Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The 2012 Yu-Gi-Oh! 7 Wonders Of The World

With all the WCQs around the world about to complete, there were several decks that caught my eye, not that they were strong, but due to the fact that they were able to accomplish a high achievement with several of the most under-represented decks or with some of the most unique tech.

And they form the 7 wonders of yugioh in my opinion, lets take a look.

Note: The decks and countries are randomly arranged, and the position does not indicate a ranking.

1st Wonder: Helio Babo (Portugal National Champion) - Final Countdown

First of all, Final Countdown decks have done reasonably well, winning 3 nationals in TCG-land this year (however none qualified for Worlds this year). That being said, although Santiago Vera of Argentina & August Kaufmann of Denmark have also won their respective Nationals with Final Countdown decks, I chose Helio's deck to be one of the 7 wonders of yugioh this year due to his daring build.

Unlike other Final Countdown decks that have been springing up recently, Helio chose not to run any Battle Faders or Metaions. Instead, he only ran 3 Swift Scarecrow and a trap-heavy build that focuses on drawing into the cards that skips/negate battle.

Helio chose the more aggressive Final Countdown buld, choosing not to wait for cards such as Battle Faders or Thunder Of Rulers. Instead, he decides to draw right into them, playing more draw-cards such as Reckless Greed, Legacy Of Yata-Garasu, Hope For Escape, Accumulated Fortune, Upstart Goblin & Pot Of Dualitys. These draw-enable cards took up 23 slots of his deck, which is more slots than other Final Countdown builds and gave him more choices in deciding his next move rather than hoping to draw into what he needs.

Overall, Helio has a clear idea on the direction that Final Countdown decks should be heading towards, and kudos to him for that. He most certainly deserve to be one of 7 wonders.

2nd Wonder: Gary Sham (Jamaica National Champion) - Hieratics

Although Hieratics is standing strong at the top of the meta in the OCG, the opposite can only be said for the TCG. While many TCGers have been blaming Hieratics' failure on the non-existence of Gustalph Max, Gary Sham has been placing his brains into good use, choosing to adapt the OCG variant of Hieratics, playing Wattail Dragon and Luster Dragon over Hieratic Seal Of The Sun Dragon Overlord.

This decision has led Gary Sham to be able to push Hieratics to win the Jamaican National Championship, and found success with Hieratics just like the OCG had.

Gary Sham is also the only National Champion this year to have achieve success with Hieratics (so far, as Japan has yet to reveal their winning lists), and for his grand success, he makes his way into the 7 wonders.

3rd Wonder: Alejandro Andres Aguiluz (Honduras National Champion) - Hero Beat

While Hero Beat has long cemented its place into the top tier decks, Alejandro's hero beat deck packs a different punch to it. Alejandro has drop a bubbleman in order to run a copy of Evocator Chevalier, the gemini monster which is of fire attribute and also standing at 1900 atk points just like elemental hero neos alius.

Alejandro's unique tech of Evocator Chevalier not only gives him another beatstick but also gives him the ability to go into Elemental Hero Nova Master with Miracle Fusion, and Nova Master will be able to help him get those free draws to increase his option of setting for the backrow or draw into Effect Veilers (for those annoying bugs).

Besides that, running a copy of Evocator Chevalier also decreases the chances of his gemini spark being dead draws, as he now has 4 targets for it besides the neos alius. Alejandro also opted to play only one copy of hero blast because that card can also be dead at times.

Furthermore, as Alejandro runs 15 traps in total, he only running a single copy of Starlight Road, presumbly to play upon mind games when he set many facedowns or do a summon flurry.

Alejandro's unique tech has served him well to win the Honduras Nationals this year, but unfortunately, just like Helio and Gary, is also missing out the chance to play in Worlds.

4th Wonder: Antonio Ripoll (Spain National Champion) - Machina Gadgets

Antonio is one of the 2 duelists this year to win Nationals this year with Machina Gadgets, the other being Uriel Cinesro of Nicaragua. While Antonio is running a very standard build of Machina Gadgets, his side-deck has served him well.

Antonio is running 2 copies of Jinzo in his side-deck (for people who know me, they will know that I'm obsessed with Jinzo =D ), and according to what Antonio says, the 2 side-decks Jinzos are there to counter against Final Countdown decks (to stop their annoying Threatening Roar, Thunder Of Ruler etc) and this has yet again, served him well in his semi-finals match against a Final Countdown deck.

Antonio is also siding 2 forbidden chalices against inzektors, a tech that I like very much. As Machina Fortress has very high attack points, giving the small inzektor monsters an additional 400 attack points to negate their effects does not hurt him very much, he also sides 2 copies of D.D crow to go with it.

Antonio also runs 2 copies of Tragoedia to counter against the big monsters deck such as Chaos Dragon. I think that siding Trags has served him better than maining them, and credits to him for that.

Therefore, with his well-built side-deck, showing that he's well-prepared for whatever match-up that he might face (and indeed, he did face up against what he has prepared for) and his siding of my deck-obsession Jinzo (ok jokes), I feel that Antonio does deserve a spot in the 7 wonders.

5th Wonder: Heo Seung Hwi (South Korea National Champion) - Gravekeepers

This year's South Korea Nationals is definitely a flashy affair as Heo Seung Hwi made the top cut with his gravekeepers. A semi-finals encounter with the nasty bugs Inzektors and a finals meeting with the much-dreaded Chaos Dragons did not faze Seung Hwi at all as he received the crown this year.

Gravekeepers is definitely a great weapon to use in the Top 4 as Inzektors would find themselves locked down and unable to equip from the graveyard. Add in a couple of veilers and it would render equipment from hand useless as well. This is all thanks to their boss card Necrovalley which prevents any effects that activate that affect the graveyard (Inzektors' effects do not target but still they would not be able to equip any Hornets or Ladybugs from the graveyard).

