Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Common-Haters, heres Bling Bling for you - Part 2

It has been a while, and now I am finally back from my korea trip. So to start it off, I will do up yet another bling bling post for foil-lovers.

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With the recent release of the TCG six sam deck, now six sam decks can reduce to their rare card count to only two types of cards in their decks, which is shown below.

True Six Samurai - Kageki  (Super Rare) - SDWA-EN018
Honorable Retiree Of The Six Samurai  (Super Rare) - SAAS-EN001
True Six Samurai - Enishi  (Super Rare) - STOR-JP021
True Six Samurai - Kizan  (Super Rare) - STOR-JP020
The Six Samurai - Irou  (Ultra Rare) - RYMP-EN093
The Six Samurai - Zanji  (Ultra Parallel Rare) - HL05-EN005
Grandmaster Of The Six Samurai  (Ultra Rare) - EXP1-JP001
Effect Veiler  (Super Rare) - DREV-JP003
Kagemusha Of The Six Samurai  (Secret Rare) - EV11-KR004

Heavy Storm  (Ultra Rare) - BE02-JP068
Shien's Smoke Signal  (Super Rare) - SDWA-EN030
Monster Reborn  (Ultra Rare) - Volume 2
Reinforcement Of The Army  (Super Rare) - BE02-JP116
Book Of Moon  (Super Rare) - BE02-JP190
Asceticism Of The Six Samurai  (Rare) - STOR-JP050
Six Samurai United  (Super Rare) - TU05-EN004
Gate Of The Six  (Super Rare) - EXP3-JP030

Bottomless Trap Hole  (Gold Rare) - GS01-JP019
Double-Edged Sword Technique  (Ultra Rare) - RYMP-EN112
Demon's Chain  (Super Rare) - ABPF-JP064
Solemn Warning  (Ultra Rare) - DREV-EN077
Solemn Judgment  (Ultra Rare) - Volume 6
Magatama Of Musakani  (Rare) - STOR-JP074

*This decklist is based off shriek OCG, so the choice of cards is not my opinion (i.e Six Sam Irou's place in this deck)

*highlighted in red are cards that are rare, and do not have a foil version

Well, thats the end of part 2 of the foil-lovers section. Please await the next post while forming your bling bling six samurai decks at the same time.

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