Saturday, 30 June 2012 more? Part 3

It is now part 3 of my banned cards' revival discussion, and today the 2 cards that I will be discussing are Confiscation and Time Seal.

Lets start off with Confiscation!

Name: Confiscation
Category: Normal Spell
Effect: Pay 1000 Life Points. Look at your opponent's hand, select 1 card in it, and discard that card.
Image shown (above): SRL-K038 (Super Rare)

As we all know, Confiscation has already been banned for quite a long time now. Some feel that Confiscation ought to be back from the banlist due to a cost being imposed on the card effect, which in this case, refers to the user being required to pay 1000 lifepoints in order to activate Confiscation's effect.

This viewpoint is based upon Trap Dustshoot, which does not require any cost to activate its effect. It only requires the condition that your opponent has 4 or more cards in their hand in order to activate this card.

While this viewpoint may justify Confiscation's return, my general stand is NO. Confiscation is a card that must not come back to this game.

My reason for this stand is simple. Confiscation, just like Trap Dustshoot, while seemingly is a 1 for 1 card, does more than that. It allows you to know what other cards there are in your opponent's hand, and this advantage can help you to manipulate your plays for the next couple of turns.

Second reason, and perhaps the strongest reason, is that while Trap Dustshoot can only send back monster cards, Confiscation can discard any card, monster, spell or trap. That means you can possibly lose your monster reborn, solemn judgment or heavy storm to Confiscation. As we all know, once you lose cards like Heavy Storm, it will be equivalent to setting multiple cards without fear.

Next reason is the fact that Confiscation activates with a cost rather than a condition. While many may think that activating with a condition is much better than activating with a cost, it is not true in this case. Unlike Trap Dustshoot, Confiscation can be activated regardless of your opponent's handsize. This is a major problem in today's format where OTKs flourish and cards such as Swift Scarecrow is important.

Imagine a scenario whereby a player has an OTK field, and his/her opponent has only 1 or 2 cards in hand. In this situation, Trap Dustshoot cannot be activated, but if the player with the OTK activates Confiscation and rids his/her opponent's lone Swift Scarecrow, there is no way to fight back at all.

Furthermore, when Trap Dustshoot was legal, your opponent could always control his/her handsize to prevent a random Trap Dustshoot. However, for Confiscation, there are no precautions that one can take, it strikes out of the blue.

Last reason is the fact that Confiscation is a spell card, which gives it an edge over Trap Dustshoot in today's format. This is due to Mystical Space Typhoon being at 3, and thus, when your opponent sets Trap Dustshoot, there is a chance that you can hit it before he/she can activate it. However, for Confiscation, it can be activated from the hand, which then can only be stopped by cards such as Solemn Judgment which is definitely a minus.
And to end off my discussion on Confiscation, I would like to compare it with Mind Crush. Personally, I cannot agree with Mind Crush being semi-limited, I always felt that its a card that can only be at 1. However, mind crush, like Trap Dustshoot is a trap and prone to cards like Mystical Space Typhoon. Furthermore, Mind Crush may not necessary discard one card from your opponent's hand as you need to guess correctly one card first. However, it does the same function as allowing you to look at your opponent's hand. Therefore, my take is Confiscation at 0, Trap Dustshoot at 0 and Mind Crush at 1 instead of 2.

The next card that I will be discussing is Time Seal

Name: Time Seal
Category: Normal Trap
Effect: Skip the Draw Phase of your opponent's next turn.
Image shown (above): BP1-KR071 (Common)

Time Seal, just like Confiscation, has already been banned for a long time now. While cards like Confiscation, Delinquent Duo, Trap Dustshoot and Yata-Garasu, which have been the reasons why Time Seal has been receiving the axe, have all been banned, my general stand for this card is that its currently in the wrong format and should not be allowed to return.

The reason for this opinion is that our current format is really too messed up. As discussed above for Confiscation, OTKs are flying around, and cards like Swift Scarecrow is really important for the opponent to stay in the game after the OTK. Then from there, maybe they can topdraw something to turn the tables around. YES, note the fact that maybe they can topdraw something.

If Time Seal is back, it will really be too messed up to the extent that only one player is playing the game while the opponent is just looking. Player A does an OTK, player B discards a Swift Scarecrow to block it. Player A then activates his/her facedown Time Seal. Next turn player B can do nothing, GG from there.

