Monday, 18 June 2012

Common-Haters, heres Bling Bling for you - Part 1

I'm feeling totally random today, so I wanted to do up a post that I always felt like doing, to create a decklist that is deprived of common cards, and only contain rare and above. So heres the first post in my new segment "Common-Haters, heres Bling Bling for you".

And we'll start off our first post with hero beat!

Credits for decklist goes to

As can be seen above, the rarities are as follows:

Elemental Hero Bubbleman - Ultimate Rare
Elemental Hero Neos Alius - Super Rare
Elemental Hero Stratos - Ultra Rare
Book Of Moon - Gold Rare
Dark Hole - Super Rare
E - Emergency Call - Secret rare
Gemini Spark - Rare
Heavy Storm - Gold Rare
Miracle Fusion - Super Rare
Monster Reborn - Ultra Rare
Mystical Space Typhoon - Super Rare
Pot Of Duality - Super Rare
Reinforcement Of The Army - Gold Rare
Super Polymerization - Super Rare
The Warrior Returning Alive - Rare
Bottomless Trap Hole - Gold Rare
Compulsory Evacuation Device - Gold Rare
Hero Blast - Super Rare
Solemn Judgment - Ultra Rare
Solemn Warning - Ultra Rare
Starlight Road - Ultra Rare
Torrential Tribute - Ultra Rare

*in dueling days' blog, there was trap dustshoot, but due to it being banned now, I'll remove it for a 2nd copy of torrential tribute instead

There are only 4 cards that are rare, gemini spark and the warrior returning alive. but other than that, all cards have a foil variant.

Well, thats the end of part 1, I hope that you had a good read and start blinging out your decks. Will be back for part 2 soon!

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  1. How would you run this build, with the new Sept ban list?