Thursday, 14 June 2012 more? Part 2

I finally had time to sit down today to do up on another blog post, and I shall do so on the second part of the banlist card revival.

1) Snatch Steal
Equip Spell
Effect: Equip only to a monster your opponent controls. Take control of the equipped monster. During each of your opponent's Standby Phases: They gain 1000 Life Points.

I am sure that many people would not have the same sentiments as me on this card, and would feel that snatch steal does not deserve the chance to taste freedom outside of the banlist. However, contrary to what most players believe, I feel that this card does have the potential to squeeze its way out of the banlist.

Firstly, to justify why this card was banned at the beginning, I feel that it is due to the same reasons as why Brain Control got banned. It leads to your opponents' OTKs that needed a boost on their side of their field. This boost comes from your field, your monster to be exact.

However, as similar as Snatch Steal is to Brain Control on this negative aspect, I feel that the current format does favour the chance of Snatch Steal making its grand return, and this chance comes from its ex-limited list buddy, Mystical Space Typhoon. 

To explain why Snatch Steal is able to re-surface with help from Mystical Space Typhoon, we must first make comparisons between Snatch Steal and Brain Control.

Negative impact of Snatch Steal compared to Brain Control in the current format:
It does not require the player to pay an initial cost of usage while Brain Control costs the player 800 lifepoints upon activation. Moreover, in this format, once you have taken your opponent's monster, you would either Exceed, Synchro or Tribute using it, making Snatch Steal work in a similar way to Change Of Heart.

Negative impact of Brain Control compared to Snatch Steal in the current format:
Once Brain Control is activated, there is probably only one card is every competitive players' deck that would be able to negate that activation, and it is Solemn Judgement. However, for the case of Snatch Steal, once activated, you would be able to negate its effect with Mystical Space Typhoon. This is due to Snatch Steal being an equip spell while Brain Control, on the other hand, is a normal spell card.

From the above points stated, I would say that Snatch Steal does deserve a chance to come back with Mystical Space Typhoon at 3.

However, as usual, this is just my personal opinion and is only meant as reference for the masses.

2) Yata-Garasu
Level 2/ Wind/ Fiend/ Spirit/ Effect/ 200/ 100
Effect: This card cannot be Special Summoned. This card returns to its owner's hand during the End Phase of the turn it is Normal Summoned or flipped face-up. When this card inflicts Battle Damage to your opponent, they skip their next Draw Phase.

Gone are the days of Chaos Emperor Dragon- Sangan- Yata Lock, and that crazy format is now behind us. So this should mean that Yata-Garasu should make its grand comeback to the format right?

NO! Absolutely no way should this be allowed to happen.

Yata-Garasu should still remain banned for the same reason as why it is banned in the first place. It is still able to link up with several cards to make unbalanced plays in today's format. In today's format, decks such as Inzectors, Hieroglyphs and Machina gadgets are able to make big plays in a single turn, resulting in possible OTKs with their mere handsize of 5.

However, ever since Asian Championships 2012, main-decked Swift scarecrow are on the rise, and with the above meta decks making OTKs in abundance, Swift Scarecrow is the card that can block out the OTK, and if the player has Dark Hole to follow up on the next turn, the flow of play might reverse as the players that attempted the OTK would have diminished their handsize, leaving them pretty much vulnerable to any attacks. However, with some decent top-decking, the flow of play might yet again, reverse.

But what if the card to follow up with dark hole is Yata-Garasu? This would mean that the opposing player will no longer have the chance to make another comeback, because Yata-Garasu would prevent him/her from drawing, and even with their remaining cards in hand, they might not be able to block out Yata-Garasu due to cards that can be played in 3s such as Mystical Space Typhoon to clear any backrows that might hinder Yata-Garasu or Cyber Dragon to take out any monsters that are summoned and Monster Reborn etc.

Ignoring such scenarios of link-up plays with Dark Hole, lets say for example, your opponent starts off bad with his starting hand, and would require his next draw to perform some decent plays. With such situations, you would be able to take advantage of your opponent's temporary weakness and control the game from there with Yata-Garasu as you would deprive him of the chance to draw his/her next card.

To sum up on today's discussion, my general thoughts are that Snatch Steal should deserve a chance to come off the list but Yata-Garasu still needs more time on the list.

Thats all for part 2, thanks for reading :)

PS: today's card images are all korean cards because Korea is simply amazing :)

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