This is not the kind of situation that we want. Even if it is not an OTK scenario, Time Seal is still too good. When a player draws to nothing playable on his/her first turn, and will need to topdraw for a chance to survive the next turn, he/she then gets it by a Time Seal. Well, granted that Time Seal is a 1 for 1 card, but stopping the opponent from drawing cards to make his/her dead hand playable is in a sense, generating advantage for yourself as you can then rush him/her for the game.

The next point is that Time Seal, unlike Drop Off and Drastic Drop Off, that only activates when your opponent draws a card, can be activated at any time. This means that a player can just set Time Seal and end his/her turn, then your opponent activates Mystical Space Typhoon on it and you chain it, skipping your opponent's next draw phrase.

This in a sense, is a 1 for 2, as you would have successfully baited out your opponent's Mystical Space Typhoon and at the same time, skipped his/her next draw phrase.

To conclue, I am sure that there are no disputes for Confiscation and Time Seal not coming back into the game.

Well, this is the end of part 3. I hope that you had a great read, and stay tune for part 4.
Signing off....

Friday, 29 June 2012

The Fun Theory - Part 2: Nomi-Ds

After a long while, I've finally decided to post up a second fun theory decklist, this time its Nomi-Ds, which actually stands for vanilla dragons.

Disclaimer: As per my first fun theory post, this decklist is based on fun aspects and is in no way tournament-competitive.

Decklist as shown below:

And heres the list breakdown in words:
[3] Blue Eyes White Dragon
[3] Rabidragon
[3] Tri-Horned Dragon
[3] Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon
[3] Red-Eyes Wyvern

[1] Dark Hole
[3] Dragon Ravine
[1] Future Fusion
[1] Heavy Storm
[1] Monster Reborn
[2] Mystical Space Typhoon
[3] Trade-In

[2] Birthright
[3] Call Of The Haunted
[2] Phoenix Wing Wind Blast
[3] Raigeki Break
[1] Solemn Judgment
[2] Starlight Road
[1] Torrential Tribute

[1] Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon
[1] F.G.D Five God Dragon
[2] Stardust Dragon
[2] Gustalph Max, The Super Dreadnought Railway Gun
[1] Hieroglyph Sun Dragon Overlord Of Heliopolis
[1] Maestroke The Symphony Djinn
[1] Number 15: Gimick Puppet - Giant Killer
[1] Number 39: Aspiring Emperor - Hope
[1] Number 40: Gimick Puppet - Heavens' Strings
[1] Number 50: Black Corn
[1] Inverz Roach
[2] Thunder End Dragon

This deck works on the basis on getting the Nomi-Dragons out and from there, either use them as  beatsticks or use them for exceeds.

Firstly, to prevent dead hands, there are always cards like Trade-In to toss them to draw 2 more cards, Dragon Ravine to toss them to send in either Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon or Red-Eyes Wyvern so that on your next turn you can start spamming your nomi-dragons' summoning.

And of course, theres the card that many people hate, Future Fusion. Its also effective in sending multiple dragons in so that in the end phrase you can either use wyvern's effect or use birthright, call of the haunted etc to reborn the big dragons.

Then to clear your opponents' field and to toss dead cards from your hand to the graveyard, theres also the option of Phoenix Wing Wind Blast and Raigeki Break. These cards can effectively clear one card from your opponent's field as well as rid your hand of one dead card.

And because these deck is trap heavy, it doesn't hurt to tech in 2 copies of Starlight Road to stop those nasty heavy storms and torrential tributes, and the stardust dragon special summoned from the effect of starlight road is also a level 8 dragon type monster. Therefore, you can either use it to exceed or remove it for Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon.

The 3 types of Nomi-Dragons used in this deck, Blue Eyes, Rabidragon and Tri-Horned Dragon are selected due to, of course, their high attack points, and also due to the fact that they are nomis which can help to bring out thunder end dragon.

Regarding the extra deck part, there are 2 fusions inside, blue eyes ultimate and F.G.D, the latter is more frequently used due to the ability to bring back Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon in the end phrase with Red-Eyes Wyvern's effect. However, Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon is teched in case there are insufficient targets to send or your already have the other Red-Eyes Card in hand.

