Monday, 21 May 2012

Inzectors VS Hieroglyph - Their Loyal Sidekicks Fight It Out!

Yesterday while I was thinking about whether Inzectors or Hieroglyphs would fare better for Nationals this year, it suddenly dawned upon me what would be good side-deck choices if Inzectors faced off against Hieroglyphs.

Well, what I was thinking off wasn't the spell and trap side-deck choices, but rather what monster sides would be efficient in this epic match. After thinking it through, I wanted to narrow it down further to monster sides that would be more compatible to Inzectors and Hieroglyphs (that means I won't be touching upon monster sides such as Morphing Jar #2 and Electric Virus etc that are suitable for other decks to use)

So after a much elaborate mental thought, I decided to narrow it down to one card per archtype.
Barrier Statue Of The Abyss for Inzectors &
Consecrated Light for Hieroglyphs.

Barrier Statue Of The Abyss
Level 4/ Fiend/ Dark/ 1000/ 1000/ Effect
Effect: No monsters can be Special Summoned, except for DARK monsters.

Why this card against Hieroglyphs? Firstly, as stated above, I wanted to find a monster side that would be more compatible to each archtype. So, I was looking for a monster card that is either an insect type or a dark type that would fare well against Hieroglyphs.

A first look at Barrier Statue Of The Abyss and you would be like "meh, this card is useless, I'll just normal summon and beat it down."

But unexpectedly, Hieroglyphs doesn't have much normal summon abilites. Aside from their tribute to special summon characteristics, most Hieroglyph monsters used are level 5 and above, making it impossible to normal summon them!

Well, fair to say that theres also Hieroglyph Dragon Geib which is a level 4 and also Hieroglyph Dragon Aset which is level 5 which can be normal summoned by cutting its attack points to 1000. However, most players only run 1 or 0 Geib, and Aset to suicide with Abyss means you are vulnerable to an Inzector OTK next turn, and not to say Abyss would be tough to destroy by battle due to many Inzector players maining Fiendish Chain and Safe Zone nowadays.

Therefore, looking at the fun theory of this card, its actually pretty good against Hieroglyphs as it shuts them down even before they can start anything.

Moving away from Inzectors, we now take a look at the loyal sidekick for Hieroglyphs, which is Consecrated Light.

Consecrated Light
Level 1/ Fairy/ Light/ 0/ 0/ Effect
Effect: Neither player can Normal or Special Summon DARK monsters or declare an attack with a DARK monster. This card cannot be destroyed by battle with a DARK monster, and you take no Battle Damage from that battle.

I believe that this card needs no further explanation, unlike Barrier Statue Of The Abyss which stops only special summons, Consecrated Light stops both normal summon & special summon! So after narrowing down their monster line-up, the only monster card that can be normal summoned and destroy Consecrated Light by battle would be Card Car D, and by doing so means you woulden't be able use Card Car D's effect.

With this card out on the field, your opponent would not be even able to summon their Dragonflys, Centipede etc, and wasting a Dark Hole and Fiendish Chain on this card is just simply..well...a waste, because you would be eating combos from the Hieroglyph engine next.

The drawback associated with using this card would be your own Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon would be locked down as well. But I believe any Hieroglyph players would know that this is not a problem. Simply tribute Consecrated Light for any Hieroglpyh monsters and then tribute it to special summon yet another one, and you would have your combo out in no time.

In conclusion of this blog post, I must yet again post a disclaimer stating that this is only a fun theory and you should not take it as competitive advice, because yugioh is all about having fun :)

Signing off :)


  1. Hanzo hieroglyph summon hanzo and beat over it? LOL?

  2. lol thats why one must always read the last sentence, in this case regarding my disclaimer. This is only a fun theory i.e assuming its pure inzectors going against pure hieroglyph. In pure hieroglyph, hanzo does not exist XD

  3. D: i was thinking of consecrated light too. But the thought of card trooper and cardcar d .______.
    Nice info anyway!