Necrovalley also gives Seung Hwi's gravekeepers an additional 500 attack and defense, which makes them bigger than the bugs, gives gravekeeper spy a big enough defense to prevent being run over by laggia etc.

Furthermore, as gravekeepers are all spellcasters, they do have an option to exceed into Alchemic Magician, which would allow them to search out their spell cards such as Gravekeepers stele or wonder wand faster.

In the finals match-up, Necrovalley would also be a useful weapon against Chaos Dragons as their Lightpulsar Dragon and Dark Flare Dragon would not be able to be special summoned from their hand as they would not be allowed to remove any cards from their graveyard. When Lightpulsar Dragon is sent to the graveyard, Necrovalley would also prevent it from special summoning any monsters. Red eyes darkness metal dragon would also find its effect restricted to only special summoning from the hand as necrovalley would prevent it from special summoning from the graveyard. Eclipse Wyvern, too will also be prevented from being banished, thus, unable to add back anything from the banished zone.

With a great deck choice for Nationals, Seung Hwi would be heading to Worlds this year representing South Korea.

DECK-LIST (as requested)
Source: The Destiny Of Pegasos Blog (its an amazing blog)

Main Deck:
[3] Gravekeeper Spy
[3] Gravekeeper Recruiter
[2] Gravekeeper Commandant
[2] Gravekeeper Descendent
[1] Malefic Stardust Dragon
[1] Sangan
[3] Effect Veiler

[3] Pot Of Duality
[3] Necrovalley
[2] Gravekeeper Stele
[1] Dark Hole
[1] Book Of Moon
[1] Heavy Storm
[1] Allure Of Darkness
[1] Wonder Wand

[3] Compulsory Evacuation Device
[1] Chain Disappearance
[2] Torrential Tribute
[2] Starlight Road
[1] Phoenix Wing Wind Blast
[2] Solemn Warning
[1] Solemn Judgment

Extra Deck:

[1] Wind-Up Zenmaines
[1] Gaia Dragon, The Thunder Charger
[1] CNo.39: Utopia Ray
[1] Maestroke, The Symphony Djinn
[2] No.39: Utopia
[1] No.30: Acid Golem Of Destruction
[1] Steelswarm Roach
[1] Chimeratech Fortress Dragon
[1] Armory Arm
[1] A.O.J Catastor
[3] Stardust Dragon
[1] Scrap Dragon


[1] Gravekeeper Guard
[2] Cyber Dragon
[2] Royal Tribute
[1] Soul Taker
[1] Mind Control
[2] Mystical Space Typhoon
[1] Skill Drain
[2] Bottomless Trap Hole
[2] Dimensional Prison
[1] Mirror Force

6th Wonder: Nicolas Petz (European WCQ Top 32) - Watts

Nicolas Petz, who hails from Germany, would certainly make his way into the 7 wonders of yugioh after he successfully piloted Watts to a Top 32 finish in the European World Championships Qualifers in Italy this year.

Although Nicolas was eventually eliminated by Italy's Meroni Luca who was piloting Inzektors in the round of 32, his incredible feat of making the top 64 cut with Watts out of a player field of more than 400 is one to be proud of, and it does represent a future hope for all Watts players.

For those who are unaware of how Watts works, it basically getting the 2 copies of Watthopper (image shown above) which would prevent all watts monsters from being attacked or targetted, then using monsters such as Wattgiraffe to attack their opponents directly. This strategy would prevent decks such as Chaos Dragons to attack through or Inzektors to blast them away (since it targets and Watthopper denies it).

Nicolas also plays dark bribe and the huge revolution is over (in some cases this card is better than starlight road because its a speed 3 card and can't be denied by solemn warning) to stop those non-targetting cards such as Dark Hole and Torrential Tribute as well as shining angel to search out those watthoppers as fast as possible.

Nicolas Petz certainly surprised the player field with one of the most under-represented deck this year and capitalised on this advantage to blast his way into the top 32 of the European WCQ.

7th Wonder: Alexander Trivedi (Finland National Champion) - Piper Chaos

Just as Nicolas Petz of Germany was running an under-represented deck in the form of Watts, Alexander Trivedi of Finland does not lose out in this aspect as well, piloting Piper Chaos to win the crown of Finland this year.

Although this is already the 4th time that Alexander has won the Finland Nationals, its still an incredible feat to achieve a National Championship win with Piper Chaos.

While Piper Chaos is a deck that requires a certain degree of luck (due to its huge amount of drawing), forming the deck itself to create a stable build is of the essence. Although Alexander's decklist has yet to be released, it goes without saying that he must have put in some hard work to create a build consistent enough to squeeze through the top tier decks to win.

Cards like Mystic Piper, Kinka-Byo, Effect Veiler as well as other Level 1 monsters (D.D Crow etc) would form the core of the deck while the chaos aspect, Chaos Sorcerer and BLS would form the attacking team. Synchro Summons are also possible with Veilers, Symphonic Warrior Basses etc.

That's the end of my long post today, hope you enjoy it.


  1. Dude i've been playing GK since a long time and cant find the decklist of the winnes of South korea, please can u post a link please? and also ur blog is great :P
    PD: i'm a mexican player.

    1. thanks for your comment, hope you will continue to enjoy my blog posts.

      As you've requested, I have posted the South Korea National Champion winning decklist in the main post, pls scroll up and take a look :)

  2. Lol, I dont see any "Alchemic Magician".

    1. oh alchemic magician was just my own idea haha. sorry if you misunderstood.

  3. would really love to see the piper chaos decklist :P

    1. Haha yea. But sadly nobody posted it up. Would appreciate it if someone post it though

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