Gustalph Max is used by overlaying 2 Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon, and getting 2 of these dragons out on the field can be easily accomplished by cards such as red-eyes wyvern and call of the haunted.

Hieroglpyh Sun Dragon Overlord is also another card that can help you clear the other dead cards in hand as well as destroying cards on your opponents' field in the process. The nomis can be special summoned by using Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon's effect, Birthright, Call Of The Haunted or Monster Rebonr etc, making the summoning of rank 8 exceeds highly possible.

Maestroke, Hope, Balck Corn and Roach are there in the event that 2 Red-Eyes Wyvern can be on the field. However, the focus of this deck is still on the rank 8s.

Number 15 is there to clear your opponent's specisl summoned monsters and heavens' strings is of course, for burning more damage. This is done so by using the big dragons to attack, then overlaying them for heavns' string in the main phrase 2, and using its effect which will burn your opponent for damage during their next end phrase.

Thunder End Dragon is the most fun part of the deck. It requires 2 level 8 normal monsters, so you must get out 2 nomis (you can't use stardust dragon in this case), and its effect will destroy all other monsters on the field other than itself, making it a walking dark hole.

Well thats end of my post for today, hope you guys out there like my decklist and I will be back for more next time, cya!

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Common-Haters, heres Bling Bling for you - Part 2

It has been a while, and now I am finally back from my korea trip. So to start it off, I will do up yet another bling bling post for foil-lovers.

Credits goes to

With the recent release of the TCG six sam deck, now six sam decks can reduce to their rare card count to only two types of cards in their decks, which is shown below.

True Six Samurai - Kageki  (Super Rare) - SDWA-EN018
Honorable Retiree Of The Six Samurai  (Super Rare) - SAAS-EN001
True Six Samurai - Enishi  (Super Rare) - STOR-JP021
True Six Samurai - Kizan  (Super Rare) - STOR-JP020
The Six Samurai - Irou  (Ultra Rare) - RYMP-EN093
The Six Samurai - Zanji  (Ultra Parallel Rare) - HL05-EN005
Grandmaster Of The Six Samurai  (Ultra Rare) - EXP1-JP001
Effect Veiler  (Super Rare) - DREV-JP003
Kagemusha Of The Six Samurai  (Secret Rare) - EV11-KR004

Heavy Storm  (Ultra Rare) - BE02-JP068
Shien's Smoke Signal  (Super Rare) - SDWA-EN030
Monster Reborn  (Ultra Rare) - Volume 2
Reinforcement Of The Army  (Super Rare) - BE02-JP116
Book Of Moon  (Super Rare) - BE02-JP190
Asceticism Of The Six Samurai  (Rare) - STOR-JP050
Six Samurai United  (Super Rare) - TU05-EN004
Gate Of The Six  (Super Rare) - EXP3-JP030

Bottomless Trap Hole  (Gold Rare) - GS01-JP019
Double-Edged Sword Technique  (Ultra Rare) - RYMP-EN112
Demon's Chain  (Super Rare) - ABPF-JP064
Solemn Warning  (Ultra Rare) - DREV-EN077
Solemn Judgment  (Ultra Rare) - Volume 6
Magatama Of Musakani  (Rare) - STOR-JP074

*This decklist is based off shriek OCG, so the choice of cards is not my opinion (i.e Six Sam Irou's place in this deck)

*highlighted in red are cards that are rare, and do not have a foil version

Well, thats the end of part 2 of the foil-lovers section. Please await the next post while forming your bling bling six samurai decks at the same time.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Common-Haters, heres Bling Bling for you - Part 1

I'm feeling totally random today, so I wanted to do up a post that I always felt like doing, to create a decklist that is deprived of common cards, and only contain rare and above. So heres the first post in my new segment "Common-Haters, heres Bling Bling for you".

And we'll start off our first post with hero beat!

