Saturday, 30 June 2012 more? Part 3

It is now part 3 of my banned cards' revival discussion, and today the 2 cards that I will be discussing are Confiscation and Time Seal.

Lets start off with Confiscation!

Name: Confiscation
Category: Normal Spell
Effect: Pay 1000 Life Points. Look at your opponent's hand, select 1 card in it, and discard that card.
Image shown (above): SRL-K038 (Super Rare)

As we all know, Confiscation has already been banned for quite a long time now. Some feel that Confiscation ought to be back from the banlist due to a cost being imposed on the card effect, which in this case, refers to the user being required to pay 1000 lifepoints in order to activate Confiscation's effect.

This viewpoint is based upon Trap Dustshoot, which does not require any cost to activate its effect. It only requires the condition that your opponent has 4 or more cards in their hand in order to activate this card.

While this viewpoint may justify Confiscation's return, my general stand is NO. Confiscation is a card that must not come back to this game.

My reason for this stand is simple. Confiscation, just like Trap Dustshoot, while seemingly is a 1 for 1 card, does more than that. It allows you to know what other cards there are in your opponent's hand, and this advantage can help you to manipulate your plays for the next couple of turns.

Second reason, and perhaps the strongest reason, is that while Trap Dustshoot can only send back monster cards, Confiscation can discard any card, monster, spell or trap. That means you can possibly lose your monster reborn, solemn judgment or heavy storm to Confiscation. As we all know, once you lose cards like Heavy Storm, it will be equivalent to setting multiple cards without fear.

Next reason is the fact that Confiscation activates with a cost rather than a condition. While many may think that activating with a condition is much better than activating with a cost, it is not true in this case. Unlike Trap Dustshoot, Confiscation can be activated regardless of your opponent's handsize. This is a major problem in today's format where OTKs flourish and cards such as Swift Scarecrow is important.

Imagine a scenario whereby a player has an OTK field, and his/her opponent has only 1 or 2 cards in hand. In this situation, Trap Dustshoot cannot be activated, but if the player with the OTK activates Confiscation and rids his/her opponent's lone Swift Scarecrow, there is no way to fight back at all.

Furthermore, when Trap Dustshoot was legal, your opponent could always control his/her handsize to prevent a random Trap Dustshoot. However, for Confiscation, there are no precautions that one can take, it strikes out of the blue.

Last reason is the fact that Confiscation is a spell card, which gives it an edge over Trap Dustshoot in today's format. This is due to Mystical Space Typhoon being at 3, and thus, when your opponent sets Trap Dustshoot, there is a chance that you can hit it before he/she can activate it. However, for Confiscation, it can be activated from the hand, which then can only be stopped by cards such as Solemn Judgment which is definitely a minus.
And to end off my discussion on Confiscation, I would like to compare it with Mind Crush. Personally, I cannot agree with Mind Crush being semi-limited, I always felt that its a card that can only be at 1. However, mind crush, like Trap Dustshoot is a trap and prone to cards like Mystical Space Typhoon. Furthermore, Mind Crush may not necessary discard one card from your opponent's hand as you need to guess correctly one card first. However, it does the same function as allowing you to look at your opponent's hand. Therefore, my take is Confiscation at 0, Trap Dustshoot at 0 and Mind Crush at 1 instead of 2.

The next card that I will be discussing is Time Seal

Name: Time Seal
Category: Normal Trap
Effect: Skip the Draw Phase of your opponent's next turn.
Image shown (above): BP1-KR071 (Common)

Time Seal, just like Confiscation, has already been banned for a long time now. While cards like Confiscation, Delinquent Duo, Trap Dustshoot and Yata-Garasu, which have been the reasons why Time Seal has been receiving the axe, have all been banned, my general stand for this card is that its currently in the wrong format and should not be allowed to return.

The reason for this opinion is that our current format is really too messed up. As discussed above for Confiscation, OTKs are flying around, and cards like Swift Scarecrow is really important for the opponent to stay in the game after the OTK. Then from there, maybe they can topdraw something to turn the tables around. YES, note the fact that maybe they can topdraw something.

If Time Seal is back, it will really be too messed up to the extent that only one player is playing the game while the opponent is just looking. Player A does an OTK, player B discards a Swift Scarecrow to block it. Player A then activates his/her facedown Time Seal. Next turn player B can do nothing, GG from there.

This is not the kind of situation that we want. Even if it is not an OTK scenario, Time Seal is still too good. When a player draws to nothing playable on his/her first turn, and will need to topdraw for a chance to survive the next turn, he/she then gets it by a Time Seal. Well, granted that Time Seal is a 1 for 1 card, but stopping the opponent from drawing cards to make his/her dead hand playable is in a sense, generating advantage for yourself as you can then rush him/her for the game.

The next point is that Time Seal, unlike Drop Off and Drastic Drop Off, that only activates when your opponent draws a card, can be activated at any time. This means that a player can just set Time Seal and end his/her turn, then your opponent activates Mystical Space Typhoon on it and you chain it, skipping your opponent's next draw phrase.

This in a sense, is a 1 for 2, as you would have successfully baited out your opponent's Mystical Space Typhoon and at the same time, skipped his/her next draw phrase.

To conclue, I am sure that there are no disputes for Confiscation and Time Seal not coming back into the game.

Well, this is the end of part 3. I hope that you had a great read, and stay tune for part 4.
Signing off....

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