Although we are relatively new entrants to the game, our achievements cannot be overlooked. Since our team debut, we had managed to top a significant amount of YCS, as well as National Championships, and although it will be hard, we are also looking forward to conquering Worlds next month as well.

Me: Wow, thats some high ambition you guys have there...

(I was abruptly interrupted at this moment by Mr Evolzar Dolkka)

Mr Evolzar Dolkka: Just to clarify though, I will not be joining Worlds this year as I have yet to master the languages of Japanese and Korean, so unlike my other two buddies, I will definitely be absent from Worlds.

Me: I see, I hope you master these languages soon then. Anyway, back on topic, there have been some calls for Mr Rescue Rabbit here to be limited, and some even say banned. What opinions do you guys have on this?

Mr Rescue Rabbit: I, for one, don't feel that I'm banworthy. I am not that broken, besides, I have asked my elder sister, Ms Rescue Cat, about life in the banlist, and she said that it is simply horrible. I'm sure many of your viewers out there will know who she is.

Me: What about limitation? Do you think that you ought to be limited.

Mr Rescue Rabbit: Semi-limited yes, limited no. I feel that the best way to reduce the dominance of our team is to reduce the chances of the player utilising us to draw into me, and semi-limiting alone would fufill this cause. Limiting me would be way too harsh to achieve this goal.

Mr Evolzar Laggia: Besides, its not opening with multiple copies of Mr Rescue Rabbit thats make the deck so powerful, its the ability to use Leviar The Sea Dragon to bring back Mr Rescue Rabbit that has make Mr Rescue Rabbit abuse so easy.

Me: So are you guys blaming it on Mr Leviar The Sea Dragon now?

Mr Evolzar Dolkka: No, we do not blame Mr Leviar at all. Instead, we blame the root of this problem, and its none other than Ms Tour Guide Of The Underworld.

Me: Ms Tour Guide? You mean the broken little girl?

Mr Rescue Rabbit: Yes, its her indeed, 3 copies of me and 3 copies of her + that pesky little Mr Sangan has left our team so heavily abused. It does not matter if you draw into just one copy of me, you just need to draw into Ms Tour Guide to bring me back again and Mr Evolzar Laggia and Mr Evolzar Dolkka can all make their appearances.

Me: So what is your proposed solution to this problem? I mean surely one side has to take the blame right?

Mr Evolzar Dolkka: Rather than just one side taking the blame, our team recognises the fact that it take 2 hands to clap, and leaving our team with 3 copies of Mr Rescue Rabbit is still way too good.

Mr Evolzar Laggia: So instead, what we propose is the semi-limiting of Mr Rescue Rabbit and the limiting of Ms Tour Guide.

Mr Rescue Rabbit: Yes, that will make both of us not easy to draw into, and reduce the ability of exceed abuse.

Me: So final verdict from Team W.L.C is Mr Rescue Rabbit to 2, and Ms Broken Little Girl to 1?

Mr Rescue Rabbit: Yes, that is what we think is the best solution.

Me: Alright, thanks for granting me an interview today, although it will be hard for you guys to win in Worlds which will most probably be dominated by Inzektors, I still wish you guys all the best.

Team W.L.C: Thanks!


  1. I don't think the best solution is limiting Ms Tour guide, semi-limiting maybe.

    1. well opinions differ i guess. for me, TGU @ 1 + sangan @ 1 is the best.