Credits for decklist goes to

As can be seen above, the rarities are as follows:

Elemental Hero Bubbleman - Ultimate Rare
Elemental Hero Neos Alius - Super Rare
Elemental Hero Stratos - Ultra Rare
Book Of Moon - Gold Rare
Dark Hole - Super Rare
E - Emergency Call - Secret rare
Gemini Spark - Rare
Heavy Storm - Gold Rare
Miracle Fusion - Super Rare
Monster Reborn - Ultra Rare
Mystical Space Typhoon - Super Rare
Pot Of Duality - Super Rare
Reinforcement Of The Army - Gold Rare
Super Polymerization - Super Rare
The Warrior Returning Alive - Rare
Bottomless Trap Hole - Gold Rare
Compulsory Evacuation Device - Gold Rare
Hero Blast - Super Rare
Solemn Judgment - Ultra Rare
Solemn Warning - Ultra Rare
Starlight Road - Ultra Rare
Torrential Tribute - Ultra Rare

*in dueling days' blog, there was trap dustshoot, but due to it being banned now, I'll remove it for a 2nd copy of torrential tribute instead

There are only 4 cards that are rare, gemini spark and the warrior returning alive. but other than that, all cards have a foil variant.

Well, thats the end of part 1, I hope that you had a good read and start blinging out your decks. Will be back for part 2 soon!

Thursday, 14 June 2012 more? Part 2

I finally had time to sit down today to do up on another blog post, and I shall do so on the second part of the banlist card revival.

1) Snatch Steal
Equip Spell
Effect: Equip only to a monster your opponent controls. Take control of the equipped monster. During each of your opponent's Standby Phases: They gain 1000 Life Points.

I am sure that many people would not have the same sentiments as me on this card, and would feel that snatch steal does not deserve the chance to taste freedom outside of the banlist. However, contrary to what most players believe, I feel that this card does have the potential to squeeze its way out of the banlist.

Firstly, to justify why this card was banned at the beginning, I feel that it is due to the same reasons as why Brain Control got banned. It leads to your opponents' OTKs that needed a boost on their side of their field. This boost comes from your field, your monster to be exact.

However, as similar as Snatch Steal is to Brain Control on this negative aspect, I feel that the current format does favour the chance of Snatch Steal making its grand return, and this chance comes from its ex-limited list buddy, Mystical Space Typhoon. 

To explain why Snatch Steal is able to re-surface with help from Mystical Space Typhoon, we must first make comparisons between Snatch Steal and Brain Control.

Negative impact of Snatch Steal compared to Brain Control in the current format:
It does not require the player to pay an initial cost of usage while Brain Control costs the player 800 lifepoints upon activation. Moreover, in this format, once you have taken your opponent's monster, you would either Exceed, Synchro or Tribute using it, making Snatch Steal work in a similar way to Change Of Heart.

Negative impact of Brain Control compared to Snatch Steal in the current format:
Once Brain Control is activated, there is probably only one card is every competitive players' deck that would be able to negate that activation, and it is Solemn Judgement. However, for the case of Snatch Steal, once activated, you would be able to negate its effect with Mystical Space Typhoon. This is due to Snatch Steal being an equip spell while Brain Control, on the other hand, is a normal spell card.

From the above points stated, I would say that Snatch Steal does deserve a chance to come back with Mystical Space Typhoon at 3.

However, as usual, this is just my personal opinion and is only meant as reference for the masses.

2) Yata-Garasu
Level 2/ Wind/ Fiend/ Spirit/ Effect/ 200/ 100
Effect: This card cannot be Special Summoned. This card returns to its owner's hand during the End Phase of the turn it is Normal Summoned or flipped face-up. When this card inflicts Battle Damage to your opponent, they skip their next Draw Phase.

Gone are the days of Chaos Emperor Dragon- Sangan- Yata Lock, and that crazy format is now behind us. So this should mean that Yata-Garasu should make its grand comeback to the format right?

NO! Absolutely no way should this be allowed to happen.

Yata-Garasu should still remain banned for the same reason as why it is banned in the first place. It is still able to link up with several cards to make unbalanced plays in today's format. In today's format, decks such as Inzectors, Hieroglyphs and Machina gadgets are able to make big plays in a single turn, resulting in possible OTKs with their mere handsize of 5.

However, ever since Asian Championships 2012, main-decked Swift scarecrow are on the rise, and with the above meta decks making OTKs in abundance, Swift Scarecrow is the card that can block out the OTK, and if the player has Dark Hole to follow up on the next turn, the flow of play might reverse as the players that attempted the OTK would have diminished their handsize, leaving them pretty much vulnerable to any attacks. However, with some decent top-decking, the flow of play might yet again, reverse.

But what if the card to follow up with dark hole is Yata-Garasu? This would mean that the opposing player will no longer have the chance to make another comeback, because Yata-Garasu would prevent him/her from drawing, and even with their remaining cards in hand, they might not be able to block out Yata-Garasu due to cards that can be played in 3s such as Mystical Space Typhoon to clear any backrows that might hinder Yata-Garasu or Cyber Dragon to take out any monsters that are summoned and Monster Reborn etc.

Ignoring such scenarios of link-up plays with Dark Hole, lets say for example, your opponent starts off bad with his starting hand, and would require his next draw to perform some decent plays. With such situations, you would be able to take advantage of your opponent's temporary weakness and control the game from there with Yata-Garasu as you would deprive him of the chance to draw his/her next card.

To sum up on today's discussion, my general thoughts are that Snatch Steal should deserve a chance to come off the list but Yata-Garasu still needs more time on the list.

Thats all for part 2, thanks for reading :)

PS: today's card images are all korean cards because Korea is simply amazing :)

Thursday, 7 June 2012 more? Part 1

I was looking through Digital Mortal's interviews with the top players in the world and thinking through his question with regards to the banlist. It set me thinking upon the fact whether some cards should still be banned. As such, starting from this post, I will be discussing some of the cards on the banlist and evaluate their worthiness on the banlist.

Are these cards still guilty of their abilities to wreck havoc in the duelist world? Or, more?

1) Sinister Serpent
Level 1/ Water/ Reptile/ 300/ 250
Effect: During your Standby Phase, if a "Sinister Serpent" exists in your Graveyard, you can return the "Sinister Serpent" to your hand.

This card, in my opinion, though seemingly harmless, should still remain banned for a couple more formats. Reason? Its too good a cost folder, and the ability to use this card as a cost folder once per turn makes several card inbalanced. Examples include raigeki break and phoenix wing wind blast, and the best card that can make use of this free cost folder is, of course, lightning vortex. These cards have their costs attached to them for a reason, they are unlike mystical space typhoon that restricts its own effect to the backrow.

Raigeki break and phoenix wing wind blast can target both the monster zone and the spell/trap zone, and the lone ability to target the monster zone (due to efforts to make out synchros/exceeds etc) should be enough justification to attach a cost upon the individual cards. Sinister Serpent, however, can make these cards costless. They are unlike cards such as offerings to the doom that requires you to skip your next draw phrase, dark hole which destroys monsters on both sides (though one can dispute that you can use it when you have no monsters) and dimensional prison which requires your opponent to attack you.

Lightning vortex is the card, if made costless, will be too good. It allows you to wipe out all face-up monsters on your opponent's side of the field (which is why raigeki is banned - although its worse than lightning vortex as it takes out face-down monsters as well).

In a format where hand advantage is extremely crucial to bringing out an OTK, cards that allow a player to reduce your opponent's field advantage while enabling you to maintain significant hand advantage should not be allowed to return to the game.

2) Magician Of Faith
Level 1/ Light/ Spellcaster/ 300/ 400
Effect: Flip: Add one spell card from your graveyard to your hand.

This card has always been regarded as being extremely broken as it allows you to recycle your dark hole, monster reborn and heavy storm by just flipping it up. However, that was during a time when effect veilers, inzectors, solemn warning and senseless OTKs did not exist.

Moreover, magician of faith's effect is a flip effect, ensuring that you would have to wait at least a turn for you to gain its effect, and in today's format, a turn could mean a lot as setting a card and ending means you can be subjected to it being destroyed by inzectors or simply being rushed by heiroglpyhs, making whatever spell card being returned to hand useless.

Furthermore, in today's format, effect veiler is also run in 2s or 3s. This essentially helps to cancel off the advantage of magician of faith as it is useless once its face-up on the field and having its effect negated.

Lastly, as discussed in Digital Mortal's blog interview, magician of faith helps to keep players on their toes. Nowadays, when cards like heavy storm have been used already, players will confidently set everything. However, if magician of faith returns to the game, there will be something there to keep their opponents on the lookout and not over-extend, making the situation more challenging instead of setting a trend whereby the clear-cut answer is to over-extend once the "power cards" have been used up.

Therefore, in my opinion, magician of faith is a card that can be released from the confinement that it has been in for so long.

Thats the end of the banlist discussion part 1, signing off.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Yu-Gi-Oh! Vs Cardfight! Vanguard in Singapore

Been thinking about this issue lately, what has happened to Yu-Gi-Oh! in Singapore that allowed Vanguard players to exceed the number of Yu-Gi-Oh! players?

Actually, it doesn't take a genius to figure this out but I still feel like pointing out the factors that contributed to this problem.

First and foremost, advertisment issues. Bushiroad has been promoting Vanguard tremendously, MRTs, buses etc. The younger generation will tend to look out for these advertisments because it looks outstanding amongst the other advertisments that look boring to them. And as we know, parents dote on their children a lot nowadays, and with a few constant whining, Vanguard gets a large number of young players. Yu-Gi-Oh! on the other hand, has become relatively unknown to new entrants of the card gaming society because there are no indications of the existence of this card game to the younger players.

Secondly, the anime. Well, I'm not saying that the Vanguard anime is better than the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime, in fact, I still find the storyline of Yu-Gi-Oh! much better than that of Vanguard (although it has recently became rather ridiculous in Zexal). The main issue with the anime is that Vanguard is now showing on TV here, which appeals to the younger generation. They watch the anime, and majority of them will be inclined to try out the card game themselves IRL. Furthermore, the anime itself teaches them how to play the game, which makes it easier for them to play amongst their friends, enabling them to sustain their interest in this game. Yu-Gi-Oh! anime has not been showing on Singapore TV for quite a number of years now, and I feel that without the anime, the card game itself does not have the ability to draw in new players.

Thirdly, booster packs. A common trend in card game players is that if they start at a young age, they tend to play the english language of the game first. Then, when the years passed, and they still play the game, then they will be more likely to cross over to the language that is official for the region (i.e japanese language). And as we know, Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG packs are twice as costly as their OCG counterparts, while Vanguard english packs, on the other hand, cost the same as their Japanese counterpart. Although Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG packs has more cards in it, honestly, it doesn't matter much to the younger generation because they will always see it as buying one Yu-Gi-Oh! pack cost as much as buying two Vanguard packs, double the chance of them pulling the RRR and SP that they desire.

That is why when CRMS-AE was released, I thought it was a good way of pulling the younger players back into the game again, because the packs cost the same as OCG packs and the cards are actually legal for tournament use. However, apparently, the plan to bring back AE cards was abolished and in my opinion, its a great loss because it deters younger players from joining this game permanently and they will move on to other card games.

Fourthly, public events. I remember a couple of months ago, there was a Vanguard centre set up at plaza singapura that lasted for about a week. I thought that was actually pretty good as having a public event that teaches new players how to play the card game actually pulls more players into the game. Definitely when children goes to shopping mall with their parents, this will be the kind of things that capture their atttention, and playing the same game at the demo centre with other kids of similar ages is going to help sustain their interest. Yu-Gi-Oh!, on the other hand has not have any public events for quite a couple of years now. The last one I remembered was 8 years ago which was organised by Co-Co! magazine. Other than that, public events for Yu-Gi-Oh! has ceased to occur over the years.

Fifthly, tournament restrictions. As we all know, joining a Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament requires the player to have a duelist ID as well as using OCG-only cards (in Singapore). With these conditions in place, many young players are just not willing to go through the hassle for it. Although a duelist ID can be easily applied through convenient methods, it will always be extra effort + a waste of time to new entrants. Language as stated above, is also a detrimental factor. Two weeks ago, there was a Vanguard tournament at a local shopping mall (I forgot which shopping mall it is), and apart from the lack of conditions of joining unlike Yu-Gi-Oh!, the venue itself is helpful to luring new players to join as discussed above in public events. For Yu-Gi-Oh! the tournaments over these last couple of years seem to be isolating itself from the public (SMU, Scape warehouse etc) These venues, though cheap to rent, isn't attracting the attention of younger players like Vanguard does.

Although the lessening of new players to Yu-Gi-Oh! isn't affecting the game right now, lets not forget that a card game survives by its younger players playing the game continously till they grow older, and then younger players coming in again, in a cycle form. Card games like MTG is dimishing in popularity now because only the older players are playing right now, you don't see a lot of new entrants into this game, as the years pass, when the older players stop playing as well, and there are no new young players to replace them, the game is as good as dead. If Yu-Gi-Oh! continously fail to attract new players, I'm afraid that the same situation as MTG might also occur for Yu-Gi-Oh!